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Barricade Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure by Barbershop Customz

Totally rethinking one of the toughest Decepticons from the 2007 Transformers Movie is Barbershop Customz with his Custom Masterpiece Transformers Barricade figure.  Using a Masterpiece Prowl as the base for the figure, he reimagined the character using the movie paint scheme.  The gold face really pops against the darkness of the figure.  I like the angle that Barbershop took with the figure where he chose not to change the face to the style of the movie figure.  I think this was a good call since all of the Masterpiece figures are based on the G1 Transformers line.  I have been a fan of Barbershop for many years and if you are too, come check out the past articles I have written about this fantastic customizer!

Blackout Transformers Scratch Built Movie Custom by drive_95bd

Blackout Transformers Movie Custom

Blackout Transformers Movie Custom

I have to admit, I think I may gone overboard when the first Transformers movie came out by watching it 6 times in the movie theater but I awe struck when I first saw Blackout transform on the silver screen.  This week, drive_95bd has a scratch built Custom Transformers Movie Blackout for sale this week and I must say that this figure brings back a lot of memories.  Created from 6 different transformers, this figure looks a lot like the movie character appearance.  When you get down to the details, the finer machine parts look so realistic (see below).

To view more photos and to place a bid on this amazing Custom Transformers Movie Blackout figure, head over to eBay.

Voyager Class Megatron Transformers Movie Custom by MeCoolJazz

Voyager Class Transformers 2007 Movie Megatron Custom

Voyager Class Transformers 2007 Movie Megatron Custom

I can't believe it has been over 3 years since the first live action Transformers movie hit the silver screen but we are still seeing great customs coming from that movie.  Granted, the figures have improved since then but one of the worst figures in the line at the time was the 'iced' Voyager Class Megatron.  Customizers had a field day with that one and MeCoolJazz has improved the look and utility of this figure with his Custom Voyager Class Transformers Movie Megatron figure.  The silver and gold detailing masks the figure's powder blue and gray original factory paint scheme and the removal of the ice from Megatron's body is a significant improvement.  In fact, if I looked like that, I would want to stay in an icy tomb myself but I digress!  One cool feature of the Megatron is that the canon is also removable and snaps right into the vehicle when Megs wants to fly to his next battle.

Megatron's Removeable Canon

Megatron's Removeable Canon

Leader Class Brawl Custom Transformers Movie Figure by Lek

Leader Class Brawl Transformers Custom

Leader Class Brawl Transformers Custom

I am not usually a fan of repaints but Lek's Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Brawl is one of the best movie customs I have seen a very  long time.  First of all, this figure does not even come close to looking like the original figure.  If you take a look at the comparison picture below, Habro's version, of course, looks like a child's toy (and yes these are primarily designed for children) but Lek's custom looks like it belongs in the military.  If I did not know the scale of the figure, I would swear that this this tank was photographed on a military base:

Leader Class Brawl Custom Comparison

Leader Class Brawl Custom Comparison

Most often with the original figures, the face of the figure blends into the plastic and it can barely be seen but Lek did and excellent job bringing out the facial features of Brawl:

Custom Leader Class Brawl Face

Custom Leader Class Brawl Face

If you are looking for a Desert Brawl figure look no further because Lek's Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Brawl is the one for you!

Optimus Prime G2 Transformers Movie Custom by Dubz

Dubz has an interesting twist on an old friend with his Custom Transformers Movie Style G2 Optimus Prime.  I never liked the G2 Optimus Prime but Dubz has given this figure a new look and a new life that is based on the Transformers Movie version.  I like the flame job he did and that he carried the paint ap all the way through the trailer.  This is a great time to get Transformers customs as everyone and their mother has come out of the woodwork for the launch of the Revenge of the Fallen movie so head over to eBay and check out Dubz'  Custom Transformers Movie Style G2 Optimus Prime.

Scratch Built Custom Transformers Movie Barricade Figure by TimShinn

TimShinn has an awesome Custom Transformers Movie Barricade figure up this week.  The aim of this work of art was to get close to the movie version and pick up the slack where Hasbro left off.  The hands are one of my favorite parts of this figure as they really capture the feel of the movie.  Imagine getting chased by this figure!  Here is TimShinn to tell you what went into this figure:

"Built over several months using a 1:25 scale Revell 2006 Mustang GT model kit and modified Bionicle parts for the skeleton into this articulated representation of the Barricade character from the 2007 Transformers movie. The model kit was cut up into over 200 pieces, cleaned, sanded and painted. The hands and head are mostly scratch built from sheet styrene and other found objects (Gundam bits, etc). 15 points of articulation. Stands at just under 9 inches tall. Hand painted and detailed. High quality custom decals were created by Reprolabels for this custom figure to duplicate the look of the movie character. 2 panels on the chest are removeable for access to the power switch and batteries for the working police lights."

I alway love hearing how customizers build thier figures.  TimShinn's listing has many pictures of the work in progress so you can see the different stages of this custom so check out his Custom Transformers Movie Barricade figure up on eBay.

Blackout Transformers Leader Class Movie Accurate Figure by timandashley2005

Not happy with how the Transformers Movie figures turned out, timandashley2005 have redesigned and custom created this Transformers Movie Blackout figure to be accurate.  Although this Transformer is not transformable, he felt that the need to go above and beyond to create this great looking figure and the best part is that 10% of the proceeds from this auction go to help the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  I think it is great that customizers deviate from the norm and make tradeoffs for the best of the custom and the fans.  Let's read more about this great custom:

"You are looking at a custom leader class non-transformable Movie style Blackout. Blackout out was created out of a need to fill in my movie collection. He was painted in Citadel acrylics and made from scratch. The base of this figure is Leader class Megatron, arms cannons and other bitz came from other transformers and model kits. His left arm rotor is removable for display and shipping purposes. Blackouts face was hand sculpted."

Head over to eBay to place a bid on this Transformers Movie Blackout figure for a great cause!

Brawl Transformers Movie Leader Class Custom Figure by Manana109

Manana109 pays homage to one of the most, in my opinion, undercustomized figures of the line with his Custom Transformers Leader Class Brawl figure.  I love the camo job as it is really detailed and the browns really stand out on the figure, giving it more definition.  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay!

Optimus Prime Transformers Mad Max Crossover Figure by l.designs

l.designs is not short on creativity this week and it shows with his Custom Road Warrior Optimus Prime crossover figure.  What a way to put a Voyager Class Prime to good use.  There are several aspects of this custom that are great.  In vehicle mode, he designed a custom cow pusher, which is used as a shield in robot mode.  There are also parts of the tanker that are used for his killer shoulder spikes.  Let's read more about this great custom from l.designs himself:

Initially I was just planning on doing an all out G1 style repaint of this guy. Anyhow when I finished the matte black undercoat I saw the tanker from Road Warrior. After that I searched for a suitable tanker in the proper scale and everything. I went all out for the paint and weathering on this one. Made some custom scale barbed wire for the top (careful sharp) and scratch built the cowpusher that locks onto the grill. Just so happen that when I found the tanker it was the type to light up and has some great sound effects of a running truck to add to the fun.

To own one of the most unique Optimus Prime customs I have ever seen, head over to eBay and check out's Custom Road Warrior Optimus Prime crossover figure.

