Custom Scorponok Transformers Movie Diorama by chih

Recreating one of the coolest scenes in the 2007 Transformers Movie, chih has captured the look and feel of the US Marines battling the deadly Scorponok as he explodes from beneath the sands and wreaks havoc. One of the coolest features of this dio is the back light targeting simulation chih has created to make it look like the Marines are sighting the beast with their lasers as they call in "strike package bravo." Aside from the opening scene where Blackout obliterates the base, this is first one to one engagement the military has with the Decepticons.

Another great aspects about this dio is the Movie accurate paint aps on Scorponok. The mixtures of bronzes, golds, and metallic finishes really brings this one alive. This awesome dio is available on eBay so if you want a piece of Transformers Movie history in one of the coolest attack scenes in the movie, head over to the auction and bid on chih's Custom Transformers Movie Diorama or head over to eBay and find more Custom Transformers figures.

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2 Responses to Custom Scorponok Transformers Movie Diorama by chih

  1. Sonray Customs says:

    Thats awesome work.

    I just uploaded a custom TF to ebay, how may i get featured on your blog?

  2. Mig says:

    Please send me a link to your items at I will check out what you have and let you know. Thanks!!

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