Custom Western Deadpool Unchained Custom Marvel Legends Figure by PackRatStudios

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Unchained Figure

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Unchained Figure

PackRatStudios is kickin it ole West style with his Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool Unchained figure.  Never in a million years would I guess Deadpool sporting a 10 gallon hat and spurs but he rocks them with the best of them.  When PackRatStudios says that this figure is "packing" he is not kidding!  Coming complete with an arsenal that will knock you socks off, he also comes with a Western dio and a unique carrying case.  The ole West styling is not overdone as the outfit integrates nicely into the overall design of the figure. What is amazing about this figure is the versatility you have.  With 3 different head sculpts, the plethora of weapons, and Western dio possibilities, there are countless ways to display this figure (ok...I did the math and there are 364 possible ways to display this figure)!

Here is PackRatStudios to tell you more about this unique Deadpool figure:

"DeadPool has been re-imagined back in the ol' West, and he comes packing!  Litterally... and Figuratively Speaking.  This DeadPool comes in a custom case and holds all of his accessories, extra portraits, and display base.  The Case is an antique brief case, built from wood and  has a leather handle!   Deadpool comes loaded with accessories as you can see:  Three Heads: a Bowen masked, Bowen Unmasked and a bandana mask combo.  ALSO, another added acessory is a sweet neck bandana!  Works for both bowen sculpts!  All three heads are magnetic to the neck post, AND the Cowboy hat.  That's right, no worries about the cowboy hat falling off, it just pops onto all three heads via magnetic powers!!!  On to the arsenal!   Deadpool comes with 2 regular six shooter pistols that fit into his holsters, two tomahawks (the Wild Wests version of Sai's!), Rifle, TWO Katanas (fit into sheaths!), Sheath too is magnetic!  It sticks right on his back!  Two MASSIVE Revolver Canons!, and lastly...just a coffin...nothing inside of it I dont think...  Or is there!!! Coffin Mounted Mini Gun!!!  This idea was taken from the Original  (PROBABLY CAN't say its name) Spagetti Western.  Coffin is scratch built out of real wood!Lastly, "DjeadPool" comes with a base/dio of a Old West Saloon!  and bonus, SNAKE!  for decor!"

There are so many more photos over on his auction page where you can check out the multiple heads and custom case for this Deadpool Unchained figure, or, as PackRatStudios calls him, "Djeadpool Unchained."

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