Custom Transformers Galvatron 3 in 1 G1 Armada Cyberton Figure by chih

chih has taken 2 Transformers Galvatron figures, Armada and Cybertron, and given them a G1 makeover! He as the unique ability to take mediocre figures and changed them into works or art. He calls it a 3 in 1 figure but it is actually 2 figures that were given the Generation 1 treatment so if my elementary education has taught me anything, 2 figures + 1 G1 makeover = 3. Ok ok...enough math...what I really like about these figures are the subtle details that bring out the real Galvatron in the figures. I prefer the Cybertron Galvatron over the Armada (personal preference) but chih actually does the Armada figure some justice. The Cybertron version of Galvatron makes a really cool car updated with G1 colors. The custom sculpt for the head really brings out the menacing look of the evil one and the canon on the arm cements the essence of Galvatron. All in all, these are two great customs that Transformers Armada and Cybertron fans would be happy to own. Let's hear how chih made these great figures:

"Thank you for visiting my Custom Transfromers Cybertron GALVATRON Figure! This is a G1 + ARMADA + CYBERTRON 3 in 1 GALVATRON that you've been waiting for!! I custom painted Purple, highlight with Gold, the pictures looks kind of blue, but it's lot more PURPLE than it looks!! and I also made lots detail & special weapons for him, it come with Original G1 Galvatron Gun, Orginal Dark Saber, G1 style Cannon and lot more, it also come with the cyber key and the 2 missiles, the manual, and all electronic works."

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