Cyclonus Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure by Thyvipera

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Cyclonus

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Cyclonus

Loaded with articulation and standing an impressive 12" tall, Thyvipera brings to life a Decepticon from the first animated Transformers Movie with his Custom Masterpiece Transformers Cyclonus figure.  Nailing the Generation 1 purple coloring, this figure pays a nice homage to the Seeker that was created by Unicron.  The classic orange is also present in the figure and is in the same places as seen in the movie (the canopy and his waist), which really completes the look.  One aspect that was missing from the Transformers we used to play with as kids was articulation.  This figure more than makes up for this as there are several key places where joints rotate, which makes this figure take on several different looks.  Sometimes the ability to transform the figure into its alternate mode gets sacrificed when making a figure this large but not this one!  This  Custom Masterpiece Transformers Cyclonus figure also has the ability to change into seeker mode (with your help of course)!

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One Response to Cyclonus Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure by Thyvipera

  1. Danny W. Vaughn says:

    How long does it take to customize one of them & It looks cool to!

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