Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen X-Men Figure by KJ Customs

KJ Customs steams up the scene with his Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen! He is a very talented sculptor and this figure is evidence of that. The human body is very difficult to replicate but this is one of KJ's strong points! Some of the high points of this custom are the very detailed ab sculpt and shaping. The hair flows beautifully off the top of her head and on to her shoulders. This is one of the most highly detailed and nicely sculpted Marvel Legends custom I have come across in a while. KJ tells us more about how me made this beauty:  



"This figure is very detailed and very beautiful.She has several points of articulation and comes with a base with very detailed goblins.She also comes with a massive custom cape with about a nine or ten inch span.From head to toe this is going to please any x men fan! Starting with the figure itself ,she is about 7" tall.She is really for display and not for play. She has 8 points of articulation: Her ball joint shoulders,elbows,Knees, and ankles. Her legs and torso do not move because I wanted the figure to look flawless.She is pretty durable and has been crafted with magic sculpt and sealed. Her face is very beautiful and sexy.She has smokey eyes with light on the iris .Her skin throughout her body is shaded to look more realistic.She has red hair with many different colors of highlight and lowlight,and has been sculpted to look like it is flowing.She has a very sexy mid section and toned body. She has very detailed hands which have also been shaded and given long glossy black finger nails. Her costume is very comic book accurate. It is a jet glossy black color.On the loin cloth there are tiny gold skulls and a golden broach on her chest. The outfit itself is three dimensional, so it is not just painted on.Her knee high boots are also detailed and are jet black with gloss. She also comes with two hand sculpted very detailed goblins. The green one does not come off the stand but the blue one is removable. These guys are really awesome and help make the figure pop! Her cape is removable and very flexible. It has two rings which can be put on each wrist and really move with the figure when her arms move.The base is from another figure but looks really good with this one."

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