Optimus Prime Transformers Movie Acurate Leader Class Custom by Creg

Creg is back in full force and has a movie accurate Custom Optimus Prime Leader Class figure to feast your eyes on.  Creg has really captured the personality of Optimus Prime and this shows in this custom.  Sculpting a new face for Prime, he was able to capture the concerned look of the Autobot leader, giving this figure his own persona that adds to the display capabilities of the figure.  To do this, he created two heads for this figure and added articulation in the form of ball jointed neck.  Don't underestimate the tilt of a head to give the figure a new look as this also adds some human aspect to the figure and ability for it to change emotion with each tilt of the head:

Although Creg said that he has not made a Transformers custom in a while, you would never know it from this work of art so head over to eBay and see the vast photos of his awesome Custom Optimus Prime Leader Class figure.

Custom Optimus Prime Leader Class Transformers Movie Figure with Trailer by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng has gone above and beyond with her latest homage to the great leader of the Autobots with her Custom Leader Class Optimus Prime with trailer.  This custom is jam packed with detail, as well as a uniquely designed MP-02 Trailer and a custom Battler Roller (remember that six wheeled little guy...yup...he is in there too!).  I love the way that Sabrina can turn plastic into metal and she has a great eye for the color palette.  Here to give us more detail is Sabrina herself:

"This figure is one the main reasons why I wanted to take up customizing initially. I've always wanted to do up a full repaint of the Movie Optimus Prime but it was too complex at first. The multiple layering of colours as well as flames made it a nightmare for most customizers. My G1 Prime enabled me to  understand the toy's design better while I planned for a colour concept that would be unique to him. 6 months after my 1st custom, I belief that I've managed to recreate a Movie version of Optimus Prime that is truly aesthetically pleasing.  This auction includes Movie Optimus Prime, an MP-04 trailer, the MP-02 Commander Set, the TFC-EX002 Battle Roller as well as an extra weapon for Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime was given many shades of colours that range from sunset yellow to orange, red and blue. Most of the colours blend smoothly into one another. He was also given a Mirror Chrome finish on certain parts of him. Do note that this is the Hasbro version of Optimus Prime. He does not initially have any Chrome parts unlike Takara's Premium mold.  The MP-04 trailer was covered with styrene to emulate an actual truck better. Only the autobot logo from the original trailer remained. Flames that matched Optimus Prime were painted on the exterior and the internal compartment was dry brushed with silver and detailed accordingly. The upper, front and rear ends of the trailer were given a post and pre-shading treatment for a weathered look. The repair dock was painted in a metallic blue shade.  The Mp-02 Commander Set was repainted to match Optimus Prime's colour scheme as the original colour was meant for Ultra Magnus.  The TFC-EX002 was given a chromy metallic blue finish as well as a pair of articulated fists that holds an additional weapon. His joints have been tighten for more stability as compared to the vanilla version."

Head over to eBay and don't miss this once and a lifetime opportunity to own one of Sabrina's masterpieces so check out her Custom Leader Class Optimus Prime with trailer.

Blackout Custom Transformers Movie 16″ Ultra Class Figure by Encline Designs

I have to hand it Encline Designs for his latest in his series of Transformers Ultra Class figures.  His Custom Transformers Movie Blackout transcends any custom in this class this year.  This figure is the third in his lineup and I was happy to cover his other two earlier in the year, which were his Custom 15" Optimus Prime and his Custom 13" Bonecrusher figures.  Let's take a look at some of the aspects that puts this figure in a class by itself.  First, the led lights in the figure make it unique and add another dimension to the figure, which replicates the way that Blackout was portrayed in the movie:

The huge chest cannon is massive and looks like it could cause massive damage.  Made from a mix of model helicopter parts and other figures, Blackout's blades give the appearance of a mid-transformation where is then breaks out the huge canon and opens a can of whoopass on the base in Qatar.  I seriously was in awe watching the first live action Transformer come to life and Encline Designs has captured the true essence of the movie figure with his massive creation.  Here is what the figure looks like standing next to Megatron:

Head over to eBay and place a bid for one of the best Custom Transformers Movie Blackout's I have seen!

Megatron Custom Leader Class Transformers 2007 Movie Figure by jcartwork

I never get tired of seeing customizers pay homage to the great leader of the Decepticons and jcartwork does an excellent job with his Custom Leader Class Transformers Movie Megatron figure.  The shadowing and black washing on this figure is amazing and his technique makes the plastic cast a battle scared metallic look.  The gold accents are in all the right places and add another dimension to the figure.  Let's take a closer look at some of the fine detailing:

Head over to eBay and check out jcartwork's Custom Leader Class Transformers Movie Megatron figure!

Custom Transformers Movie Accurate Ratchet by Sabrina Ng

I love the 2007 Transformers Movie but I was very disappointed with the quality of the toys that Hasbro produced.  It is customizers like Sabrina Ng that have brought the toys back to life and reinvigorated the toy line with accurate figures like her Custom Transformers Movie Ratchet figure.  I would call Sabrina's paint aps bullet proof because they look so life and the metal shines like it is real.  Let's get more insight on why Sabrina wanted to customize Ratchet:

"Ratchet's something that I've longed dreamt of doing as I felt that the Hasbro/Takara molds do not do him justice at all. Even the Metallic/Best buy Ratchet was not even anywhere near droolsome. He was meticulously detailed and even his butterfly axe had the red patterns repainted. Ratchet was painted with a special paint mix of 80% yellow and 20% green. He was shaded and drybrushed, panel marked and had anti UV gloss smacked on to him. Well, that's that. Always wanted to re-do Ratchet. And I'm really happy that I've finally done it!! And among all my customs, I dare say that these pictures do not do Ratchet any justice as he seriously looks twice as nice (at least in my opinion. hehe) as he is resting on my work desk right now. I've also  included 3 pictures of WIP in the slideshow to show how it looks like without the black background and lighting."

If you want to bid on a high quality custom from one of the best customizers out there, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina Ng's Custom Transformers Movie Ratchet figure.

Jazz Transformers Movie Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Ever wonder what Jazz would look like if Jazz came across a different dealership and scanned a red Pontiac Solstace?  Sabrina Ng applied her signature painting technique to make a version of the Transformers Movie Jazz you will never find anywhere.  It is great to get into customizer's heads so let's learn more about this great figure:

"The last of my red customs (I think. hehe). Zoom Zoom!!!! I was inspired to take on this project when I realized that some Mazda cars on the road actually had the word Zoom Zoom written on them. He's been given some extreme metallics as well as an additional head, recasted to pay tribute to his Binaltech inspiration. I've always been amazed by how Jazz can look so good in red (or any colours for that matter). Deluxe Premium Jazz was given a nice shade of red metallics to emulate Zoom Zoom. As always, I take great pains to clean the figure of any factory residue. He was primed and was given a base coat of supper black to bring out the strength of the metallics. He's got approximately 7 layers of red and 3 layers of anti-UV gloss to keep him in great condition for the years to come."

Head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's Custom Transformers Movie Jazz figure!

