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Arcee Transformes Animated Custom by Echidnaq

Arcee Transformers Animated Custom

Arcee Transformers Animated Custom

Although Hasbro made a decent Arcee figure for the animated line, albeit hard to find, there was one other figure in the line that had the body shape for a perfect figure and that was Blurr.  Echidnaq discovered this and created this Custom Transformers Animated Arcee figure.  I always thought Blurr had a feminine body and the combination of an Arcee head and a Blurr body painted in bubble gum pink makes total sense.

Power Up Sari Transformers Animated Custom by Nemesis Predaking

Placing 3rd in the TFcon 2010 3D art contest, Nemesis Predaking brings us this awesome Custom Transformers Animated Power Up Sari figure. It takes a keen eye to see what would look great as a custom and how you will pull off your idea.  Sari's jet backpack is very cool and the way that the fire was sculpted makes it look like it is taking off.  Using a  Figma Drossel, Nemesis Predaking created a one of a kind Sari figure that you will never find in stores.  Here is a side by side comparison of how he took the Figma figure and turned it into a cool Transformers Animated Custom:

Power Up Sari vs. Figma Drossel

Power Up Sari vs. Figma Drossel

Shattered Glass Rodimus Transformers Animated Custom by Xaviaercal

Shattered Glass Rodimus Transformers Animated Custom

Shattered Glass Rodimus Transformers Animated Custom

Bringing one of Optimus Prime's seekers to the animated line, Xaviercal has made this great looking Shattered Glass Rodimus Transformers Animated custom.  I love the concept of the Shattered Glass series where the good guys are evil and the bad guys are good.  Introduced at the 2008 BotCon, the Rodimus figure was one of the best of the series.  Xaviercal did an excellent job translating that paint scheme as well as the facial features that set Rodimus apart from his good guy counterpart.  The Transformers Animated Blurr was a great figure to use to bring this Shattered Glass Rodimus from comic to life.

Here is how Rodimus is described in this alternate universe: "A member of the villainous and despotic Autobots, and former member af the mercenary team called the Wreckers, Rodimus is a smooth operator. He had a Zappa beard added to his facial superstructure a few cycles back. He feels it makes him look distinguished. He's the Starscream to Optimus Prime's Megatron, seeking to usurp command and turn the Autobots into the greatest mercenary team known to the universe" (source: Teletraan 1).

Shattered Glass Rodimus Transformers Animatad Custom

Shattered Glass Rodimus Transformers Animatad Custom

For those who are not familiar with the Shattered Glass comic, here is how Teltraan 1 describes it:

"Shattered Glass" is the catch-all name for the fictional universe and associated toys begun in conjunction with BotCon 2008. It is a "mirror universe", where the bad guys are good, the good guys are bad, and everyone has different paint schemes. The story is a Transformers take on the old sci-fi warhorse of an evil alternate universe, a concept previously seen in stories such as Star Trek 's Mirror Universe, Superman's Bizarro World and DC comics' Earth-Three."

Xaviercal has many photos on his auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Shattered Glass Rodimus Transformers Animated custom.

Custom Transformers Animated Boombox and DJ Megahurts by Kingbotz

Custom Transformers Boombox and DJ Megahurts

Custom Transformers Boombox and DJ Megahurts

Let's give it up for the creativity of Kingbotz with his winning entry in the TFW 2005 Custom contest with his Custom Transformers Animated Boombox and DJ Megahurts.  The Decepticons have Soundwave, which leaves the Autobots lacking a boomin' system until now.  Kingbotz has made a killer system that will sure to entertain all of the Autobots.   Boombox was made from the Animated "Roll-Out Command" Supreme figure and various other materials from other toys.  In place of his smoke-stacks are antennas extendable up to 3 feet!  Boombox transforms from a truck to robot to dj-platform and back again.  To see more photos and snatch up this one of a kind figure, head over to eBay and check out Kingbotz's Custom Transformers Animated Boombox and DJ Megahurts.  For a demo of how it works, check out this video:

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Here is what the figure looks like in vehicle mode:

Custom Transformers Boombox

Custom Transformers Boombox

Animated Protectobots and Defensor by for SickKids Charity's SickKids Charity Project Animated Protectobots and Defensor's SickKids Charity Project Animated Protectobots and Defensor

Once again, the Customizers unite for a great cause!  This week, five customizers put their skill together to create this amazing Custom Animated Transformers Defensor figure.  Let's rundown the talent that created this great combiner to benefit the SickKids Charity:

Blades by chans formers:

Groove by Nemesis Predaking

First Aid by Cliffjumper69

Streetwise by racerguy76

Hotspot by Encline Designs

The Animated Series did not make any combiners so here is your chance to own a one of kind set from some amazing customizers to benefit charity so head over to eBay and place your bid on Cybertron.Ca's Custom Animated Transformers Defensor figure.

Kup Custom Tranformers Animated Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Custom Transformers Animated Kup

Custom Transformers Animated Kup

Sometimes things happen for a reason and due to a buyer backing out on a commission, Frenzy.Rumble has placed his first venture into the Transformers Animated series with his Custom Transformers Animated Kup figure.  The Animated Optimus Prime was the perfect base for Kup as the figure looks a lot like the Generation 1 figure with the Cybertronian design.  To tell us more about this figure, here is what Frenzy.Rumble wrote:

"This is my first dive (and a little late) into the Transfomer's Animated series. Originally, this was a commissioned project, but the buyer backed out (before seeing the pictures) and (lucky for you) he is now available through this auction. Thanks to the great customizer "Shinobitron" for the idea/concept of this guy. Kup started as an Animated Optimus Prime. I removed the exhaust stacks on his forearms, made the truck roof attach on to his back in robot form, added rotation articulation to his hands. The head started as an Animated Jetfire head, completely resculpted the chin, mouth, and more. Also filled in many hollow areas and screw holes with Ave's Fixit.Please check out the list of add-ons and modifications made to this custom."

To round out your Animated Transformers line, head over to eBay and place a bid on this great Custom Transformers Animated Kup figure.

Toxitron Custom Transformers Animated Figure by Jin Saotome

Toxitron Animated Transformers Custom

Toxitron Animated Transformers Custom

Since the Transformers Animated line was short lived, there were many figures left on the table.  Jin Saotome has filled a void in the line with this Custom Transformers Animated Toxitron figure.  Although Toxitron was not meant to be an Animated figure (to my knowledge) but was a redeco of Laser Optimus Prime, Jin used the Animated Wreck Gar as the base for the figure and made some sweet modifications to bring this figure to life.  Let's read more about this great figure from Jin himself:

"Toxic waste, hazardous materials, and deadly chemicals are Toxitron's specialty! Based on the unreleased figure shown at Botcon (google Toxitron for pics) he's been given the Animated treatment with the same pea soup green and garish purple features. While not actually in the TFA series Toxitron has still been painstakingly detailed by hand with shading, highlights, brilliant shades of color, and intricate detail that will really make him stand out in your Transformers Animated collection. You can swap out the Laser Prime-ish head for a newly designed Hazmat one with hoses for a different look. Pop off the dumpster lifts and attach his Toxo-blaster and buzzsaw so he can make a mess of the Autobots."

If you want to add this awesome figure to your Transformers Animated line, head over to eBay and check out Jin Saotome's Custom Transformers Animated Toxitron figure.

Omega Supreme Transformers Animated Custom by Anemis007

I was very happy to see that Omega Supreme was given some air time in the Transformers Animated series.  Anemis007 has brought this icon to life with his Custom Transformers Animated Series Omega Supreme figure.  The colors really capture the G1 nature of the figure and the scale is a great size, standing 13.5 inches tall.  I am not sure if they will be making one of these figures or not but you can own it now by heading over to eBay!

Payload Transformers Animated Custom Bulkhead by Jin Saotome

Who can turn a mediocre Animated Transformers into a killer looking SWAT vehicle?  Jin Saotome can with his Custom Transformers Animated Payload figure made from Bulkhead.  Jin has totally changed the look of Bulkhead and made him into a Decepticon.  What a great addition to your Transformers Animated collection.

