Horde Beast Man Custom MOTU Classics Figure by Super Girl Saves

Horde Beast Man MOTU Classics Custom

Horde Beast Man MOTU Classics Custom

Hordak and Skeletor never really got along.  Although he was Skeletor's former mentor,  Skeletor betrayed Hordak and trapped him in another dimension before beginning his own conquest of the planet Eternia.  Imagine if Hordak broke free and began to transform Skeletor's minions into creatures with an allegiance to the evil Horde.  Super Girl Saves imagines a world like this with her Custom MOTU Classics Horde Beast Man.  Encased in Horde branded armor, this Beast Man met his fate when he crossed Hordak's path and became enslaved under his control.  For being associated with Skeletor, Hordak punished Beast Man by sprouting ram horns from his head and possessing his mind like a zombie.  This figure is a cool concept and adds another great one of a kind figure to your MOTU Classics collection.

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