Custom Marvel Legends Thor in Destroyer Armor by Kimota

Thor Destroyer Armor Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Thor Destroyer Armor Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Straight from the Comics with a touch of movie style to him, Kimota's Workshop brings us his latest creation with his Custom Marvel Legends Thor figure in Destroyer Armor.  A cutomizer can look at several parts of various different figures and combine them to look like they would naturally fit together.  That is the quality I admire most, which is the ability to take action figure fodder and make a figure that has a cohesive style.  Kimota has done just this!  The armor that Kimota has designed for his Marvel Legends style figure resembles the armor seen on the front page of the Thor Comic #381 but he added some spiked detail and some chest armor and make the look more modern.  Here is more about how this custom was created from Kimota himself:

"Thor was handcrated using parts from several different action figures. Once assembled, sections were sculpted to him to make the look more authentic and to give you the detail you deserve to display on your shelf.  He was primed using Citadel primer, and hand painted using Citadel, Tamiya, Formula P3, Model Masters, and other paints. Some areas are glossy, metallic and some are flat. The colors are different shades of grays, blacks, metallics, and others. The armor is painted to look like real metal with wear and tear. A closer look will show that Thor has metallic red eyes and gold trim to on the armor. His belt buckle is sculpted with the “T” hammer shape to show who is wearing the armor.  Thor wears the Destroyer helmet with modifications such as the feathered wings that are featured with his normal look. His cape is painted dark red with a black wash to highlight the details present in the sculpt.  He comes with his hammer, Mjolinir, which is painted metallic silver with a black wash. This Thor is made to take down cosmic threats like Galactus. So a hammer and a battle suit aren’t enough. He also comes with the Cosmic Cube or Tesseract from the movies."

Check out this amazing custom Custom Marvel Legends Thor figure in Destroyer Armor on eBay or over at Kimota's Facebook page.

Thor Destroyer Armor Custom Marvel Legends Figure

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