"If you remember the Transformers movie version of Payload, he was an armored truck that I turned into a SWAT vehicle before. Well here's an Animated Payload based on that theme, an armored police vehicle of sorts. He has a great paint job that has all sorts of battle worn shading, highlights, and metallic effects so he'll fit right in to your Transformers collection. Check out those claws, they're articulated and can be used to pick up his Autobot enemies! You can transform him into his alt mode that resembles an armored police vehicle compete with custom decals and effects."

To check out more photos or to place a bid on this great figure, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Transformers Animated Payload figure.

Blur Transformers Animated Batman Beyond Custom by Shinobitron

Shinobitron possesses the great skill of taking great looking Animated Transformers figures and turning them into cool crossovers with his Custom Transformers Blur Batman Beyond figure.  Blur is a great choice of figures for this crossover.  The head is sculpted to look like the Batman Beyond counterpart but the coolest aspect of this figure is that it transforms into the Batmobile but you will have to head over to eBay to view that shot!

Thundercracker Animated Transformers Custom Seeker Jet by xaviercal

Xaviercal adds another seeker jet to the line up with his Custom Transformers Animated Thundercracker figure.  The styling harkins back to the 80's with the G1 color scheme.  Xaviercal nailed the G1 color blue of the classic figure and the way the figure was painted really brings out the detail in the various parts.  I like the use of silver on the arms and the feet.  I would like to welcome Xaviercal to the biz and wish him luck in his future endeavors and if this figure is a taste of what's to come, I can't wait to see more so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Transformers Animated Thundercracker figure.

Transformers Animated Custom Beast Wars Megatron Figure by NemesisPredaking

One thing that was great about the Transformers Animated line was that it gave a fresh canvas for talented customizers to work with and create original works like NemesisPredaking's Custom Transformers Animated Beast Wars Megatron figure.  Megatron has had several incarnations of himself and NemesisPredaking has captured the evil Predacon version by making excellent paint choices and choosing a very cool Transformers Animated figure as the base.  I have seen the concept art and the head on this figure is right on.  Also, the way that the paint was applied to this figures makes it look very smooth and high end, which I would not expect anything less from NemesisPredaking!  Let's read more about this great figure from the source:

"Dino head is removable for Bot & Beast mode.  Hands are interchangeable via magnets.  BW Megs head is mounted on the neck of Grimmy via magnets.  I had to use magnet for the head because of a clearance issue in beast mode, but it still fits in place nicely in beast mode
Golden Discs & Reader are from's add on set"

To see more photos and read more about this awesome figure, head over to eBay and check out NemesisPredeking's Custom Transformers Animated Beast Wars Megatron figure.

Grimlock Custom Animated G1 Transformers Figure by Mooncricket

Mooncricket pays a very nice homage to a G1 classic with his Custom Animated Transformers Grimlock in Generation 1 style.  The paint aps are very nicely applied on this figure and it is very smooth looking and professional.  It takes a very talented artist to make paint appear like glass on plastic and this is a great example of how a great technique translates into a work of art.

This figure looks awesome in robot mode, where the shiny chrome, reds, golds and blacks have all been re-done to look like the classic Grimlock we all know and love.  The G1 colors are all in the right places and this figure would make a great addition to your Transformers collection.  If you are looking to add a great looking G1 figure to our Transformers collection, head over to eBay and check out Mooncricket's Custom Animated Transformers Grimlock figure.

Grimlock Animated Transformers Generation 1 Custom Figure by CreFigz

This week, CreFigz has taken on a G1 Classic with his Custom Transformers Animated Grimlock figure.  One of my favorite aspects of his figures is the way that he brings plastic alive to look like metal with his airbrushing techniques.  The color choice and placement of them really pays homage to Generation 1 Grimlock while still giving him that animated feel to him.  The deep reds, golds, and greys compliment each other very nicely and the way the figure is shaded gives it an added dimension of depth.  I have always been a fan of CreFigz's customs and he keeps producing excellent customs week after week so if you want to see more photos, please head over to eBay and bid on his Custom Transformers Animated Grimlock figure.

