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Metroplex Transformers Universe Classics Custom by Unicron9

Metroplex Transformers Universe Classics Custom

Metroplex Transformers Universe Classics Custom

Metroplex was one of those Transformers that turned into a rather large defensive city and then back into a robot.  This is not your run of the mill Autobot that transformers into a car or a jet but Metroplex had great appeal and Unicron9 has created this killer Custom Transformers Universe Metroplex figure.  This is a huge improvement to the Cybertron Metroplex figure in several ways.  First of all, the figure's overall paint scheme looks like it has been through hell and back (in a good way).  The figure and city is so gritty, which looks a million times better than the stark white and blue figure.  I can imagine a robot of this size needing a lot of oil to transform from robot to city and apart from the carbon scoring from battles, the paint apps looks like a great mash-up of oil and metal.  The best aspect of this figure is the size, which stands about 18" tall.  Let's read more about this awesome figure from Unicron9 himself:

"The goal here was to turn Cybertron Metroplex into more of a Classics/Universe version, so now he turns into a city, robot, and mobile battle station. I used G1 stickers to give him a more G1 feel in normal robot and city modes, then just made up the rest as I went.  Using multiple shades similar to steel and concrete, I gave him a more realistic city robot look in all forms but still staying somewhat close to the G1 scheme.  I removed the feet shovels and turned them into vehicle ramps. The 3 building parts merge together to form his robot mode gun combo which fits over his right hand and forearm.  I also modded the original mini-con with 2 extra guns so he'd have 6- so now he is Sixgun, one of Metroplex's minions from G1.  The other Minicon is painted to look like Slammer, the tank minion. Slammer serves as the twin cannons of Metro's shoulder (like G1 had) and as building antennae or spires, as well as having a vehicle and robot mode.  Both minions can be building parts or mounted guns for any mode.  Metroplex still comes with the huge staff/saw weapon. I painted it so it would look right as a cyber-guitar but it still attaches to the original places in case you want to use it as the weapon or his original alt mode."

It is always cool to hear the thought process around how these works of art are made.  Here is Unicron's Custom Transformers Universe Metroplex figure in city mode:

Metroplex Transformers Universe Classics Custom

Metroplex Transformers Universe Classics Custom

Bruticus Custom Transformers Universe Classics G1 Combiner by DarkCaveCustoms

Bruticus Transformers G1 Custom

Bruticus Transformers G1 Custom

DarkCaveCustoms has the ultimate homage to the one of the greatest combiners in Transformers history with his Custom Transformers G1 Masterpiece Bruticus combiner.  One of the aspects of this customs that really stands out are the vibrant colors that were used and the fact that the figure stands a towering 21" tall.  The plastic on the figure was painted to look like steel, which adds depth to the figure.  DarkCaveCustoms had an ingenious idea of using all of the extra parts that fuse the bots into Bruticus and turn them into a Mobile Battle Station, which you can take a look at over eBay by checking out this awesome Custom Transformers G1 Masterpiece Bruticus combiner.

Galvatron Transformers Universe Generation 1 Custom by Primo Customs

Custom Transformers Universe Galvatron

Custom Transformers Universe Galvatron

Just like Unicron had assembled Galvatron from the left over Decepticons, Primo Customs has forged his Custom Transformers Universe G1 Galvatron figure from a "Henkei Megatron and 1 Classic Megatron.   Among other parts, he has been put together using the finest glues, sculpts and paints."  This Galvatron ranks high on my list as one of the best I have seen.  The colors are dead on and the overall look and feel of the figure remind of the classic G1 character from the movie.  To place a bid on this great looking Custom Transformers Universe G1 Galvatron figure, head over to eBay!

Bruticus Custom G1 Transformers Universe Classic Combiner by Hangyodan

The G1 combiners are still some of my favorite Transformers and Hangyodan has created one of the most Generation 1 accurate customs I have seen to date with his Custom Transformers G1 Bruticus Combiner figure.  The detailing and the colors of this figure really capture the classic nature of 1980's version.  My favorite aspects of this custom are the head and chest shield.  I like the head because it is a bit more streamlined than the original.  I always thought Bruticus has a fat head and Hangyodan has solved this issue with a longer, narrower head.  The chest plate is great because it is more grand than the original.  I like the way the chest plate extends further as this aspect makes the figure look like a great warrior.  To view more photos of this awesome figure, head over to eBay and check out Hangyodan's Custom Transformers G1 Bruticus Combiner figure.

