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Sting Custom TNA Jakks Figure by Squared Circle Customs

Squared Circle Customs has payed a very nice homage to one of the most well known wrestling icons with thier Custom TNA Sting figure.  The inspiration for this custom stemmed from the Bound for Glory match between him and Jarret.  Nonetheless, this Sting figure looks ready for action.  Some great aspects of this figure include the excellent execution of the face paint aps and the way the eyes were done makes this figure come to life.  The eyes are a very subtle aspect to look at but it can make or break a custom as the eyes make the figure take on a very different look depending how they are drawn.  The costume design is a great replica to what Sting wore during the match:

Head over to eBay to check out more photos and to place a bid for Squared Circle Customs Bound for Glory Sting figure.

Sting Bound for Glory Custom TNA Custom Figure by Lambo205customs

Wrenching his foe in the Scorpion Deathlock and capturing the NWA Heavyweight Championship, Lambo205customs has captured this wrestling icon with her Custom Sting Bound for Glory figure before his championship match.  There are some really nice touches to this figure.  For example, she has used some soft goods to created removealbe pads for both the crotch and knees, which adds to the way the figure can be displayed in your collection.  She has also done and impecable job on the facepaint and really has captured the essence of the Stinger.  It is also the little touches that make her customs great!  For example, check out the scorpions on the boots:

When I watched Sting when I was young, I always marveled at his ability and I also thought it was cool the way he would go into a match with his face paint in perfect condition and at the end of the match, the paint is almost gone.  If you want a figure from one of the best, head over to eBay and check out Lambo205's Custom Sting Bound for Glory figure or head over to her website at