Custom Marvel Legends Swamp Thing by l.designs

l.designs has taken a down and dirty approach to customizing with his Custom Marvel Legends Swamp Thing. The character is a humanoid mass of vegetable matter who fights to protect his swamp home, the environment in general, and humanity from various supernatural or terroristic threats. This is a great piece for any Swamp Thing fan and the detail is quite stunning. The coloring really brings out the likeness of the Swamp Thing and sculpting adds depth and cements the true likeness of this horror classics icon. I love the added effect of the gloss making him appear to be wet and the vines and roots are integrated so well into the figure that it looks like the Swamp Thing's blood is pumping right through them. l.designs explains more about his process and how he created this:

"A lot of time and attention to detail went into making this as accurate as possible to available reference material I could dig up, and imagination. Swamp Thing was always one of my favorites so this toy meant a lot to me to produce. I did a total resculpt on the head, and body, and well... everything. I went all out to get a real feel for the swamp on this one. It's all here, roots and vine detail, and even topped off with some real lichen to add some depth and realism! I covered all the joint holes and in the process I retained all points of articulation (a little restricted in the neck area however). I used a wide range of painting techniques to get the final look you see here (much better in person). Matte clear cote was used throughout the process, and then highlighted with some gloss 'cause after all he is in the swamp right.... he should look a bit wet."

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One Response to Custom Marvel Legends Swamp Thing by l.designs

  1. Mossman says:

    What an amazing figure u made! I can see your defication and good taste to the details, my respect to this amazing piece. Best.

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