Custom Transformers G1 Movie MP Rodimus Prime Figure by xleonx007

Custom Transformers G1 Rodimus Prime Figure

Custom Transformers G1 Rodimus Prime Figure

Whenever I see a custom inspired from the G1 Transformers movie from 1986, the soundtrack plays on a running loop in my head.  It is a blessing and curse sometimes but the words "You've got the've got the power," have a special meaning when it comes xlean007's Custom Transformers G1 Movie MP Rodimus Prime figure as it was customized in honor of the new leader of the Autobots in the colors from the movie.  I love when customizers provide their inspiration for creating figures so here is xleonx007 in his own words:

"The new leader of the Autobots and star of the 1986 animated film made this character my all time favorite.  So I knew I had to make my own custom the way I wanted.  He had to look tough and fearless.  However, Hasbro/Takara just came out with their version, although it seems to be the best rendition of Rodimus Prime to date, like Optimus it is just too cute and plain.  After all, the Autobots were soldiers in a war for peace.  The masterpiece figure looks like a robotic butler rather than a soldier.  So I had to create my own rendition, So what I did was make a custom that didn’t move away from the original but mirrored the original at a larger scale with a lot more modern technology and better proportions.  Pretty much my main goal was to create a g1 figure that was more g1 than the original, 80’s style, with 2011 technology and this is the solution I came up with. A Masterpiece Rodimus Prime."

The reds and oranges play really nicely off of each other and create that nostalgic look from the cartoon that was so awe inspiring on the big screen.  Some other modification include a Diecast chest with matrix storage room in robot mode, a transforming trailer attaches and detaches with ease, and articulation overload, including head on ball joint, articulated hands, arms and legs.  This is a fantastic figure that sure brings back memories!  If you want to see more photos or purchase this figure, head over to eBay and check out this great Custom Transformers G1 Movie MP Rodimus Prime figure.

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