Bonecrusher Transformers Movie Custom 13″ Legends Style by EnclineDesigns

A month ago, EnclineDesigns created a Custom 15" Transformers Movie Optimus Prime and this week he has his next installment of movie accurate customs with his Custom Bonecrusher figure that stands 13" tall.  With a work of art like this, EnclineDesigns had to sacrifice the transforming function for this Decepticon legend, which is fine because if you look at the result, you will not want to transform this figure into a vehicle.  The detail on this figure is amazing and EnclineDesigns is the first, that I have seen, to pay homage to this great Decepticon warrior in the scale he deserves.  Let's read more about how he created this behemoth:

"Thank you for checking out my second HUGE custom from TRANSFORMERS live action movie. This time around I bring you Bonecrusher in all his angry Autobot hating glory. I am not even sure at this point how many figures, models, stryrene sheets, clay, or live animals I used to make this. But it was a lot!!! I have tried to make him as movie accurate as possible. But of course with doing this, he does not transform. I did make his arms and shoulders with up, down, in, out joints. They are also able to extend out like the toy and other pictures but never did in the movie. Bonecrusher also has his Mega Claw with 13 points of articulation. The wheels on his feet do roll!!! He has been airbrushed with enamel paints for durability. Then I added all the little details with brushes. Please remember, this guy has been built with a collector in mind. PLease note he can be posed but in mainly for display. I will have a few special features coming up later this week, but let's just say that he in battle damaged for a reason."

To check out more photos, head over to eBay and take a look at EnclineDesigns' Custom Transformers Movie Bonecrusher figure.

Ironhide Transformers Movie G1 Custom by Sabrina Ng

Those who grew up in the 1980's remember Ironhide as a a red and orange minivan.  Sabrina Ng has taken the classic paint aps of the Generation 1 figure and fused it with the 2007 Transformers figure and you get her Custom Transformers Movie G1 Ironhide figure.  Airbrushed figures are some of the best painted customs I have seen and if you are lucky enough to come across a customizer who uses this technique, you are in a for an eye candy treat.  One aspect of the 2007 Movie Transformers that needed special attention was the look of the metal and steel and Sabrina has done an awesome job creating a realistic look of metal with her painting techniques.  To tell you more about this G1 Ironhide, here is Sabrina herself:

"A weapons specialist, a tough soldier and one of the oldest Autobots. My fondest memory of Movie Ironhide is when he wanted to blow the dog away with his canons for peeing at his legs 🙂 This is a very special custom to me as I took some time experimenting in combining airbrush shading with dry brushing to bring out a more shadowed steel look. After my G1 Optimus Prime, I felt that Ironhide deserved a G1 makeover as well.  Ironhide was soaked, washed, cleaned and primed before painting. I made sure that the icky sticky factory finish did not interfere with my paint scheme. I applied three layers of shading combined with five shades of dry brushed silver. I gave him a very special metallic vermillion colour for his vehicle mode and topped it off with his G1 yellow stripe which is of a darker and more metallic variation of the typical sunset yellow. Various detailing were done but I was careful not to make Ironhide appear overly 'colourful'. I ended this custom with several layers of anti UV gloss coat in order to protect and retain his vibrant colours for years to come."

To own Sabrina's Custom Transformers Movie G1 Ironhide figure, head over to eBay!

Bumblebee 1974 Camaro Transformers Movie Custom by Crefigz

It seems like everything Crefigz touches, turn to gold and his Custom Transformers Movie Bumblebee is no exception.  Putting Crefigz's signature touch on this 1974 Camaro version, he has brought out the richness of color and detail in Bumblebee.  The original Hasbro produced figure pales in comparison and is really only used as the base model for this custom creation.  One aspect that I really love about this custom is that the great detail was paid to make this custom movie accurate, even down to the rust on the car mode.  Crefigz has a unique talent to make plastic look like metal but don't take my word for it.  Here is how Crefigz explains his process:

"Took over ages to complete this one and it will be the unique one and only from Crefigz.
Airbrushed with the IMPROVED signature shading style by Crefigz.  Completed with worn out effects based on The Transformers Movie 2007.Different perspectives of view under high or low lightings show different tones of shadings done on most of the parts.  This figure is not only special in the shading, it also has a layer of coating that makes it look ultra realistic and protects the paints from wearing off.  The whole figure has been painted all over again to bring out the realistic feeling the moment you look at it."

Head over to eBay and check out all of the photos of Crefigz's Custom Transformers Movie Bumblebee figure.

Megatron Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Figure by Boskoestoys

"Insanely detailed realistic-movie accurate paint job" is the only way to describe Boskoestoys latest masterpiece.  This Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron ranks on the top of my list as one of the best movie versions I have seen to date.  The paint aps are so accurate and applied in such a way that the figure looks like metal.  Check out all of the detail that went into this awesome Megatron:

"Next the Blue LED eyes- the biggest problem with movie Megs is that his eyes didn't light up. We fixed the problem by installing a tiny blue LED system in his head. The whole light system is contained in the head and works on a push putton. Push it once and it goes on a pulse. push it again and it stobes, push it a third time and give Megatron a steady glowing blue gaze- finally push it a forth time to turn it off. The LED system runs on 4 small watch bateries, and they are replaceable infact we'll include a spare set. The head mod doesn't change up any of Megatrons transformation, and aestheticallty is very discret.  Claw fix- We fixed it so it shoots out when you push the button.  Fushion Cannon Fix- Removed the spring so you can just flip it open and it stays that way until you fold it back in.  Fairy wings- We didn't remove them 'cause we like'em. If you win this custom but want them removed they're as good as gone."

I would highly suggest that you head over to eBay to check out all of the great pictures of Boskoestoys' Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron figure.

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Custom 15″ Figure by Encline Designs

Sometimes you have to sacrifice an aspect of a figure to make a truly amazing design.  Encline Designs did what needed to be done and created a work of art with his Custom 15" Transformers Movie Optimus Prime figure.  To pay great homage to Optimus, he had to make a non transforming Transformer but the end result is unreal.  Scale is one aspect that Hasbro has grappled with ever since they started producing toys but it is customizers like this show them how the proper scale can really add a tremendous amount of value to the design.  Capturing the grit and mechanics of the movie, Encline Designs balances emotion with realism.  Let's read more about what inspired this amazing figure:

Hello fellow Transfans and collectors. Have you found all your movie Primes lacking something? I thought Hasbro really broke some new ground with the Transformers movie toys. Leader Prime is great. But, he is lacking one thing. SIZE!!!!! Up for auction is my scratch built 15" MOVIE OPTIMUS PRIME. He was scratch built and made from a number of figures, spare parts, and even styrene for parts I had to create. He does not transform. But, with out transforming, I was able to add a bit more to get the bot I wanted. I built him how I want him to be. He has various truck parts for body parts. I built him from the inside out. I airbrushed the truck body with a mix of red and copper pearl, then faded from back to front with a red candy. The blue is a mixture of blue, purple pearl, and silver. I then hand pinstriped the flames. I then did multiple brushing techniques for fine details. He has been painted with automotive paint and clear coated. I also added some damage and hieroglyphs to his face.He has about 30 points os articulation including his waist and chest. His head, shoulders, and wrists are on ball joints. One of my favorite shots in Transformers in after Prime rips the top off of the Sector 7 Escalade and we are looking up at Prime and you seethe silhouette with the headlights shinning. So, I installed a battery pack inside that runs off of 2 AAA batteries. The pack lights up the headlights, eyes, and yes, THE MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP!! This guy was built for a collector. I have taken great care in construction to make him safe to pose with careful adjustments.

As I said earlier, the scale of this figure is awesome so head over to eBay and check our more photos of this Custom 15" Transformers Movie Optimus Prime figure!

