Custom Transformers Leader Class Menasor Warrior by chih

chih has come back this week with a force and brings us a very unique Custom Transformer that he has called Menasor. I was lucky enough to chat with chih and he explained the inspiration for creating a warrior figure, which came from movies like Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, and 300. He goes on to explain, "Menasor has tremendous strength, his armor is nearly impervious to all but the most powerful artillery, so why not add more armor & weapons to make it look like a Gladiator style Super Warrior. I added the shield & the battering ram from GJ Joe-Law Enforcement "LOCKDOWN." I added 1 more gun and put it on the back of the shoulder, the gun is from GI Joe-COBRA Weapons Expert "CRIME BOSS DESTRO." I Love to use weapons from GI Joe on the Leader Class Transformers, a perfect fit and looks really cool."

There are several aspects that make this custom unique. First, the weathering on the figure is spot on! It is almost like chih turned plastic into metal with the weathering and paint aps on the upper legs, arms and feet. It truly looks like Menasor has been through many a battle and lived to fight another day. Second, the way Menasor's face is painted fits very well with the gladiator/warrior theme that chih was going after. I was able to dig up a mask from the Gladiator Movie and the way chih painted Menasor's face really captures that feeling of Roman times. The way the head is painted makes it look like Menasor is donning a gladiator mask. Finally, the weapon choice really makes this custom unique. The shield puts the finishing touches on this Menasor Warrior. It is really nice to see a bit of historical reference as inspiration for customs as you know the old adage, people who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
This Custom Transformers Menasor is fresh on the market on eBay so head over and visit the item page for more pictures and a chance to own this unique custom.

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  1. […] sword and shield is a cool concept as it gives the figure a Gladiator look.  If you remember the Transformers Menasor Warrior post I over 3 years ago, I really love concepts that reference historical points in time.  […]

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