Highbrow Custom Headmasters Transformers Figure by Colosal Customs

Custom Transformers Headmasters HighbrowCustom Transformers Headmasters Highbrow

Custom Transformers Headmasters Highbrow

Harkening back to the Transformers Headmasters cartoon comes Colosal Customs Transformers Headmasters Highbrow Custom figure.  As part of an Autobot strike unit led by Fortress Maximus, it makes sense that the color scheme and styling complements the Autobot giant.  Keeping with the G1 styling of the 80's, this figure, made from a mix of several figures (G1 Highbrow, Classics Jetfire, Movie Blades, and others) pays a nice homage to the cartoon figure.  Headmasters are an interesting concept as they are a type of symbiotic variation on the Transformer lifeform in which a smaller being, frequently but not exclusively organic, transforms into the head of a larger robot.  One aspect of this custom that makes all of the difference is the articulation in the figure.  If you grew up with toys from the 80's, articulation was not their strong point so thank goodness for customizers like Colosal as he has made the figure with 360 degrees (that is a full circle for those who failed Geometry) in the waist and elbows as well as providing rotations and bends at the knees.  To view more photos, head over to his gallery.  Colosal Customs Transformers Headmasters Highbrow Custom is a figure you need to add to your collection!

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