Custom Transformers Generation 1 Metroplex by Primos Customs

Custom G1 Transformers Metroplex

Custom G1 Transformers Metroplex

Primos Customs has outdone himself with his Custom Transformers Generation 1 Metroplex figure.  Not only has he captured the feeling of one of the greatest large scale Transformers of all time, he made it his own.  This is what customizing is all about.  Using his creative freedom while retaining the Generation 1 classic we grew up with, this figure is a more slimmed down, taller version of the Autobot City.  By making this figure larger, it makes the figure more intimidating and impressive!  The weathering on the paint job makes the figure look like it has been in some fierce battles and with two other modes (City and Battle Station), Primos has created one of the greatest Metrplex figures I have come across.  To view more photos of this amazing figure, head over eBay to check out his Custom Transformers Generation 1 Metroplex figure.

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