Custom GI Joe Mountain Bunker Outpost Diorama by Scorched Earth

On Memorial Day, I thought this GI Joe Mountain Base Diorama was a fitting custom to highlight as we remember our fallen soldiers on this day.  When I first glanced at this dio, I immediately thought of the bunkers and strongholds our soldiers had to face as they invaded France on June 6th 1944 to mark the turn of World War 2.

{Buy this Custom GI Joe Mountain Base Diorama on eBay}

{Buy this Custom GI Joe Mountain Base Diorama on eBay}

Although this dio is made of dense polystyrene foam board, the way ti was painted and sculpted makes it look like stone, rock, and cement.  The artist did an excellent job varying the coloring to achieve a very natural look.  One thing I noticed was the scale was right on for 3 3/4" figures and even the small vehicles (Cobra Trubble Bubble, Ferret, etc.) can fit nicely with this base.  You will notice that there are two levels on the inside so this base also serves as a small barracks.  If you are into Dioramas, don't miss this Custom GI Joe Mountain Base Diorama.

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