Megatron Transformers Movie Custom Figure by Crefigz

Crefigz, in another one of his signature shading jobs, has created a Megatron that will make fans drool over.  This Custom Transformers 2008 Movie Megatronhas to make the execs over at Hasbro cringe when they see great work like this and it is a shame that they can't make toys as good this but then again, customizing is an art form so I would not want them to make figures this good.  I still love a good Megatron and this is one of the best.  For more photos and to own this awesome piece, head over to eBay and place a bid for Crefigz's Custom Transformers 2008 Movie Megatron or check out the other Custom Transformers while you are there.

Scourge Custom Leader Class Nemesis Prime Transformers Movie Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys puts their spin on what they think Scourge would like if he appeared in the upcoming Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen movie with their Custom Leader Class Sourge Transformers Movie figure.  One thing that sets this apart from other Scourge customs I have seen are the awesome flame effects (take a look below)

These effects are very realistic and add another dimension to the figure.  Imagine if Scourge ever met The Falllen and you have BoskoesToys version!  There are many more pictures to view so head over to eBay and check out this Custom Leader Class Sourge Transformers Movie figure or check out the other Custom Transformers figures while you are there.

Voyager Class Optimus Prime Custom Figure with Diorama by matt1989cars

matt1989cars has finally figured out a solution for the cab on the Voyager Class Optimus Prime.  He has turned into a double barrel machine gun that looks like it can do some serious damage.  This Custom Voyager Class Optimus Primefigure is very nicely detailed and the added use of the cab as a bad ass machine gun is a reason to own this custom.  Many fans complain about the cab but turning it into a weapon was something different.  Like all of his customs, matt1989cars has great attention to detail and the dio adds an extra level of display.  Check out his Custom Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure on eBay and also check out what else he has for sale.

Sabrina Ng’s Custom G1 Optimus Prime Is Back!

Last week, I wrote about Sabrina Ng's Custom Transformers G1 Optimus Prime but unfortunately the auction ended without any bidders so it is back on eBay with a new pricing strategy and a new addition to the custom (pictured above).  To see more pictures, check out Sabrina's Custom Optimus Prime G1 Transformers Movie figure.

Optimus Prime Custom Leader Class G1 Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Figure by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng has taken the Premium Leader Class Prime a step up and made it her own with her Custom Transformers Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime figure in Generation 1 style.  It is really great when customizers go back to the G1 roots.  The way this custom was painted gives it a metallic look that only a true artist can achieve.  The truck actually looks like it has rivets in it.  The color red is a very nice and richer than I have seen in most custom Prime's but the color goes well with the figure.  Here is how Sabrina made this work of art:

"I've airbrushed, painted, dry brushed, weathered and highlighted the entire figure to be as realistic as possible!!! Well, let's see. After washed and dry, I gave him a coat of primer followed by a base coat of steel and gold. Anyway, I then gave him a nice overall chrome silver coating as well as 2 layers of gloss coat before I started on his primary colours of specially mixed red and blue paint. MP-01 had a chilli red colour scheme but I felt that it was too common and doesn't do this figure justice. Thus, I settled on a more intense shade of red and blue to give him a deeper character. Body parts were painted with a shade of silver and dry brushed for the steel effect. After all was done, I gave him another layer of gloss coat to seal in the paint before I started on doing some weathering and detailing for him. Before I ended the job, I gave him a glossy UV protection coat to prevent the colour from fading over the years. The end result, an ultimate work of art."

Head over to eBay to read more about Sabrina's Transformers Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime figure and check out more pictures.  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Protoform Optimus Prime Allspark Gold Custom Transformers Movie Figure by Crefigz

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime Allspark Gold

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime Allspark Gold

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this figure was 'royalty' and Crefigz has dressed Optimus Prime in his finest with his Protoform Optimus Prime Allspark Gold Custom Transformers Movie figure.  The protoform mould is perfect for this kind of interpretation with Prime's crown-like head, which is painted very well, bringing out the royal look of the figure.  The gold accents outlining figure also add to this effect.  This is one the most unique Protoform Prime customs I have come accross and you know when you buy from Crefigz, you are getting top quality!

Crefigz explains some of the back story that went into the thinking behind this unique Protoform Prime: "This Protoform Optimus Prime has went through evolution made by Crefigz. Got this inspiration after listening to the Transformers Movie 2007 : The Scores - "Arrival To Earth" and wanted to repaint something royal / kingly and it came out to be this so called Golden Prime son of Optimus Prime - The King Of Autobots. (watching LOTR now)"

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime Allspark Gold

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime Allspark Gold

Head over to eBay and place a bid for this one of a kind Protoform Optimus Prime Allspark Gold Custom Transformers Movie figure.

Protoform Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Movie Figure by Crefigz

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

I have always been a fan of the Protoform figures but they were lacking something...a good paint scheme and Crefigz solves this issue with his Custom Transformers Movie Protoform Optimus Prime figure.  One of Crefigz' strengths is his shading technique and he really goes to town on this figure.  The technique he uses gives the figure much depth and brings it to life.  The paint aps gives this figure a metallic look that was lacking in the original design.
Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

This Custom Transformers Movie Protoform Optimus Prime figure is available on eBay so place your bid now!

Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Star Wars Crossover G1 Figure by Sonray Customs

Sonray Customs has found a great use for the Star Wars Transformers figures with his Custom Optimus Prime G1 'pre earth' figure. What a great idea to take a Star Wars Transformers Commander Cody and turn it into a G1 legend, Optimus Prime. I like Sonray's take on this figure as it pays a nice homage to Optimus Prime's earth likeness and what he may have looked like rolling down the streets of Cybertron. The G1 colors are great and the pin striping on the sides and the silver pipes gives this figure a very distinct and familiar. Sonray describes more about how he made this great figure:

"Basically I saw this awful SWTF toy in a store and saw that despite all its design flaws it had some potential to make a pretty good looking, pre-earth G1 Optimus Prime. So i took it home and painted him up with high quality acrylics and enamels in a pure G1 style, added a Movie voyager Prime head, and attached on some old 20th Anni' prime smokestacks i had saved.This is a great looking custom and very unique. Its fully poseable as you can tell by the pictures, and the paint is very durable."

Bid on Sonray's Custom G1 Optimus Prime on eBay today!

Megatron Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Figure by Chih

Chih is heating up the Transformers category with his Custom Megatron Transformers Movie figure. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but I have seen a decrease in Transformers customs with the introduction of the Premium Series Transformers. I must say, the Premium Series is a slight improvement to the figure line but they do not hold a candle to the talent, craftsmanship, and artistic ability of the customizers out there and Chih ranks very high on my list of people that consistently create quality pieces for the fans out there.

For toy companies, it would seem like a simple task: Create a figure that comes close to their movie likeness. I guess that was what they were trying to achieve with the Premium Series line but they have to realize that they need to up the quality of the figures if they are to compete. Fans are growing tired of repaints and poor quality figures and that is where customizers fill the gap. Chih's Custom Megatron is a great example of Megatron was supposed to look. A very nice silver with bronze accents gives this figure that war torn battled look that the original toys were lacking. Chih's Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron figure is available on eBay so head over and place your bid now!

