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Motormouth Custom G2 Transformers Go-Bots Figure by Jin Saotome

Motormouth Custom Gobots Transformers Figure

Motormouth Custom Gobots Transformers Figure

Originally released as a Go-Bot figure, Jin Saotome has brought this Generation 2 Autobot into the styling of Transformers Prime with his Custom Transformers G2 Motormouth Go-Bots figure.  Part of the first wave of Go-Bots, Motormouth transforms into a Ford F150 Flareside pickup truck. Using through-axle construction for his wheels, he is compatible with most "Hot Wheels" and "Matchbox" playsets and tracks.  As for the history of the Go-Bots lines, In 1991, Hasbro took over Tonka, and thus the Gobot trademarks; the molds for the action figures remain the property of Bandai, having only been leased to Tonka, and some were reissued in 1993 for the European Robo Machines line.  Since then, the trademarks have been used several times—a character called Gobots was released in 1993, a range of figures in 1995 were called the Go-Bots.

As for Jin's figure, this bad boy won't fit into any Matchbox or Hotwheels play sets.  Keeping with the G2 styling, you will notice the gold rims that the orginial figure sported back in the day as well as two arm saws mounted on 5mm posts that can detach and be used with other Transformers as well as a giant rifle to blast away the enemy.  To place a bid on this cool blast from the past, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Transformers G2 Motormouth Go-Bots figure.

Optimus Prime G2 Transformers Movie Custom by Dubz

Dubz has an interesting twist on an old friend with his Custom Transformers Movie Style G2 Optimus Prime.  I never liked the G2 Optimus Prime but Dubz has given this figure a new look and a new life that is based on the Transformers Movie version.  I like the flame job he did and that he carried the paint ap all the way through the trailer.  This is a great time to get Transformers customs as everyone and their mother has come out of the woodwork for the launch of the Revenge of the Fallen movie so head over to eBay and check out Dubz'  Custom Transformers Movie Style G2 Optimus Prime.

Custom Transformers Generation 2 Devastator Combiner by Defstar

Hot on the heels of his magnificant Custom Generation 1 Devastator, Defstar brings us his Custom Generation 2 Devastator figure.  The Generation 2 Devastor, in the 90's, came out as a yellow and an organge version of green gestalt combiner that came out in 1985.  The yellow version was released in Europe and the orange was only available at KB Toys.  Defstar did a tremendous job blending both styles of the G2 constructicons and the G1 figures with his blend of orange, green, and yellow paint aps that capture the feel of the G2 line while paying homage to the G1 figures.