I been customizing since 2008, Well at first was collecting Transformers Alternators because I really love the real life cars they transformed into, as a person who loves cars and grew up with transformers, it was an awesome mix with real proper cars. Once first movie hit in 2007 I eventually picked up Voyager Ironhide cause I like his truck mode, and saw online someone did some drybrushing on him and it look cool, so I decided to give it a crack. Soon after I began Painting some of my alternators and some came out good and others… not so good, I still have my very first full custom to this day. My first real custom from an alternator sunstreaker into a drifting racing Dodge Viper I named sideways. I still keep him around just remembering how far I have gone.Since then been at it and getting into newer lines and different lines. The thing I love about creating customs is not only keeps my mind working on creating new figures made from many different ones, but seeing that I can create works of art and after each one I do feel proud to know I create that.

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