AFC Interviews Customizer Shinobitron

Shinobitron is one of the most talented Transformers customizers I have met thus far. He also makes customs for Marvel Legends, Video Games, and GI Joe but I am drawn his work with the Transformers. If you are looking for a one of a kind custom to proudly display on your shelf next to the originals, you need to check out his work! I have blogged about several of his customs, including Highbrow, Beachcomber, Rampage, and the latest, Dragstrip. Please check out all my reviews of his figures on his dedicated page. I was lucky enough to get some insight and learn more about Shinobitron so please enjoy!

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.

Shinobitron: My real name is Justin and I currently reside in north western Pennsylvania. I'm 28 years old and work in a stock room for the Pittsburgh Steelers when I'm not making customs. I'm big into Anime and classic 80s toons. Not only do I customize figures I also make costumes. I've been Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, the Hobgoblin, and Soundwave! Soundwave could actually transform and the chest opened to reveal a cassette that also changed into Lazerbeak. LB had magnets in his feet that let him attach to my wrist!

My artist name comes from 2 things 1) Shinobi, one of my favorite video games of all time. Not only that but the remake for the PS2 had Hotsuma, the main character, in one awesome looking uniform. 2) Tron, not for the old movie but as in Megatron. I've always like the bad guys more. I currently started a website called Shinobitrons Dojo

I can be contacted there or thru my regular email at:

AFC: When did you start making customs?

Shinobitron: I started making them in 1999. This all started with my love for Resident Evil. I bought the entire set of figures from Toybiz and was mad no Wesker figure was made. I used a Toybiz Johnny Blaze and remade him into Wesker. That's when this all started I then took it into Gundams, Various models kits, and random figures for practice. I got the heaviest into it however when the Marvel Legends released and have been very steady ever since.

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Shinobitron: For the most part I try to keep all my focus on one figure at a time. This lets me give all my attention to one item and let me give one figure my all. I do however base coat figures that up for painting while working on another figure. This let any sculpty or glues I have on my main project harden and keeps me from sitting idle. (I do cave and treat myself to some PS2 or PC games in between phases though)

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Shinobitron: I have to go with Transformers on this one. First of all each piece can end up being super easy or one heck of a challenge. After you finish one of the pieces you get a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that you made not one but two toys in one project. You got a badass looking robot and a sleek vehicle that looks equally badass.

Another reason I like TFs is the fans reaction. TF has a diehard fan base that love their bots. When you sell a figure to a person and he/she says that your piece is proudly displayed in their collection for everyone they know to see it give you a great sense of pride.

AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

Shinobitron: That's a tough question. I would have to say a very rough tie between my Darkstalkers, Ghost in the Shell, Galvatron, and Hotsuma figures. These piece have a special place for me as they are major display pieces on my shelves.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

Shinobitron: My minds always working on what to make up next. I'm a real spur of the moment kind of person and even though I set myself a list of figure to make I usually end up doing something else cause I just got a great base fig I "have" to use right then and there. Heres a tenative list: Goldbug, Movie Beachcomber, Hoist, SHS Venture Bros figures, Animated Deadpool, Female Junkions, gears, The entire Cowboy Bebop cast, Bludgeon, Anime X-Men, 8" Master Cheif, Hellsing characters, G2 Grimlock, and more Sigma 6 Cobra members.
Believe me there so many I can't even remember them all.

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Shinobitron: Practice, Practice, practice. I know that Jin says this but its the truth. Never be afraid to use new techniques, screw things up or break things. Doing this is sometimes the best way to learn. Try new items, new paints, and new parts. Just remember to have fun doing it and never give up.

Custom Cliffjumper Transformers Movie Figure by chris-morada

Not happy with the Transformers Allspark version of Cliffjumper, chris-morada has unleashed his talent and created his own Custom Transformers Cliffjumper figure. The aspect that always strikes me about chris-morada's work is the paint! He has the ability to create customs that have a 'show room' shine. Certain customizers go above and beyond simply repainting figures and chris has sculpted a new head for Cliffjumper to give him a more Generation 1 feel.

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Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus Leader Class Movie Figure by frenzy.rumble

From the creative mind and hands of frenzy.rumble comes his one of a kind Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus.  Taking a Leader Class Optimus Prime as the base of this figure, frenzy.rumble has created a truley unique custom and is in a class by itself. To be honest, I was speachless when I saw this custom you will see why in the coming photos and description. To kick it off, I will let frenzy.rumble do the honors:

"This auction is for the leader class Autobot Ultra Magnus, which stands about 12" tall in robot mode. Created entirely from my imagination. Every single wire, detail, screw and millimeter has been carefully and perfectly detailed."

Every aspect of this custom is amazing and from what frenzy.rumble has disclosed about the paint aps it must be bullet proof (8 layers + 3 coats of lacquer). I will first start off by commenting on the 'Magnus' robot, which is blue and white (pictured above). This is one of the best looking metallic paint jobs I have come accross and the blues and whites really pop, creating a cohesive looking color scheme for the base of Ultra Magnus. In truck mode, I love the huge silver Autobot symbol screams louder than a semi's horn and is a great addition to the base Magnus figure. In his own words, he describes how the base is made:

"I built this custom starting with a leader class Optimus Prime, which I completely took apart, removed any factory paint, and primed with plastic primer, which provides a very durable protective under paint. All paint you see is 100% enamel. It's harder, and more durable than the customs you'll see painted in acrylic. Also, enamel paints are 'color-fast' meaning they will retain their original color for 10+ years, where-as acrylics typically fade after 2-3 years. The white paint used here is 8 layers thick including 3 layers of lacquer (clear coats) producing an INCREDIBLE shine (it's even waxable with car polish). The first robot you see (in only blue/white) is called "Magnus." The silver metal robot parts on him were painted in 6 shades of silver, to give the ultimate metallic look. This was done for the blue areas also."

To turn Magnus into Ultra Magnus, frenzy.rumble has outfitted this Autobot with custom armor and has armed him to the teeth! Anyone could have stopped at this point and called it good with an Optimus repaint but frenzy.rumble has taken it to the next level.

The custom head sculpt and armor are what makes this custom unique and why this should be the Ultra Magnus to add to your collection. By donning the armor and head, the former Magnus figure takes on a totally new look and a bad ass persona. This is one of my favorite customs to date and to let us in on more detail, here is frenzy.rumble:

"Armored Ultra Magnus: This mother is armed to the teeth. There's enough firepower on him to melt the decepticon army in a few blasts. All armor seen, was created using spare and extra parts from other transformers and action figures. The armor actually snaps or is magnetically attached to the base figure. His smokestacks were actually made from a woman's make-up applicator! The gun (shown in one of the last photos) actually winds up moves. The custom head was made from spare ZOIDS parts and a knock-off Transformer, and sits magnetically on the neck base."

He leave us with teaser that only the winning bidder with get to enjoy so head over to eBay and secure your spot in the running to own this Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus figure:

"To make Magnus into Ultra Magnus, you'd need to actually perform a 3rd one-of-a-kind transformation (which I will provide to the winner)."

Custom Transformers Brawn Generation 1 Movie Figure by Warmachine

I love the latest wave of Transformers Movie figures as they have revived the customs and have people putting on their thinking caps to see how they can turn ordinary figures into extraordinary works of art. Warmachine demonates this with his Custom Transformers Brawn done in G1 style. I really like the way Warmachine sculpted the head to give Brawn an updated, more menacing look than the cartoon counterpart. He used a combination of acrylic, and enamel paints as well as utilizing the drybrushing, panel lining, and highlighting techniques to achieve a more detailed look. The colors came out spectacular and this custom pays a great homage to this classic minibot.