Swoop Transformers Animated Custom G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron always puts a cool spin on his customs while retaining their G1 likeness and his Custom Transformers Animated G1 Swoop is no exception.  Calling Swoop a "flying ninja," Shinobitron added a custom double edged sword to fit more with his concept.  Let's read more about how Shinobitron came up with this concept:

"Don't get me wrong I love TFA Swoop but he should have been so much more.  My Swoop comes detailed to look like his G1 self and is done in metallics for that extra shine.  Swoop still stands 6" tall and is fully articulated.  Along with being superposeable Swoop can still change into his Pterodactyl Dino mode.  The dino mode has been changed with added missiles that can be attached during both modes.  The TFA figure comes with a cool looking mace, but to me thats not a weapon for an aerial warrior.  Swoop has been given a double edged sword that fits his look and new personality.  The sword looks awesome and can be used in many of Ninjaesk poses."

If you want a one of a kind G1 Custom Transformers, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Swoop figure today!

Prowl Transformers Animated G1 Custom Figure by Hunter Knight Customs

I never grow tired of seeing customizers turn current figures into G1 classics.  This week, Hunter Knight Customs shows us what the latest Prowl would look in G1 style with this Custom Prowl Transformers Animated G1 figure.  The 1980's Prowl was very simple and classic and Hunter Knight Customs captures that feel with his Animated repaint.  If you think about it, the original Prowl was a cop car and back in those days, the only flavor of colors for those cars were the good old Black and White.  The custom looks slick in motorcycle mode but you will have to head over to his Custom Prowl Transformers Animated G1 figure on eBay to view them.

Cy-Kill Custom Transformers Animated Gobots Figure by 007

I have to admit, I owned plenty of Gobots in my day so when I came across 007's Custom Cy-Kill Transformers Animated Gobots figure, I had to write about it.  Using the Oil Slick Animated figure was the perfect base for Cy Kill.  Painting the figure in the Gobots classic Red, White, Blue, and Yellow, the figure pays a nice homage to the leader of the Renegades.  Come to think of it, the Transformers movie version of Starscream would make a great Leader 1 if anyone want to take that project on.  If you are a fan of the Gobots or just Cy Kill, head over to eBay and check out more photos of 007's Custom Cy-Kill Transformers Animated Gobots figure or check out the other Custom Transformers while you are there.

Nemesis Prime Custom Transformers Animated Figure by EnclineDesigns

Custom Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated Figure

Custom Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated Figure

EnclineDesigns proves once again that he can take a normal Optimus Prime figure and transform it into a formidable predator with his Custom Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated figure.  This custom is a step above the rest of the Animated Transformer customs I have seen to date for several reasons.  First, EnclineDesigns has retained some of the coolest G1 aspects of Optimus Prime in his Nemesis Prime figure.  For example, he has a custom trailer and he also went as far as customized his version of Roller (which you can read more below).  The backstory and how it was made is awesome so let's hear it from EnclineDesigns himself:

"I have always thought, "What if there was a PREADTOR TRANSFORMER?" This is what I got. I have repainted a Voyager class Transformers animated Optimus Prime to bring you the most lethal Cybertronians. I completely took his chest apart and added in four LEDs with an off on switch on the back. I resculpted the grill to look like teeth that way, his chest looks like a skull. I also added teeth to the outside of the face shield and added self inflicted battle scars to the face underneath. As you can tell, he has battle damage with glow in the dark fluid. The Trailer, arm guards, hands, and shoulder gun are connected with rare earth magnets. The smoke stacks can rotate to become arm cannons. Nemesis is also G1 accurate in that his hands must be removed to transform. But do not worry!!!! They are stored on the walls on the trailer along with his arm plates, if you wish to store them there. What else can be stored in the trailer. Well, Optimus Prime has Roller, so Nemesis has RunOver. His only trusted companion. RunOver is a repainted ACTIVATORS ANIMATED BUMBLEBEE. I painted him with a cracking effect that is achieved by painting one color on top of another before it is fully cured. This added to the "Death" affect for RunOver I was looking for." 

If you look closely, you can make out Nemesis Prime's stowaway Runover

If you look closely, you can make out Nemesis Prime's stowaway Runover

If there is one custom to add to your collection, EnclineDesign's Custom Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated figure is high on my list.

