Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Sentinal Prime by Dubz


Sential Prime Transformers Dark of the Moon Custom Dubz

Dubz has given the main antagonist in the Transformers Dark of the Moon film a much needed movie accurate makeover with his Custom Sentinal Prime figure.  The fire engine cherry red paint finish looks amazing and is a huge improvement over the out of the box figure.  There are other movie enhancements to the figure and sometimes, the small details really add up.  For example, the figure has diamond plating on the rear of the firetruck, chrome rails, and reflective mirrors, which add to the realism.  Other details that Dubz added to the figure to make it more accurate include spiked knuckles made from metal, diamond plating on the robot mode, copper piping running from the chest to his right arm, and extensive robot mode detailing painted to match the on-screen character.  This is what customizing is about...taking a mediocre figure that is off the shelf and turning it into an amazing work of art that you would be proud to display on your shelf.

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