Cyclonus G1 Transformers Universe Custom Figure by TonyzCustoms

I really liked the Transformers Universe version of Cyclonus when it came out but TonyzCustoms has taken it back in time and to the next level with his Custom Transformers Universe 2 Cyclonus figure.  Paying homage to the Transformers Cartoon Movie from the 80's and the concept art that is available for this figure, TonyzCustoms did an excellent job coming up with a paint ap that is very complimentary.  The contrasting purples work great with each other and highlights the features of the figure very well.  The figure also comes with Nightstick so better head over to eBay and check out TonyzCustoms Custom Transformers Universe 2 Cyclonus figure.

Grapple G1 Transformers Universe Custom Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Hot on the heels of his Custom G1 Inferno come Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Universe Grapple figure.  Hasbro is known for taking a toy and making many paint variations and modifications to it and Grapple and Inferno (along with Ironhide and Ratchet) were no exceptions so I was very happy to see figure.  I think Frenzy.Rumble nailed the yellow color and did an excellent job with constructing the hook and hydraulic crane.  He also added some great effects which you can view below:

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To view the stunning photos and to place a bid, head over to eBay and check out Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Universe Grapple figure.

Bonus Ladder Added to Frenzy.Rumble’s Custom Transformers Universe G1 Figure

Frenzy.Rumble just made a great addition to his Custom Transformers Universe Inferno figure by adding the classic Generation 1 style ladder.  I don't know why this was not part of the original design but it is customizers like Frenzy.Rumble that do the jobs the toy companies fail to do year after year.

Inferno Transformers Universe G1 Custom Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Frenzy.Rumble has the ability to take a mediocre figure (at best) and turn it into a figure that you will want to have as the centerpiece of your collection.  The intricate detail to his Custom Transformers Universe Inferno figure must takes talent to transform the plastic into a  realistic looking fire truck and is a 1000% improvement to the Transformers Universe figure.  There are many subtleties to this figure and I like the way that he has made the tires realistic looking (if you remember the original figure, it had red rims) as well as the hoses, the lights, and bumpers.  It takes a lot of patience to do this work but as you can see it is very rewarding.  My favorite part of this custom is the Autobot symbol on the front, which for G1 fans, is how the original Inferno rolled!  To see more photos of this great custom, head over to eBay and check out Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Transformers Universe Inferno figure.

Optimus Prime G1 Transformers Universe SE-01 Custom by Sabrina Ng

Customizers always see the inner beauty of a figure sitting on the shelf and they always seem to bring out the best in the figure.  Sabrina Ng has again worked her magic with her Custom Transformers Universe Optimus Prime figure.  Thinking that the figure looked too dull, she focused on making this figure shine with a combination of painting techniques.  I especially love the direction she took the midsection and the grill, giving Optimus that burnt steel look.  There are also very small details that if you are not paying close attention, you will miss.  For example, she noticed that the box shot had a picture of Prime with a symbol on his lef arm and she went ahead and made that correction and even put a high gloss finish on it to protect it.  I have said it before and I will say it again, Sabrina makes outstanding customs and you should feel lucky if you win one because you should know that the ones she makes are the highest quality and best around.  Head over to eBay and check out her Custom Transformers Universe Optimus Prime figure for yourself.

Shockwave Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Figure by Darkcave Customs

When I first saw the Transformers Universe 2.0 Onslaught figure, I never imagined that someone would turn into a masterpiece but Darkcave Customs has managed to create a killer concept with this Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Shockwave figure.  Darkcave has managed to retain the classic feel of Shockwave while giving him a more Cybertronian look to him in vehicle mode.  Let's read more about the back story of this figure from the source:

"Shockwave has not spent his time idle while guarding all of Cybertron in Megatron's absense.
Far from it. He's spent the millennia experimenting on Decepticon and Autobot prisoners,
pushing their pain receptors to the limit, or until their spark exhausts itself in a
burst of fiery agony.  Oddly enough, he has moddified his own weapon and targeting systems, even to go as far as to mount a Negative Energon Furnace into a cannon turrett.he's not sure which is more memorable: The look in the faces of the Autobot idiots when his cannon comes into view, or their deactivated shells that lye charred in the wake of his firepower. It matters not. They are all just data, data that will further the will of Lord Megatron."

