Grand Maximus with Prentender Custom Transformers G1 Figure by Xaviercal

Grand Maximus Custom Transformers G1 Figure

Grand Maximus Custom Transformers G1 Figure

Xaviercal has outdone himself this week.  Not only has he created a fully transformable massive figure but he also added a sibling to the Transformers Universe with his Custom Transformers Grand Maximus G1 city.  Standing taller than the Generations Metroplex at 24" (that is two feet for those who are metrically disadvantaged), Grand Maximus contains a killer paint app as well as loads of articulation.  The paint app is stellar and the way it was crafted brings out the weathering detail you would expect from a humongous Autobot city.  Here is more from Xaviercal himself:

Grand Maximus has being made by using a brand new Fortress Maximus, This Grand Maximus  custom has being customized to include articulation for his knees, neck, shoulders , arms and new articulated hands and fingers. He stands very stable with his own two feet. Standing taller then generations Metroplex at actual 24" height, He stand taller then the new generation Metroplex (please note that Genernation Metroplex photo are only for reference only not included in this auction). Grand Maximus has being painted based off his cartoon appearance but with a modern realistic color schemes and tones and it being weather effects for the appearance to make him look huge and an massive robot.

To check out more photos of this amazing Custom Transformers Grand Maximus figure, head over to eBay!

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