G1 Inspired Beast Hunters Smokescreen Figure by Jbarb78

G1 Smokescreen Transformers Custom

G1 Smokescreen Transformers Custom

There is something about nostalgia that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It could be the reminder of simpler days when you were a child with few worries or the first time you opened a G1 Transformer for the first time.  I get that feeling when I look at Jbarb78's G1 Inspired Beast Hunters Smokescreen figure.  He did a fantastic job with the color palette and capturing the feeling from the 1980's.  The very subtle use of the Autobot stickers remind me of the Generation 1 Transformers because most of the toys you pick up today either have the symbol etched on the figure already, which takes some of the fun away from the toys of today.  One slight modification is in the size of the #38, which was a good call!  In the G1 figure, the 38 took up a bunch of car real estate and detracted from the figure and Jbarb78 has fixed this with his smaller foot print number for this classic character.  You can head over to eBay and view Jbarb's  G1 Inspired Beast Hunters Smokescreen figure or visit his gallery to see more detailed photos!

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