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Custom Transformers Decepticon Justice Division Tarn Figure by DarkCave

Taking advantage of the latest in 3D printing technology is DarCave's Custom Transformers Decepticon Justice Division Tarn figure, a one of a kind evil bot that is built to "Find. Kill. Cleanse."  According to DarkCave, his head, dual fusion cannon, chest plate and shoulder/tank treads were CAD drafted and 3D printed.  I am so excited that customizers are starting to use 3D printers as it opens up the possibilities to create customs at scale.  For those who are skilled in CAD, it offers those who are more talented figuring out software.  Using interchanging parts with Generations Springer and Sandstorm figures, Tarn is a seamless construction of Transformers and additional parts created by DarkCave.  My favorite part of this custom is the chest plate as it reminds me of the combiners, especially Devastator.  It is cool to find combiner parts on smaller figures as it gives them a very unique look.  Since Tarn does not exist in the Transformers Universe, DarkCave has written a back story on him:

"Tarn is the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division, a group of Decepticons tasked by Megatron to hunt down traitors to the Decepticon cause.  Even though he's fearful and intimidating, your intrigued by his personality and, in some ways, his nobility.  As well as his addiction to transforming and classical music.  No to mention this evil bastard can actually TALK his victim to death."

Dark Knight Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Crossover Figure by DarkCaveCustoms

DarkCaveCustoms is one of the most creative customizers I have seen and he is not afraid to go bold on his work and his Custom Transformers Dark Knight Optimus Prime crossover figure is no exception.  Not only has he created a killer looking Batmobile, it also transforms into the leader of the Autobots.  Let's hear more about his inspiration for making this great figure:

"As a HUGE Comic book hero fan, as well as a fan of Transformers, this one was a very fun project to do.  The Original figure is Transformers: Cybertron Leader Class Megatron, modded with hands that include a moving trigger finger and grouped fore fingers. The hands rotate for poseability.  The head from Cybertron Leader Class Optimus Prime is mounted on a ball joint and is fully poesable in a circular motion of tilt (forward, backward and a degree of tilt from left to right).  Embedded in his left forearm, shoulders, chain guns, boomerangs and feet are neonydium super magnets that attach all weapons included with this action figure custom.  The figure has been primed and painted with high quality paints, allowing him to fully transform with no damage to the paint if transformed properly."

The alternate mode of this vehicle is most impressive so head over to eBay and check out DarkCaveCustoms' Custom Transformers Dark Knight Optimus Prime crossover figure.

Redemption Prime Transformers Custom Figure by Darkcave Customs

DarkCaveCustoms has a very unique custom up this week and I am very happy to feature his Botcon 2009 contestant piece.  This Custom Transformers Redemption Prime is a truly one of a kind piece and it looks like DarkCave has poured so much imagination and skill to getting all of the pieces he needed to make this custom a work of art.  The alternate mode for this figure is a giant battle hawk and it looks like all of the parts fit great together.  This is his last figure in his Prime Directive custom line so go check out all of the detailed photos of his Custom Transformers Redemption Prime figure.

The Fallen Custom Transformers Optimus Prime by Darkcave Customs

Darkcave Customs has outdone himself with his Custom Transformers 'The Fallen' Optimus Prime figure.  This heavily modified Cybertron Leader Class Optimus Prime figure boasts many awesome features, which are outlined below:

  • 2 Magma Swords (Mount to either turret or arm cannons)
  • I Hell Tank Turret (mounts under arm/ top/rear trailer)
  • 2 Flame Cannons (mount underneath the forearm or Tank treads)
  • 5 points of Magnetic Connection for weapons configurations galore!

This is one of the grittiest Optimus Prime customs I have ever seen and this figure looks like he was resurrected from the depths of hell.  The fire accents that engulf the figure appear to be glowing, which is a very cool effect.  The way that they are placed on the figure also made Prime look like the fire was flowing through his joints and gears.  Darkcave has many photos over at his auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Transformers 'The Fallen' Optimus Prime figure.

Autobot X Spike Original Transformers Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

Frenzy.Rumble has a one of a kind creation up this week with his Custom Transformers Autobot X figure.  He also refers to this figure as Autobot Spike but nonetheless, it is an amazing piece that shows off his talent and creativity.  To give us the run down of the features of this awesome figure, here is Frenzy.Rumble:

- Roughly 50 points of articulation and/or moving parts!
- Head's  scratch built, using a Sigma 6 Joe face, refined and "chiseled" then building the rest around it with clay and styrene.
- Eyes light up thanks to a small LED inside his head. Also harnessed in his head is the battery pack and switch on back. The batteries are easily accessible and replaceable.
- Head sits on a ball joint.
- Porsche shoulder on his right is cut and reshaped from a die cast model.
- On his back are opening rocket packs. They swing open and the rocket/engine slides down and out.
- In his chest is a sound chips, triggered by a small button on his back. The sound chip plays the "transformation noise."
- His upper right arm has a small door which opens to reveal gears inside.
- His lower right arm has a small door also, which reveals a canon (shown later)
- Right Hand is from MP Prime (man that hurt cutting him up for this, but the size was perfect)
- Left upper arm "post thing" up top near his shoulder is on a hinge, allowing that arm to extend to any position (if it remained sticking straight up, it would collide with the shoulder)
- Door on back right is from a second die cast model car, the mirror is real glass (what?)
- Lower left arm has red laser light inside it, pressing the front of this forearm illuminated the canon's recessed areas, canon tip, and 2 small holes on the sides of the forearms.
- Right leg bottom has scratch-built working hydraulic.
- He's over 11" tall

He already has bonus item #1 up and here it is (operation table):

To see more photos of this amazing piece, head over to eBay and check out Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Transformers Autobot X figure.

Megatron Custom Transformers One of a Kind Figure by AshKan

I have not come across many unique custom Transformers but when I do it is a really nice change.  AshKan has given the leader of the Decepticons a fresh look with his Custom Transformers Megatron figure.  This one of a kind Megatron is a nice change to the repaints and there are several aspects of this figure that make this one to add to your custom collection.  First, the overall concept scores high marks in my opinion.  I can imagine that this is one of Megatron's incarnations when he was waging on Cybertron.  As evidenced by Optimus Prime's decapitated head, it looks like Megatron has prevailed.  The lines on this custom give this figure a battle torn look as if this was Megatron's suit of armor.  The two different styled hands pay a nice homage to the Transformers Movie Megatron but with a totally different style.

Head over to eBay and see more pictures of AshKan's Custom Transformers Megatron figure.  While you are there, place a bid or read more about the artist who created this great figure.