To check out more photos of Darkcave's Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Shockwave figure, head over to eBay!

Ironhide Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Figure by Crefigz

Kickin it G1 style, Crefigz applies his unique paint ap technique to an old friend with an updated look with his Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Ironhide figure.  It is figures like this that remind of being in Boston, Massachusetts where you can see older buildings reflected in the newer skyscrapers and this is the feeling I get when I see this Ironhide.  Although this Ironhide has a new look thanks to the Transformers Universe 2.0 line, Crefigz has given this figure a G1 paint ap reminiscent of 1980's tride and true Autobot.  With the familiar yellow stripe gracing the sides of this figure, you can get a feel for the classic Generation 1 Ironhide we all know and love but with a sleek, angled new mold.  If you want a figure that is as smooth as glass with craftsmanship and attention to detail that is the highest around, head over to eBay and check out his Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Ironhide figure.

Wheeljack Transformers Universe 2.0 Custom G1 Figure by Duom

Wheeljack has to be one of my favorite Autobot customs and Duom has payed a very nice homage to this G1 favorite with his Custom G1 Transformers Universe 2.0 Wheeljack figure.  This figure began as a TFU2.0 Sunstreaker but is not a Generation 1 great thanks to a very talented dude.  Not only did he use Sunstreaker as a base, he also custom made many of the parts and decals.  Let's read more about how Duom made this excellent figure:

"The new front body kit was scratch built from styrene, as were Wheeljack's trademark wings, head details and enhanced spoiler. Wheeljack's wings peg into his car underbelly for storage, and his "ears" even fold up for transformation.  Wheeljacks sports a new, high-gloss, Krylon Fusion white paint job for ultimate durability. He is finished off with chrome silver details and a custom dark grey for body parts. All decals were custom designed just for this particular Wheeljack, no ill-fitting reproduction G1 stickers here! The decals are protected with gloss clear coat for added protection. Please note, however that there are a few spots of unavoidable paint scratching, namely the clips on the doors on the pegs on the legs. It's quite minor though."

Head over to eBay and view more photos and place a bid on Duom's Custom G1 Transformers Universe 2.0 Wheeljack figure.

Custom Transformers Universe Sideswipe as Striker Original Concept Figure by DW40 Customs

DW40 shows us an evil side to the Transformers Universe Sidewipe figure with his original concept TF Universe Striker Decepticon figure.  The last time I featured a custom by DW40, I wrote about his Custom Warmachine.  The one thing that has impressed me about his customs is the smooth paint aps he applies to his figures.  I really like the paint scheme on this figure and the way he used the black and purple to accent the figure.  The black paint on the hood, roof, and fin makes this figure very interesting to look at.  I love when customizers provide a backstory to thier original concepts so here is Stiker's story:

"Many years ago on the planet Cybertron many transformers were brought online. Siblings born mere nanoclicks after each other. Unknown to anyone some were brought online in secret. One would become well know as the Decepticon Striker. Striker is one the most powerful Decepticons. Even Megatron has heard about the mysterious Decepticon that lurks in the shadows waiting to strike at any given moment. Striker is one that takes orders from no one; His actions are his and his alone. Although loyal to the Decepticons, he follows his own path of evil! His spark is made of pure dark energy that will never extinguish. When the day comes that Striker steps out of the shadows and reveals himself to both the Decepticons and the Autobots, will be the day both factions fall!"

Head over to eBay and check out DW40's Custom TF Universe Striker figure!

Superion Masterpiece Style Custom G1 Transformers 15″ Figure by L.K.