Custom Cyclonus G1 Transformers Animated Figure by Dark Cave Customs

Custom Cyclonus

Custom Cyclonus

Dark Cave Customs has added another figure to the growing Custom Animated Transformers with his Custom G1 Cyclonus Animated figure.  Painted in classic Cyclonus purple, this figure is a great representation of the G1 Transformers Movie version.  The angles on the figures of the Animated Series lend themselves to a great canvas for creating G1 figures.  The head sculpt is crafted in a way that pays a very nice homage to the classic figure.  Dark Cave Customs provides a little more detail about how this custom was created:

"Cyclonus is a repainted and modified TF Animated Starscream action figure.  He includes a two removable stun cannons, which can be mounted under his wings, or attached to his gauntlets with embedded super magnets, and the head has been modified to better resemble his G1 namesake."

Bid on this awesome Custom G1 Transformers Animated Cyclonus on eBay or check out the other Custom Transformers figures!

Powerglide Custom Transformers G1 Figure by FrenzyRumble

Taking on the minibot, FrenzyRumble uses the Transformers Universe line as a base for his Custom Transformers Animated G1 Powerglide figure.  There is nothing mini about this Autobot as the Transformers Universe line gave this little a hero an upgrade to Ultra Class.  Giving Powerglide a much needed Generation 1 makeover, FrenzyRumble describes his painting technique and process to get his figures just right:

"This time around, I actually dyed the original figure in a burgundy plastic dye bath. This tedious process left my stove and hands bright red for a week, but more importantly changed the white plastic to a deep burgundy red. This ensures any scratches, dings, etc, would only expose burgundy, rather than white. Like all my customs, I went over the edge with detail. EVERY detail is painted to perfection. The red was actually achieved using various blending and dry brushing techniques. There are roughly 10 or more shades of red. The arms and legs were painted in various shades of metallic silvers, golds, coppers, and gunmetal. Nothing beats the amazing results from enamel will actually shimmer in the light. On Powerglide's plane mode, there is an American flag (which can be changed to your countries' flag) and near his cockpit, are traditional "kill point" markings, showing the number of Decepticons he's taken down. All paints used in the process were 100% enamel, so the finish is very durable, and the colors will stay vibrant and true for many many years. (Keep in mind, this is a collectible, so don't throw it around!) I finished him off with several finishes of Testor's clear coats, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations. In addition, he's got lots of sounds and lights. Pressing a small button in Warthog (plane) mode the cockpit and jet exhausts light up. Pressing that same button in robot mode lights up his eyes (although painted light blue to resemble his cartoon persona) This is a must-have and definite collectible for G1 and movie fans alike. "

I am also excited to inform you that FrenzyRumble has decided to make customs his full time passion so I am expecting many more great Custom Transformers in the future so stay tuned!

Custom G1 Brawn Transformers Animated Minibot Figure by Shinobitron

The Transformers Animated series is providing a great canvas for some killer customs.  Up this week is Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Brawn Minibot figure.  Using the Animated Soundwave figure as the base, the way the car mode resembles the G1 Brawn nicely.  The spare tire on the roof is a nice addition to the car, which adds the G1 flare that Transformers fans will love.  In robot mode, which you will have to view Shinobitron's auction to see, the head that was sculpted to really pays a nice a nice homage to the G1 minibot Braun's look.  Be sure to check out all of the Custom Transformers figures after you view this killer Custom G1 Braun figure.

Scourge Custom Transformers Animated G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron's latest G1 creation is this Custom Transformers Generation 1 Scourge and he is really taking advantage of the Transformers Animated line in a very good way.  This time, he has created this figure from the Voyager Class Megatron mould and what a great base figure this made for Scourge.  The way Shinobitron sculpted the head, complete with the 'fu man chu' mustache Scourge is known for, really captures the G1 likeness and essence of this figure.  The colors are spot on and the vehicle mode was a perfect choice for this figure.

To read more about this Custom Transformers Generation 1 Scourge, head over to eBay and place your bid now!

