Custom Transformers Masterpiece Reaper Seeker Jet by PumpkinGonzo

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Seeker Jet Reaper

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Seeker Jet Reaper

I live for one of a kind customs and figures that are inspired by imagination and creativity, which brings to today's featured Custom Transformers Masterpiece Reaper Seeker Jet figure by PumpkinGonzo!  This figure has a classic look and styling to it.  The use of purple and blacks reminds me of the G1 Transformers line.  I really like that the wings are painted a metallic color as they pop on the figure and make them stand out.  Focusing in the smaller details, notice the purple engine fans on the chest, a great color choice to compliment the rest of the figure, which also shows up on the sides of the head, tying it all together.

The story behind this custom is great!  From what inspired the creation of this custom to the help he got from family and friends.  Here is more about how this custom came about:

"I had an idea of a demon looking seeker, and got heavily involved in this one and it was great fun to do!  Brand new Sunstorm bought. Totally concentrated on robot mode. It will transform done carefully, but with the weapon and cloak it's all about a high quality professionally painted robot display piece. Airbrushed and hand painted. Numerous coats of primer. Very carefully, slowly painted with a build of a shades. Mainly a rich black, with slight metallic mixed black and steel wings with purple and red detail. The head is a dark steel/black mix to match the wings.

The cloak is a black fabric that attaches around the neck.  The base is a mixture of black, steel, metallic black, purple and red all blended. High quality Decepticon symbols and finished with gloss varnish.

This is the first seeker in a set of three I have planned in this style. Next one will be late April, along with a black and purple Decepticon MP Grimlock.  Special thanks to my wife for making the cloak.  To Stormvaper, Stevil33 and TigerBlade (TFW2005) for their help with names and general chat."

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Seeker Jet Reaper with Stand

You can check out PumpkinGonzo's Customs on eBay, Facebook, or on his website...what are you waiting for?


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