Defensor Custom Transformers Generations Combiner Wars G1 Figure by Xaviercal

Xaviercal is at it again creating killer G1 customs and he has gone big this time!  Paying homage to the classic Protectobots is his Custom Transformers Generations Combiner Wars G1 Defensor.  Adding new feet and articulated hands, Defensor resembles the 1980's version with one small twist.  You might notice a new member on the right leg.  Rook is his name and Xaviercal used a SWAT vehicle and painted the figure accordingly, breaking up the classic red, white and blue color scheme.  Even with adding a new figure into the mix, he still retains the look and feel of the figure by attaching the motorcycle to the SWAT vehicle in combiner mode, retaining the original design of Defensor while giving him a fresh new look.

I love when customizers take their own liberties with paint choices and colors as it makes the design uniquely their own.  The individual figures look just as good in both robot and alternate modes.  Xaviercal's work is top notch so don't miss out on his Defensor Custom Transformers Generations Combiner Wars G1 Figure.

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