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Brawn looks on Earth as essentially a hostile environment - and he loves it. He is the most macho of the Autobots. He delights in challenges and when he faces one he becomes fully alive. He is strong, rugged and very agile - which is why he is frequently teamed with Bumblebee when the Autobots are in a mountainous environment - but it is his enjoyment of the challenge that makes him valuable to his leader, Optimus Prime. He won't be discouraged and that helps the morale of the rest. He is hardy and enjoys a good joke, if it is not too subtle. His main fault is that he tends to be contemptuous of those not as tough as he.

Custom Brawl Transformers Movie Figure by frenzy.rumble

frenzy.rumble displays his talent with his latest Custom Transformers Movie Brawl as he was seen the final battle with Jazz. Not only is this is Movie accurate paint scheme, he also took it one step further and added much needed battle damage to the figure. The damage is the right amount to give him a war torn look without going over board. Sometimes, less is more and frenzy.rumble has done just that adding the slashes, bullet holes, and blood in the right places. The paint aps are a great shade of military green and and he has even gone as far as detailing all of the metal components and adding "energon blood", which he describes more below. Overall, this is one of the best Custom Brawl figures I have seen in a while and I am glad that he took this project on. frenzy.rumble describes how he created this great custom:

"This auction is for the leader class decepticon Brawl, which stands about 12" tall in robot mode. The figure has been meticulously detailed with 14 shades of military green, an array of metallic colors, and many other colors. EVERY detail is painted to perfection... even the underside of the main turret. Dirt, sand, mud, and grime have been added to the tank's treads and front areas. All 'battle damage" was carefully added on using special apoxy materials, tools, and more, giving it a very accurate damaged and burnt look. Some damage even has color-accurate energon blood (the Transformers' version of blood, but glowing, and blue) All paints used in the process were 100% enamels, so the finish is very durable, and the colors will stay vibrant and true for many years. (Keep in mind, this is a collectible, so don't leave throw it around!) I finished him off with some Testor's clear coats, all matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations."

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Highbrow Custom Transformers Generation 1 Figure Made From Incinerator by Shinobitron

The new Voyager Class Transformers Movie figures are giving customizers a fresh canvas to work with. I really loved the Voyager Class Incinerator mold and I have been chomping at the bit to see what this next wave of custom Transformers brings. This week, Shinobitron has remade a Generation 1 Classic Headmaster with his Custom Transformers Highbrow made from the Transformers Movie Figure Incinerator. What a great mold to make for Highbrow as the Incinerator mold comes very close to the G1 representation of Highbrow. The colors match very well and the figure even comes with his Nebulan counterpart Gort.

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Highbrow considers warfare a barbaric solution to problems, worthy of only the most primitive sentient creatures. He believes civilized folk should talk about their differences, a talent for which he seemingly has an endless capacity. Hardhead claims that Highbrow's voice box burns enough fuel by itself to power all the Nebulan Autobots for a year. Although that is doubtful, Highbrow does talk a lot and uses a lot of words that nobody understands. Even Chromedome often finds himself fruitlessly searching through his extensive vocabulary. Highbrow considers himself intellectually superior to the Nebulans and other Autobots. They think he's a self-righteous snob. Highbrow's biggest disappointment in life is that circumstance has forced him to lower himself to participate in the very activity he most loathes - fighting. Gort, Highbrow's Nebulan partner, is quite a contrast. He's a cheerful young man with never an unkind word for anyone. Spurred by concern for protecting his planet, he overcame his working-class origins as a stable boy for an exclusive Nebulan country club that catered to the aristocracy to join the elite ranks of the Headmasters. He is much admired by his comrades for his earnestness, common sense and courage - except for Highbrow, who finds it a humiliating, humbling experience to be binary-bonded to such a commoner. Young women all over Nebulos are attracted to the boyishly handsome hero, but Gort remains steadfastly faithful to his long-time girlfriend, Marita. Gort is the All-American boy of the Nebulan Autobot Headmasters.

Transformers Custom Onslaught and Swindle Generation 1 Movie Figures by Warmachine

Hot on the heals of his Custom Deadend, warmachine has come back swinging with his Custom Transformers Onslaught made from a Transformers Movie Voyager Class Optimus Prime. What struck me about this custom was the unique repurposing of an Optimus Prime figure into a kickass Decepticon from one of the coolest combiner figures: Bruticus. The colors on this figure really bring out the Generation 1 style of the original figure and the extras are simply amazing. Not only has me made Onslaught, he also made Swindle, another Combaticon. The custom trailer and missles pay hommage to the original G1 figure with a great execution and vision for the potential of the Voyager Class Optimus Prime. I really hope he makes more Combaticons and completes the set of combiners. Warmachine explains more about how he created this classic:



"I custom painted the movie voyager size version of Prime but modded his original head by cutting away and trimming parts not needed, and then fabricated new parts with Milliput(modelers putty) and styrene. Then I custom detailed it to resemble his G1 toon Likeness. I also chose a shade of blue enamel paint to resemble his G1 cartoon appearence"  



Warmachine's Custom Transformers Onslaught and Swindle are available on eBay so head over and place your bid quick!  While you are there, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Ironman Marvel Legends Style by Jin Saotome

Hitting theatres 5/28/2008 is the Ironman movie which I am sure will be a huge hit and preempting the movie release is Jin Saotome's version of Ironman in Custom Marvel Legends Style. Jin's Ironman is highly detailed with a finish you don't find on many customs. The figures is painted in a metallic style and really shines, giving the figure the illusion of being made of iron. The head is custom made perfectly proportioned. Another great feature of this custom is the rocket pack, which is originally found on the Classics Jetfire Transformers figure, which was painted great and washed with black detail. I wonder what Jin has in store for a Jetfire sans rocket is how he created this great looking figure:

"To celebrate the big screen event of our metallic hero I give you my version of Iron Man. He's been painted with metallic red and yellow (ignore the somewhat green tinge to my camera lighting) and has a high gloss shine. Different sections are blacklined to show depth and there's natural shading/highlights when the light hits him. His head is custom made and he has articulated fingers! There's no Iron Man like this one available and it's not one of the movie figures either, it’s a one-of-a-kind custom figure. Even though he's completely poseable I'd handle him gently as his armor has a high gloss shine to it and you'll want to avoid scratching it. Plug on the Stark MG720 rocket pack and he's ready to head across the globe, into space, or wherever the Avengers need him! The rocket pack also converts to combat mode by sliding the back sections that reveal two spring-loaded lasers cannons."

