Grimlock Transformers Custom Masterpiece Decepticon Figure by PumkinGonzo

Grimlock Transformers Custom Masterpiece Decepticon

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PumkinGonzo shows us what it is like if the leader of the Dinobots was played for the other team with his Custom Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock figure as a Decepticon.  Painted in a classic black and purple scheme, this figure could very well fit into the Shattered Glass line where in 2008, the Transformers franchise introduced an old sci-fi warhorse of an evil alternate universe, (akin to Star Trek's Mirror Universe and DC Comics' Earth-Three) where the bad guys are good, the good guys are bad, and (mostly) everyone has different paint schemes.  One thing you will notice about the paint app in this figure is its smooth as silk appearance.  There are also other fine details that make this custom stand about among the rest.  For example, the silver rivets that adorn the figure give it a more industrial look, which works great for this type of the figure. Sacrificing the electronics to get the look that he wanted is what customizers have to do sometimes as the sword, crown and other accents are painted in that classic Decepticon purple.

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