L.K. Customs has put his talent to work and has created a massive combiner from the past with his Custom Masterpiece Superion Transformers G1 figure.  Using the Transformers Universe Silverbolt as the centerpiece of this figure, he seamlessly recreates the Generation 1 feel of the classic Aerialbot crew, which is evident in his color choices and overall style of the figure.  In robot mode, the 5 figures combine to form a massive 15" autobot, which towers over the deluxe and voyager class Transformers.  With the size difference he was able to achieve what Hasbro could not do with the original.  Let's learn more about this great figure from L.K.:

"Most of the SUPERION joints are movable, such as Shoulders move in and out, Elbows bends, Arms rotates 360 front/back ways, Fingers moves up and down ( thumb has individual ball joints ). Legs/hips moves backward, knees moves forward and backward !! Shoulder movable joints are not simple ball joints, they are the gear wheels joints which will give a "click" sound whenever you move the joints!! All figures has been given a fixative coating on top of the paint to make it durable.The paint used are the professional resin base paint."

Head over to eBay and check more photos of this awesome Custom Masterpiece Superion Transformers G1 figure.

Devastator Custom Transformers Universe G1 Figure by Defstar

Defstar does not mess around when it comes to making what fans want and his Custom Transformers G1 Devastator is no exception.  This behemoth stands a towering 17" tall and is 12" wide and your G1 Transformers would not want to meet this monster in a dark alley!  This figure is made of 6 Constructicons that combine to form Devastator and it looks like great care was taken in making sure that this figure retained its G1 look and feel while creating a masterpiece.

"Created with the best epoxy and paints available and coated with a protective sealer for durability.  He has full 360 degrees of rotation at both shoulders and 180 degrees of rotation at both his elbows and knees.  His fingers are functional and his head turns 360 degrees…this devastator is very large and very heavy…but his pose ability remains relatively good.  He is very simple to transform…all six Constructicons do transform into their alt modes as shown and combining Devastator is very simple as well…though transforming instructions will be provided to the winner…(note: this custom is not recommended for children but collectors only as some care needs to be taken when handling the figures)…"

This figure was listed as a 10 day auction so head over to eBay and check out more photos and after you have done that, place a bid on this great Custom Transformers G1 Devastator from Defstar.

Shockwave G1 Custom Transformers Figure by Jin Saotome

Shockwave was already a great addition to the Transformers Classics line and, as expected, Jin Saotome goes above and beyond and really brings out the Generation 1 feel to this Custom Transformers G1 Shockwave figure.  Using the purple and pink color scheme from the cartoon, this figure very closely resembles the Shockwave from the 1980's.  I like the modifications that were made from the Classics figure and it just goes to show you that more is less in robot mode.  In blaster mode, on the otherhand, this figure closely resembles a German Nebelwerfer, a six-barreled (nonrotating) tubular projector, with barrels 3 to 3 1/2 feet long and 160 mm in diameter.

On that note, let's hear more about this great figure from Jin: "This auction is for an 8” tall ‘Shockwave’ figure with removable arm blasters, magnetic shoulder cannons, and Space Cannon/Ship base. He has multiple points of articulation and in my opinion is the best Shockwave mold ever to come out of the Transformers line. He’ll fit right in with your current Transformers collection and is scaled to Voyager size. He doesn’t come with instructions because of the different Alt mode but you can probably figure it out by the pics.  You asked for him time and time again, the cold and calculating Decepticon with the single eye. Shockwave is back and this time he’s packing an arsenal of weapons! As you can see he’s been decked out in G1 colors using deep shadows, highlights, metallic effects, and the shocking purple/pinkish color right from the show. Shockwave has also been sealed against paint wear and transforms into a Space Cannon or removing the base has him looking like a cosmic battleship of sorts. His arm cannons are removable and fire off missiles while his giant shoulder cannons magnetically mount and can be removed too. So, were you looking for the definitive Shockwave for your Classics/Universe collection?"

To view more great pictures of Jin's Custom Transformers G1 Shockwave, head over to eBay!