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Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen G1 Style by frenzy.rumble

frenzy.rumble had the vision to take the mediocre Transformers Movie Jazz figure and crafted it into a Generation 1 masterpiece with his Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen figure. When I first saw this figure, I was thrown back by the craftsmanship that went into this one. I really thought I was looking at the original G1 Smokescreen as the colors and decals are a perfect match to the original. The paint almost has a glass appearance and it is really obvious that this figure was meticulously painted and matched to the original.
The G1 redeco's are my favorite of the Transformers customs as the customizers who make these have a great vision for what will look great and frenzy.rumble's customs rank up there at the top of my list! One of the aspects that sets other customizers apart is the ability to enhance their figures by seeking out parts that will take the figure to the next level. Let's see how frenzy_rumble made this great looking figure:
"Smokescreen was built off a TFTM Jazz figure, G1 reco mold. His head comes from Armada Blurr, with some slight alterations. In order to compete against the spring on the head section, I installed a small peg behind his chest plate, this ensures that the head area and neck stay on a straight angle. Jazz's 'hands' were no good, so I dremeled them off at the wrists. I drilled into the wrist a tight hole for a steel rod, and attached Gundam model fists onto the rods. They are articulated (spin) yet remain very tight. I removed some of the detail in his knee area, filled it in with some apoxie sculpt and painted with a deep metallic-red high gloss enamel. The pistols he weilds are from a clearance toy found at WalMart. I had the decals for the hood and doors custom made using a high quality 3M vinyl. The exterior was painted with Krylon Fusion Red and Blue, then robot mode was painted with about 99% enamels, so the finish is very durable. I finished him off with some Testors clear coats, all matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations."

This Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen can be yours and is available on eBay so go check it out! frenzy.rumble has a blog called Frenzy.Rumble's Amazing Action Figures where you can check out his latest WIP's and completed customs. I will be writing more about his customs in the coming days so stay tuned for more Custom Transformers greatness from frenzy.rumble.

Custom Transformers Spotlight Seller: Chih’s Custom Transformers Workshop

Chih's Customs ranks very high on my list as one of the most talented customizers out there. He specializes in making very unique custom Transformers figures that are high quality will excellent attention to detail. This week, Chih has come back in full force with some favorites of mine (Custom Menasor and Custom Halo Metroplex) and some new custom Transformers so I decided to feature Chih as the fifth Spotlight Seller in the series:
Custom Transformers METROPLEX (HALO Style) Super Fighter
Auction Description: "You really don't want to miss this one! I custom painted and also add lots detail & special weapon! It come with: HALO style Helmet, Laser cannon, Flame Blaster, Power pulse Blaster, Power Cutter Saw, and JET Pack! and all Light Up with Sounds! I have to say this is One of my Best Work!!"This review is hot off the presses and you can read it here!
Custom Transformers Leader Class MENASOR Super Warrior!
Auction Description: "You really don't want to miss my Leader Class MENASOR this time! I custom painted Black & Sliver, highlight with Gold, and also made lots detail & special weapon for it, I have to say this one is another best work!"I had the pleasure of reviewing this awesome figure back in December and you can read about here!
Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class MEGATRON Figure
Auction Description: I custom painted silver with a little bit Sliver Blue this time, just like you see in the movie and the video games.
About Chih's Custom Transformers Workshop
I had the pleasure of interviewing Chih so here is more about this talented customizer (here is a link to the original interview)AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself, and my eBay ID is: chihhsiang408. Feel free to email me through eBay or my hotmail:

. About myself.... People call me SUPERMAN because I look like him: big,tall, and handsome. :)AFC: When did you start making customs?

Chih: I just started in September this year. Within two months, I met so many good friends on eBay, and received their great support. I used to do lots of WWII airplane and tank models. Since I love the Transformers movie & the figures so much, I started customizing them right after the movie came out.

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Chih: I work on about 2~4 at a time, and some times more, because I got a lot of people’s special requests for my work.

AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

Chih: So far for my best work is the Nemesis Prime Tanker, because many fans emails just keep coming in for that one!

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Chih: The New Movie Version Transformers, since the new figures have a lot of fine detail, and the custom paint job looks great on them!

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

Chih: I plan to use Cybertron Transformers next. The first one is my Ultra Magnus. It's turning out great and I like it very much, so I will use more Cybertron version Transformers.

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Chih: If you want to produce better work, you need to get better quality tools 🙂 If you don't have good tools, sometimes a great idea will be a disaster, so get some good tools to help you turn out your great ideas! 😉


Custom Transformers Movie Spotlight Seller: Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is one of the most talented Transformers Movie customizers and his pieces are well sought after and always grab top dollar. He is well known for his creativity, unique sculpts, and one of a kind paint aps. This week, Jin has many Transformers Movie customs up for sale so let's take a peak!
Custom Transformers Movie Ironhide
Auction Description: This auction is for an 8" tall custom Ironhide figure with twin arm cannons and four missiles. He has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count so I’m not even going to try. This means you can pose Ironhide in all sorts of awesome Decepticon-blasting poses and he'll look great in every one. He transforms just like the store-bought one and changing his form around won't affect the paint job at all. Instructions are included because let's face it, these suckers are like skill-puzzles! You came here for an action figure right? Something you can play with that's not just a statue? Well that's exactly what you’re getting! This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that’s not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, just don't give it to your little brother to play outside with. You'll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. By now you’ve probably seen the Transformers movie, right? You may of noticed the store-bought Ironhide, while an excellently sculpted figure, is pretty much all one color and is missing the wear and tear that the oldest Transformer should have. That's where I step in! Ironhide has been repainted to accurately portray his character on the big screen. Every individual panel, gear, hose, and robot section has been hand-painted. He’s been carefully and realistically detailed with different metallics, shading, highlights, and mechanical tones. All the details in his face have been repainted and you can really see the fine sculpting of this figure now.Iron's head is now on a ball joint and can look around in all directions giving him some great poses! As mentioned before you can transform Ironhide without damaging the paint job and he will look great on your shelf next to the rest of your collection as an accurate portrayal of the movie character. Did you want a tough ol' hombre to play shoot-em-up with your Decepticons? Know someone who would get a kick out of a Topkick? Then don't pass this auction up!
Transformers Movie Bumblebee 2009 Camaro
Auction Description: This auction is for a 6" tall custom Bumblebee with removable weapon-arm, alternate arm panels, new detailed head, and battle-mask head! He has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count so I'm not even going to try. This means you can pose BB in all sorts of awesome Decepticon-battling poses and he'll look great in every one. He transforms just like the store-bought one and changing his form around won't affect the paint job at all. (You will need to remove the new head first however as it's wider than the normal one) He comes with instructions because these figures can be like skill-puzzles. You came here for an action figure right? Something you can play with that's not just a statue? Well that's exactly what you’re getting! This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, just don’t give it to your little brother to play outside with. You’ll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. It's Bumblebee! This time the bee sports a new look with a new movie-accurate head and removable arm-cannon. He's been repainted and detailed to look like the movie character with different effects such as shading, highlights, metallic paints, and weathering to his robot parts. Slip his right arm off at the shoulder and you can replace it with the cannon-arm, also jointed at the elbow for maximum poseability.Need to go into battle with the Bee? Pop on his battle-mask head! It's hand sculpted and painted with great detail to resemble the one in the movie complete with little eye grates. You also get your choice of alternate arm panels in case you didn't want the clunky doors hanging off there. Bumblebee transforms like the store-bought toy but it’s best to remove his new head so you don't get it banged up underneath the vehicle, it's a bit wider than the old one. So, were you looking for a super-detailed Bumblebee with a face anyone can love? Know a friend that needs a hand? A cannon-hand? Heheh.. Then don't pass this auction up!
Transformers Movie Final Battle Jazz
Auction Description: This auction is for an 6" tall Custom 'Final Battle' Jazz with crescent rifle, robot-guts, and rip-in-half action! He has multiple points of articulation meaning you can pose him in all sorts of awesome "I got 20 seconds of fight time before I was torn in two" poses and he'll look great in every one. Transforming Jazz won't affect the paint job...and even if it did you'd just have more battle-damage, Ha! *Ahem* He converts from robot to car mode easily. Instructions are included, you just need to snap his waist together when you're ready for robot mode. You came here for an action figure right? Something you can play with that's not just a statue? Well that's exactly what you’re getting! This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, just don't give it to your little brother to play outside with. You'll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Poor Jazz, he got all beat up in the movie. I'd post a big 'spoiler' message here but if you haven't seen the movie yet you’re probably not looking at this auction. Jazz gets ripped in half by Megatron in his gloriously short amount of fight time and looked pretty roughed up. Now you can have the figure that pops apart too, complete with hanging robo-guts and blue-blood detailing for all you morbid types. I've seriously nicked, scratched, dented, and dinged Jazz here for some pretty believable battle damage.