Ghost Rider Custom Animated Transformers Marvel Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

What do you get when you cross the Marvel Universe with the new Animated Transformers line?  You get a work of art as Shinobitron has the recipe for creating unique figures that fit into either world.  First, I must say that this Custom Animated Transformers Ghost Rider is simply amazing.  He has really thought of everything when creating this custom.  There are basically 3 modes you can display this piece and every single one is awesome.  I never thought the Oil Slick Animated Transformer could be used this way but Shinobitron really has a keen eye for what will look great and he comes through every time in the execution.  He goes into more detail about this great figure below:
"Ghost Rider has been detailed to resemble his Marvel Comics counterpart as close as possible.  I tried my best to keep fans of both happy with 3 modes of conversion for the TF fans and Chains and flames for Rider fans.  GR is fully articulated and can change freely from bot to bot to Bike.  He has 2 head (one for Blaze and one for GR) and an extra set of hands for Blaze.  Blaze needed a gun though so I was sure to include his Hellfire shotgun in TF form.  But what to do when in the presence of evil?  Extend the arms swap the heads and add some flames and you got a Robotic Ghost Rider ready for some fierce justice!  Another cool feature is that when Ghost Rider is in his bike mode the Marvel Legends Super Hero Showdown Ghost Rider is able to ride him!  Talk about your ultimate team up!!!"
Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Below is yet another form you can display this great piece!

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Shinobitron's Custom Animated Transformers Ghost Rider on eBay today!

Cyclonus Custom Transformers Animated Generation One Figure by Shinobitron

Custom Animated Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Custom Animated Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Shinobitron pays homage to a Generation 1 icon with his Custom Transformers Animated Cyclonus figure.  Created by Unicron, Cyclonus is the Decepticon's air warrior and saboteur.  Shinobitron has an eye for what will look great in the end and as he explains, "Starscream being made with reverse wings he was just begging to be Cyclonus!"  I totally agree with his interpretation and the end result is awesome.  Done in the classic Cyclonus purple, this custom has a couple features that add to its appeal.  First, the head sculpt is maded from steel and Shinobritron was able to give this figure the aged and hardened look it had in the movie.  He also included Cyclonus' signature gray gun.  Let's read more about this custom from the source:

"My Cy stands 8" tall and comes fully articulated and transformable.  Hes been done in my favortie Cyclonus color purple thus the embodiment of the Decep symbol!  Whats Cyclonus with out a grey gun?  I took care of that and included one!  Cy has been given a custom head that was made from steel sculpt.  Not only does his head look cool but he also has red piping to show how evil he really is.  Cys head is pretty big with his warrior horns.  I took care of this problem and made a slot under the landing gear to attach it when in jet mode.  I also couldn't decide where to place his Decep symbols.  I am including 2 reprolabel stickers so you place your factions symbols where ever you like!"

Custom Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Custom Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Cyclonus on eBay today!

Kup Custom Transformers Animated Generation One Figure by Shinobitron

Custom G1 Kub by Shinobitron

Shinobitron pays homage to a classic figure from the 1980's and finds a new way to use the Optimus Prime mold from the latest series with his Custom Transformers Animated Kup figure. What a great idea to use Prime's animated figure as a base for this one as the vintage Kup takes on the almost the same design. The head sculpt is updated and reflects Kup's age in a more dignified and refined look. At first glance, the head looks like it could belong on top of Panthro from the Thundercats but maybe Shinobitron will make another crossover figure in the future (a Thundercat/Transformers crossover is not likely but I would not put it past him...he has made some crossover figures in the past with his latest being a Custom Batman/Transformers crossover I wrote about a few weeks ago but I digress). The colors are spot on as this Kup has a nice powder blue like the classic figure. I have said it before and I will say it again, Shinobitron is the Man when it comes to G1 Customs and he is always thinking a step ahead and seeing what he can make and is not afraid of a challenge.

Custom G1 Kup by Shinobitron

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated Generation 1 Kup figure on eBay today!