Cobra Rattler Transformers Universe GI Joe Custom Crossover Figure by Jin Saotome

You have to hand it to Jin for creating a mash up of two of the most popular toy lines in history with his Custom Cobra Rattler GI Joe Transformers Universe crossover figure.  Using a great weathering technique, this Rattler is sporting the classic Cobra blue.  The decals make this custom unique as the Decepticon Symbol and the Cobra Symbols compliment each other well on each wing.  Let's learn more about this great figure:

"Powerglide has been transformed into the most iconic Cobra aircraft, the Cobra Rattler. He’s decked out in a highly detailed paint job that includes realistic shading, panel wear, flight weathering, metallics, and is sealed to prevent wear. He even sports the Cobra Airforce decals as well as Decepticon emblems. His missiles are removable and he has a rotating center turret that activates his lights and machine gun sounds."

To own Jin' Custom Cobra Rattler GI Joe Transformers Universe crossover figure, head over to eBay!

Grimlock Custom Transformers War Within Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

The War Within Transformers comic book mini-series takes place on Cybertron before the Transformers came to earth.  Building upon this theme, Frenzy.Rumble has created his version of a Cybertronian Tank in the form of this Custom Transformers War Within Grimlock figure.  Using the Transformers Universe Onslaught as the base figure, Frenzy.Rumble has really made this figure his own and given it a completely fresh look with a familiar face.  The paint aps are stunning on this figure and he gives the vehicle mode some cool extras, not to mention the killer battle scars.  Let's read more about how Frenzy.Rumble made this great figure:

"There's lots of cool extras and customizing done on Grimlock. To start, I resculpted the head to best resemble Grimlock, I painted the visor red, and the eyes light up using a small button on his back. The gray base color was achieved using several shades of gray, all the way to an almost white. The gun comes from a Gundam model kit and was painted to match this custom. The gun was also custom made, and the ammo belt actually fits into a small groove on the gun. He also makes lots of sounds... and lights up in various spots (alt mode lights on top)!!!  As for the alt mode (Cybertronian Tank)... I wanted to give Grimlock maximum firepower. I made some custom guns that mount onto small pegs up towards the front. The guns can pivot upwards, downwards, and slightly outwards so Grimlock won't have a problem locking onto any target. I also added some accessories to his alt mode, like the metal sections towards the back, the pipes on his back door, and the spare tire."

Over at Frenzy.Rumble's auction page, he has some killer photos so be sure to check out his Custom Transformers War Within Grimlock figure on eBay today!

The Fallen Custom Transformers Universe 2 Figure by Dark Cave Customs

Custom The Fallen Transformers Universe 2 Figure

The Transformers Universe 2.0 line is proving to be a very nice canvas and another creative outlet for Transformers customizers.  In December 2007, I wrote my first 'The Fallen' article and it is great to see another one come on the scene. I just started writing about Dark Cave Customs' figures and I thoroughly impressed with what I see.  His Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 The Fallen figure is no exception.  Using the TFU 2.0 Onslight as a canvas, DCC has brought out the grit and anger in his custom with excellent attention to detail.  This figure includes a removable heavy gun and dual bladed gauntlet. The cannon barrels have been upgraded and head modifications have been made.  I would highly recommend heading over to see DCC's Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 The Fallen figure as this is one to add to your collection.

Powerglide Custom Transformers G1 Figure by FrenzyRumble

Taking on the minibot, FrenzyRumble uses the Transformers Universe line as a base for his Custom Transformers Animated G1 Powerglide figure.  There is nothing mini about this Autobot as the Transformers Universe line gave this little a hero an upgrade to Ultra Class.  Giving Powerglide a much needed Generation 1 makeover, FrenzyRumble describes his painting technique and process to get his figures just right:

