Custom Incinerator Transformers Movie Voyager Class Figure by Chih

Chih has gotten back to military basics with his Custom Transformers Incinerator figure. Although this vehicle appeared in the Transformers Movie, it was not a central part of the storyline nor did it actually transform into anything, I feel this figure is a nice addition to the Transformers Movie line. With respect to Chih's overall plan for this figure, it is spot on. I love the military grey and the Air Force decals really make this figure stand out. The copper accents are a great touch as they highlight the parts that are lost in the original release of the figure. If you want to own a custom from the one of the premier and best Transformers customizers out there, Chih is your man so head over to eBay and place a bid on his awesome Custom Incinerator Transformers figure!

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2 Responses to Custom Incinerator Transformers Movie Voyager Class Figure by Chih

  1. primal convoy in Japan says:

    there are no pics for any of the tf customs listed here. please make sure your website has pics of the customs!


  2. Mig says:

    I am going through a site update so hoepfully the thumbanail images will be there by the end of the week. Thanks for visiting the site and if you want to see images, just click into each post.

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