Grimlock Custom Transformers Age of Extinction Figure by Deviacon

Grimlock Custom Transformers Age of Extinction Figure

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Pouring his heart, soul, and experience into his latest custom, Deviacon unleashes the wrath of the Dinobot leader with his Custom Transformers Age of Extinction Grimlock figure.  This Leader Class figure is fully modded with some of the most unique ideas I have seen in a custom in a long time.  For example, he created an extended tail, to round out proportions, which also has a hidden surprise that has 3 points of articulation and can split and transform into 3 accessories.  He also was striving for screen accuracy so he added extra spines and spikes along the back, an extra row of teeth, extra plating along the top of the head, hand sculpted horns, engraved cybertronian letters along certain area's.  Paying homage to the G1 version of Grimlock, the crown that sits atop Grimlock's head is modeled after the original spiky crown and he made it fit in with the movie style very well by giving it a corroded look.  He even added Cybertronian hieroglyphics that read "Me King."  The details are endless and the creativity that Deviacon has demonstrated truly makes this a remarkable custom.

The paint layering effects, which were achieved by using techniques such as dry-brushing, washes, and distressing helped to give this figure an overall corroded and rusted metal look.  You can get a good look at the paint app in this close up image of Grimlock's head (see below).  This is seriously one of the best Transformers AOE Grimlock's I have seen to date and Deviacon should be very proud of what he has made.  I have to agree with him when he says "culmination of my work as a customizer so far."  If you do too, go check out his Grimlock Custom Transformers Age of Extinction Figure on eBay and place your bid for this amazing figure!

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