"This time around, I actually dyed the original figure in a burgundy plastic dye bath. This tedious process left my stove and hands bright red for a week, but more importantly changed the white plastic to a deep burgundy red. This ensures any scratches, dings, etc, would only expose burgundy, rather than white. Like all my customs, I went over the edge with detail. EVERY detail is painted to perfection. The red was actually achieved using various blending and dry brushing techniques. There are roughly 10 or more shades of red. The arms and legs were painted in various shades of metallic silvers, golds, coppers, and gunmetal. Nothing beats the amazing results from enamel will actually shimmer in the light. On Powerglide's plane mode, there is an American flag (which can be changed to your countries' flag) and near his cockpit, are traditional "kill point" markings, showing the number of Decepticons he's taken down. All paints used in the process were 100% enamel, so the finish is very durable, and the colors will stay vibrant and true for many many years. (Keep in mind, this is a collectible, so don't throw it around!) I finished him off with several finishes of Testor's clear coats, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations. In addition, he's got lots of sounds and lights. Pressing a small button in Warthog (plane) mode the cockpit and jet exhausts light up. Pressing that same button in robot mode lights up his eyes (although painted light blue to resemble his cartoon persona) This is a must-have and definite collectible for G1 and movie fans alike. "

I am also excited to inform you that FrenzyRumble has decided to make customs his full time passion so I am expecting many more great Custom Transformers in the future so stay tuned!

Punch Counterpunch Custom Transformers G1 Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Punch Counterpunch G1 Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

Custom Punch Counterpunch by Frenzy.Rumble

I never thought I would be writing about another Punch Counterpunch custom but here I am!  This week, Frenzy.Rumble has remade a Generation 1 classic figure with his Custom Transformers Punch Counterpunch figure.  Made from the Transformers Universe Sunstreaker figure, one of the coolest features about this custom are the customs lasers for each figure (which you can view below).  This is one of the coolest customs because it is like getting two robots in one.  The car mode is really slick and simple the red rims compliment the figure nicely.  Find out how much blood, sweat, and tears (of joy of course), went into making this figure by reading more below:

Punch Counterpunch G1 Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

Punch Counterpunch G1 Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

The auction is for one transformer, with 2 robot forms; Counterpunch (the Decepticon) and Punch (the Autobot). Read the "Character Description" below to learn more about this awesome double-spy Transformer. To make his head, I actually took 2 other Transformer heads, cut them in half and welded them together with apoxy resin. His hands are articulated too!  There are arm-mounted lasers for both Autobot and Decepticon forms, which shoot a real powerful laser light. Counterpunch is the version with blacks and blues, his laser is RED. Punch is the version with the yellow shoulders and chest, his laser is BLUE. There's even an authentic working heat sensitive faction symbol on his chest. This figure has been meticulously detailed with several shades of silver, blue and yellow,  an array of metallic colors, and many other colors. EVERY detail is painted to perfection. All paints used in the process were 100% enamels, so the finish is very durable, and the colors will stay vibrant and true for many many years. (Keep in mind, this is a collectible, so don't throw it around!) I finished him off with several finishes of Testor's clear coats, all matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations.

Punch Counterpunch G1 Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

Punch Counterpunch G1 Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

For your chance to own a one of a kind custom from a true passionate artist, head over to eBay and place a bid on Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Transformers Punch Counterpunch figure.

Jazz Custom Transformers Universe G1 Figure by puichun721

Custom G1 Jazz

Custom G1 Jazz

puichun721takes on a classic Generation 1 figure with his Custom Transformers Universe Jazz figure.  This version of Jazz has a custom head and other parts that make it look more like the cartoon figure.  We got a peak into his workshop and here are some pictures of how puichun721 made this figure:

Custom Head for Jazz
Custom Head for Jazz

To read more about this classic G1 Custom Transformers Jazz, head over to eBay and check it out!

Megatron Custom Transformers Universe Style Figure by Jin Saotome

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

When making customs, Jin not only goes big, he goes above and beyond to create one of a kind pieces that are made to fit in with the genera of choice.  This week, Jin tackled a behemoth and the end result was his Custom Transformers Universe Style Megatron figure.  He designed this figure to fit in with the Transformers Universe but I do see a hint of G1 in Megatron's eyes.  The head sculpt defines this figure as Megatron and Jin has done a great job keeping Meg's classic look and feel.  In Tank mode, the barrel of the canon is huge and menacing.  I also see a hint of Shockwave in the canon, making it a great centerpiece of the vehicle.  The grays and blacks bring out the detail in the figure and red accents are in the right places.

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

For your chance to own this one of a kind Megatron that you will never see anywhere else, head over to eBay and place your bid on Jin's Custom Tranformers Universe Megatron figure.