Catilla Custom Transformers G1 Pretender Figure by Primos Customs

Catilla Custom Transformers G1 Pretender

Catilla Custom Transformers G1 Pretender

Back in 1988, Catilla was part of the Pretenders lines. The outer Pretender Shell which contained his robot form can transform back into a yellow saber-toothed tiger with red and silver robotic armor. Armed with a large grey laser rifle that can be mounted on the top of his mechanical tiger form, this mechanical feline is ready for battle!  Primos Customs has recreated and updated this beast with this Custom G1 Transformers Catilla figure.  If you recall, I also featured his Pretender Prime custom, which was a similar genera of toy where a robot "pretends" to look like an organic being.  I think bringing back the Pretenders was a great idea on Primos part as this is part of the Transformers line that does not get much attention.  Beautifully executed, this figure retains the classic Generation 1 nature but the styling is light years beyond what the late 80's had to bring us.  My favorite piece of this figure is that armor that sits atop of the feline, a great homage to the figure of yesteryear.  In the original figure, the face shield was silver and I love the use of black instead on the figure makes the cat look more bad ass.  You can check out super highly detailed photos over at his gallery or place a bid on his auction here!


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