Fortress Maximus Custom Transformers Figure by Colosal Customs

Custom Transformers Fortress Maximus

Custom Transformers Fortress Maximus

Grant it, I am a sucker for ginormous Transformers and Colosal Customs' Fortress Maximus fit the bill!  Standing at a towering 2 feet tall, this figure is definitely worthy of the Fortress Maximus title.  Colosal Customs makes some amazing figures and he has outdone himself with this one.  The figure is painted to the nines and resembles comic art for the Transformers artist Dan Khanna.  This figure is fully transformable with some great additions, including plethora of articulation and joints to make this figure more poseable.  Looking just as good in fortress mode, Colosal's Custom Transformers Fortress Maximus figure is definitely one to add to the collection!

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