Huntara MOTU Classics She-Ra Figure by Hunter Knight Customs

The MOTU Classics line is ever so slowly introducing She-Ra characters to the ever growing number of figures but Hunter Knight Customs seems to be out pacing them with his latest Custom MOTU Classics Huntara She-Ra figure.  HKC has an uncanny ability to translate television concept art from the 80's into a great looking figure that you will proud to display in your collection.  He nailed the coloring, the hair, costume, and even the tattoo on the side of her head.  This figure also comes with a customized base and if you look closely you can see She-Ra's golden wing tiara, making it look like Huntara has had her way with her.  The figure scales perfectly with the MOTU Classics line (seen below) so head over to eBay and check out more photos of HKC's Custom MOTU Classics Huntara She-Ra figure.

Huntara She-Ra Scale Comparison

Huntara She-Ra Scale Comparison

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