Nemesis Prime Allspark Transformers Animated Figure by Encline Designs

Encline Designs crosses two Transformers wolds together with his Custom Allspark Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated figure. The love the harsh steel look of this figure (when the lights are on) as it makes a stark contrast when darkness succumbs Prime and you see him in his Allspark glory. What a fantastic idea and executed well. Encline Designs did not over do the Allspark aspect as I could imagine someone running wild with the glow in the dark aps. The lights add great dimension to the figure and this would be something you want to sit and stare at with the lights out. Here is how Prime was made and the story behind him from the source:
How Prime was Made
He was dismantled and rebuilt. First you will notice I ran four red LEDs though the chest cavity with an on/off switch and battery pack on the back. It has a removable cap to replace the batteries. I removed the blue glass and replace it with clear acrylic sheets sprayed with transparent red. While apart, I airbrushed the whole figure with Flat Black enamel. I always liked purple on this guy, so, I put a simple metallic purple stripe on him. The paint is great, but no need to let Chuck Norris fight with it!! Then, I panel lined with GLOW IN THE DARK paint, and airbrushed glow in the dark ALLSPARK energy markings on him. I figured Nemesis Prime needs to have weapons like Prime, but a lot more menacing. So he has a new axe, the regular axe, a new arm grapple with blades, and not to mention the Chrome removable smoke stacks/rotating arm cannons. Also, look under the face mask!
The Story Behind the Figure
I thought it would be cool if the new C.E.O. of Sumdac Ind. wanted to create a bot to get rid of ALL transformers. While a rouge psychotic Transformer with the ability to scan other Transformers and gain there powers is heading to earth, from the future to scan Optimus Prime because he has become the greatest warrior, and next thing you know, he crosses paths with allspark and Sumdac Ind. to become the greatest threat to ALL TRANSFORMERS. So, there you go, you can complete the story when you add this to your collection.

Bid on Encline Design's Custom Allspark Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated today on eBay!

Guiltar Custom Transformers Animated Fusion of Megatron and Optimus Prime Generation 1 Figure by Jin Saotome

Adding some spice to Transformers Animated line, Jin Saotome cooks up this bizarre fusion of Optimus Prime and Megatron known in the Generation 1 world as Guiltar. Oh yes, don't forget to add a pinch of ghost spark from Starscream and you get a pretty cool figure that I will guarantee will never see the light of day in the Animated line. The molds of Optimus Prime and Megatron were perfect for this creation. When I first looked at this figure, I thought Jin had made two heads for it but when I read more about it, he actually created a movable faceplate that you can operate via a level to show a more rabid look to the figure. This figure looks very well put together for being a fusion figure and one to own for the hardcore Generation 1 fans. Head over to Jin's Custom Transformers Animated Guiltar figure today for your chance to own this great piece.

More About Guiltar (source)
Guiltar, also known as the "Great-Gun Soldier", is a bizarre, vicious fusion of Optimus Prime and Megatron, sent to attack both Autobot and Decepticon alike. It is ultimately a lifeless shell created by the Quintessons, animated by the "ghost" spark of Starscream. It has a massive artillery truck mode, as well as multiple gun configurations for its robot mode. Physically, it can hold its own against many of the toughest Transformers.

Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated Series Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

Now that the Transformers Animated Series are in full force at retail, we are seeing some great customs of figures you will never see in stores. Jin Saotome has his take on the evil Autobot with his Custom Transformers Animated Nemesis Prime figure. Painted with a smooth finish, Jin's choice of colors fit in nicely with the rest of the Animated Transformers in the line. Instead of the typical black and purple color scheme, Jin chose a nice light blue, red, and black scheme. Read more about Jin's Custom Transformers Animated Nemesis Prime figure by heading over to his auction for your chance to own it!

Batmobile Custom Transformers Animated Batman Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

What do you get when you cross DC Comics and the Transformers Animated series together? You get one kickass Custom Transformers Animated Batmobile crossover figure from Shinobitron. When I first saw the Transformers Animated Lockdown figure, which this custom is based off of, I thought to myself that this looked very much like a vehicle that was zooming around Gotham city. Sure enough, Shinobitron has executed this crossover very nicely. The black paint aps and the colors fit nicely with the color scheme of the Transformers Animated series and the choice of the figure was spot on as Lockdown provided so much to work with. The addition of the Bat symbol on the chest is a nice homage to Batman and I like the fact that this figure does not have any autobot or decepticon symbols on it. It is a true crossover figure that can fit in both the Transformers and the Batman Universe. The addition of the soft goods is a nice touch and, in robot mode, the figure takes on the persona of Batman with the cape. Overall, very well executed!

