Custom Stellar Stiletto Rebel Starfighter GI Joe Star Wars Crossover by Psychotropia76

Custom Stellar Stiletto Star Wars Rebel Starfighter

Custom Stellar Stiletto Star Wars Rebel Starfighter

Growing up, Star Wars and GI Joe were the mainstays in my toy collection.  I never really thought to cross the toy lines in battle.  It never occurred to me to have Stormtroopers battle Duke and his gang of merry Joe's or have the Battle Android Troopers take on Luke Skywalker.  When I first saw Psychotropic76's Custom Stellar Stiletto Rebel Starfighter, I knew there was something familiar about this one of a kind vehicle.  After I remember its origins as a Cobra vehicle, I thought how cool is this!

Aside from the general shape of the Stellar Stiletto, this custom does not even resemble its former self pictured above.  Giving the vehicle a Rebel scum makeover, this Starfighter looks like it belongs in one of the movies (in fact, if you look at the last picture, Psychotrpia76 has placed it in a cinema scene)!  The carbon scoring and classic burgundy accents gives it the feel of a classic Star Wars vehicle.  There is even a cool back story on this vehicle to make it fit right into the Star Wars Universe so head over to eBay and check out Psychotropia76's Custom Stellar Stiletto Rebel Starfighter and while you are there, place a bid to add this crossover to your Rebel alliance!

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