Custom Transformers Halo Style Metroplex by chih

Chih's Customs ranks up there as one of my favorite customizers. This week, chih has outdone himself again and has created a Halo Style Transformers

crossover figure that is extremely detailed and comes with a bunch of extras!
Paint Aps
Chih was right on with his choice of colors for this one. In the Halo series from Microsoft, the Master Chief, which Chih modeled this Transformer after, dons a green suit to battle. The way the suit was weathered takes the armor and overall look of the Transformer to the next level! He has the right mix of weathering to give a fresh from battle look without over doing it. While the paint aps are not a direct translation of the Master Chief's suit, Chih had to make some concession to fit the figure into the Transformers Universe. For example, the original Halo suit has black but to fit the world of the Transformers, Chih substituted metal, which goes much better on this figure. Check out the comparison below:


The extras that come with this figure are plentiful and go well with the figure. There are subtle things that separate customizers from each other and that is taking the time to modify the accessories and Chih has done just that. Some of the guns light up and the jet pack has an awesome orange glow to it, as if he was blasting off. Here is the rundown of the gear:
HALO style Helmet
Laser cannon
Flame Blaster
Power pulse Blaster
Power Cutter Saw
Jet Pack

This Custom Transformers Halo Style Metroplex figure is one of Chih's best work in my opinion and should grab top dollar on eBay. For a chance to own this figure, go check it out on eBay!

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