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Grimlock Custom Transformers Animated Series G1 Figure by encline598

A couple articles ago, I was reviewing a Custom Animated Starscream and I said that I was not a huge fan of the Animated Series but the figures have really grown on me. I actually picked one up and held it for the first time on Father's Day and I actually really like most of the figures. I ended up buying Starscream, Megatron, and Bumblebee but if I had come across a Grimlock, I would have bought that one too, which brings me to the topic at hand. encline598 has done a spectacular job with his Custom Animated Transformers Grimlock figure. The figure, in many ways, pays a nice homage to the Generation 1 Grimlock figure with its simple silver and gold paint aps and new head round bring out the feel of the 1980's figure but with an updated look. I was not too impressed with the original paint scheme that Hasbro chose but I am glad that encline598 has gone back to the basics and really made a great looking figure. The hammered silver look blends nicely with the overall look of the figure and it will fit right in with the other Animated Transformers, which is very important because you would not want mismatch in paint style to make the figure look out of place.

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PowerGlide Custom G1 Transformers Animated Figure by Jin Saotome

Now that the Transformers Animated figures are out in full force at retail, we are seeing more and more customs week after week. Using a perfect base figure from the new Animated Series, Jin Saotome has given the Lugnut figure a face lift and turned it into one of the coolest minibots with his Custom Powerglide Transformers Generation 1 Animated figure. Although this figure is far from mini, standing at 7" tall, Jin pays a nice homage to the little red plane known as Powerglide by closely matching the distinct rich red color that the original minibot was painted and also keeping the light gray accents. In the original figure from the 1980's, the head was cone shaped as the figure did not have much articulation or hiding places for transforming parts so I like the fact that Jin did not try mimic this aspect and give this Powerglide a pointy melon and kept true to the facial features with a new head sculpt. Jin has many talents but one that I really appreciate is he is not afraid to give figures new heads (and sometimes he gives them two) to keep in line with the original designs.

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Skywarp Custom Transformers Animated G1 Starscream Figure by Jin Saotome

Back in black! Jin Saotome takes the Animated Starscream figure and gives it a classic, Generation 1 feel while still retaining the animated nature of the figure with his Custom Transformers Animated Skywarp figure. Looking like it fits right into the Animated Series, Jin has decked out this figure with the classic purple and black deco and even has given him a new head sculpt and in Jin's own words, "a very peeved Skywarp, probably because he’s being bossed around by Megatron all day." I would believe it! The colors are rich and toned perfectly to mirror the other figures in the Animated line. For more information and more pictures, head over to the auction page where you can read more about this awesome Custom Transformers Animated Skywarp!

Starscream Custom Transformers Animated Series G1 Style Figure by Crefigz

Crefigz pays homage to the Generation 1 Starscream of yesteryear with his Custom Generation 1 Transformers Animated Starscream figure. First off, the base figure that Crefigz had to work with is stellar. I am not a huge fan of the Animated Series but some of the figures they made are really nice but it suffered from a lackluster paint scheme, which Cregfigz has more than made up for. Not only is this figure a Generation 1 throwback, the way it was painted makes it look like it could fit into the animated series today. You know you have come across some talent when a customizer can take a figure and make it fit into the current scheme of the series. The toning on this Starscream is down right amazing, giving it the cartoon feeling. The texture of this figure is also something to note as the toning has been done so smoothly that it looks like a factory job. All things considered, I think this may be one of the best looking Generation 1 repaints I have seen thus far.

Much in the spirit of his G1 counterpart, Starscream is a sarcastic, treacherous and two-faced usurper, who desires to be the leader of the Decepticons by overthrowing Megatron. However, his attempt ultimately backfired. As with all previous incarnations of the character, he transforms into a fighter jet, armed with his signature null-rays.

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