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California & Oak, Bakersfield, CA, United States
2817 16th Street Bakersfield California 93301 US

I got started customizing 1:18 scale action figures for many years slowly working and painting, after many years have passed, I have improved better and most of my work has been improving detailed figures, but my strength has been more sufficient in sculpting female hair’s and male hair. Many fan’s have purchase custom figures from me, and have been happy with all my work. I enjoy creating or adding custom accessories such as bolder weapons custom stands and creating my own universe of figures.

I enjoy writing file cards for my own created characters and the reason is to bring them to life and define their identity, behavior give it purpose in their living back story’s

The custom figure is Reap Signal: one of my creations to be added to the G.I.joe universe

Reap Signal was once a fighter pilot Destro’s leading edge, advance land and sea survival training, aerial language and tactical signal intercept. The joe’s described him as Cobra’s grim reaper pilot who gives the signal to attack the joes undetected fast in stealth.
Five years ago Reap signal who’s name is charles Etuk was attacked by a Cobra mobat when he stole a G.I.joe Conquest jet fighter planned by Destro and entering Cobra flight zone his radio was jammed and could not communicate with cobra forces. He was shot down by a fighter pilot and crashed. His body was recovered but burnt. charles whore a special protective helmet that kept his brain intact.
Destro’s M.A.R.S. engineers experimented with charles brain with nanobot and other technological advance medical instruments. They established building a cyborg robotic body incasing the human brain wired with micro computer processor’s built in sattlite signal capable to hack any computer system in the world, immune to virus recording any data that’s hidden or encrypted.
Reap Signal is Destro’s Ultimate weapon capable of taking out an entire joe team by himself, built to stand up to a nearby missile explosion.
IRON GRENADIER:REAP SIGNAL invention system hacker, explosive expert, martial arts tactical fighter, stealth pilot, data espionage and capable of controlling Battle android troopers by compromising their central processing unit and elaborate brain with a deadly signal.


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