Custom Masterpiece Transformers Galvatron by Frenzy.Rumble and ThyVipera Customs

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Galvatron

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Galvatron

Collaborations between customizers can only mean great things for fans.  Take Frenzy.Rumble's and ThyVipera's recent team up to create this amazing Custom Masterpiece Transformers Galvatron figure.  Using the unique skills of ThyVipera in the building of this killer figure coupled with Frenzy.Rumble's talent at paint application, there is no wonder why this figure is second to none.  This version has an uncanny cartoon look and feel to it that you can see in the face.  The purples and silvers are just the right color to bring out all of the detail.  I especially like the way the orange was applied on the canon as it looks like it is ready to fire.  To view more photos of this Custom Masterpiece Transformers Galvatron figure, head over to eBay.

Custom Transformers Masterpiece Galvatron2

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