He’s been painted with various metallic shades, grime, weathering, scuffs, shadows, and highlights. You’ll notice his car-mode is damaged, check out the detailed crack-patterns on the windows! Missing lights, cracked headlights, gouges from Megatron’s claws, it’s all there. He comes with his screen-accurate Crescent-cannon that’s painted just as detailed as he is and fires a cool energy bolt. So, wishing you had a Jazz that was equally banged up in both modes? Know a friend who would weep like a baby if you showed them this? Then don’t pass this auction up!

Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition by boskoestoys

boskoestoys went above and beyond the call of duty and really delivered something out of this world with thier Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition! They informed me that they had one in the works a few weeks ago and I have been waiting for this day. First off, the scale is huge! Check out the regular Blackout next to this one and you will soon see exactly how large this Transformers is. Hasbro take notes! Second, the Movie accurate paint job is another reason to be the sole owner of this one of a kind custom, which, will not be reproduced again so you will be getting a 1/1 steller custom from boskoestoys. A couple other noteworth features includes the original headsculpt, which is very accurate to the movie and the super poseability of the figure allows you to pose Blackout in several natural positions.

Head over to eBay and check out more pictures of boskoestoys Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition and I would also suggest adding this customizer to your favorite sellers as he does amazing work! I have highlighted some of the details from the auciton, which you can find below. Two months of work was poured into this amazing piece of work! boskoestoys goes on to explain:

Conception of the idea
We waited, and waited to do this figure thinking Hasbro might come out with one, especially after the late arrival of a "Leader class Brawl". But with the movie buzz dyin' down, and Hasbro halting production on Transformer movie toys, it looked like it was up to us.In our opinion not makin' a Leader Class BLACKOUT was one of the biggest oversights in toy makin' history, and to us just shows how outta touch big toy companies are with their fan base.

Enter Boskoes Toys "exclusive", custom LEADER CLASS BLACKOUT Transformers movie figure. First we'll get to his size. He's actually more like an "ULTIMATE CLASS", measuring 2 FEET long in helicopter mode, and almost 13 inches tall in robot mode (not including propeller attachment, which makes him even bigger)

From Conception to Reality: Features of this Custom Blackout

  • Ultra realistic "movie accurate" pant job
  • We did have to simplify his Transformation process a bit, but there's still plenty of transformation happening here. His legs spin backward, and filled up underneath him. His legs are very articulated, and bend several places, including swivel at the hips allowing some cool "dynamic" poses
  • The tail piece of the copter detaches using a very sturdy "click in" system. The tail piece also holds a hidden sound FX (lasers, and copter sound)
    His arms which fold back and act as his side bars in Helicopter Mode, fold down, and have a wide range of motion
  • Sidebar covers fold out in Robot Mode to reveal large missile
  • Large Propeller from Helicopter detaches, and can be attached to BLACKOUTS back in robot mode
  • Top turret can be swapped with included BLUE LED search light
  • Blackouts head, which is an original "more accurate sculpt" is removed while in Helicopter mode (whirls on a sturdy ball and socket system), and can be stored in a small custom Transformers case
  • Blackout comes with three different exchangeable weapons (rifle, propeller gun, and claw missile launcher)
  • Back propeller can be removed and popped into the front of BLACKOUT large gun to create to propeller gun
  • BLACKOUTS hands are articulated and can be opened and closed
  • BLACKOUT comes with 3 Army soldiers and cargo gear (two fit inside the cockpit)
  • Revoltech G1 Optimus prime is included incase you wanna create a "trick scale" for display
  • We use the Gold standard in paints and Apoxy, Aves, Testors, and Reaper
  • Our figures are super sturdy, and the paint is very durable

AFC Interviews Chih’s Customs

This week, we bring you the fourth installment of AFC's interview series. Chih is an up and coming customizer who specializes in Custom Transformers. Let's learn a little bit more about Chih and how he got inspired to start making Custom Transformers.AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself

Chih: I customize Transformers movie figures. I just started working on some old versions like the Cybertron model. Before the movie came out, I started buying all the figures just like everybody else. After I read the article on USA today "From TOY STORY to SERIOUS ART," then I started customizing them. Since I loved the Transformers movie and the figures so much, and my first few works came out very good, I decided to put them on eBay to see what interest was out there. Check out my work at:, and my eBay ID is: chihhsiang408. Feel free to email me through eBay or my hotmail:

. About myself.... People call me SUPERMAN because I look like him: big,tall, and handsome. 🙂AFC: When did you start making customs?

Chih: I just started in September this year. Within two months, I met so many good friends on eBay, and received their great support. I used to do lots of WWII airplane and tank models. Since I love the Transformers movie & the figures so much, I started customizing them right after the movie came out.

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?Chih: The New Movie Version Transformers, since the new figures have a lot of fine detail, and the custom paint job looks great on them!

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

Chih: I plan to use Cybertron Transformers next. The first one is my Ultra Magnus. It's turning out great and I like it very much, so I will use more Cybertron version Transformers.

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Chih: If you want to produce better work, you need to get better quality tools 🙂 If you don't have good tools, sometimes a great idea will be a disaster, so get some good tools to help you turn out your great ideas! 😉


Custom Transformers Galvatron Generation One Cartoon Movie Style by Jin Saotome

Who can take a Transformers figure that looked like it came out of a Lucky Charms box and turn it into a piece of Generation 1 Transformers Movie history? You guessed it! Jin Saotome! After Jin's successful 2007 Transformers Movie Galvatron, he went back to his roots and created this Custom Transformers Cartoon Movie Galvatron out of the ashes of an Energon Megatron figure. I do like the masculine look of this Galvatron as Jin has focused on making him Gray and Blue (instead of the traditional purple). The cannon is a great shade of deep orange which compliments the figure nicely. As Jin states in his auction: 


This auction is for a 10” tall custom Transformers ‘Classics’ Galvatron figure with removable particle accelerator cannon, and space-cannon attachments. Galvatron has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count and they all have excellent range of motion even for as large as he is. This means you can pose him in all sorts of awesome Starscream-threatening poses and he’ll look great in every one. Galvatron changes from robot to scrap Space Cannon and transforming him won’t affect the paint job. Just take care when moving his parts around as he’s a very large and hefty figure.
This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that’s not going to rub or flake off. Here’s another taken on an old favorite, Galvatron done in a ‘Classics’ feel to him. First of all he’s huge, ten inches tall and fairly wide to boot. He has an imposing feel about him especially with his massive particle accelerator cannon aimed at you! The cannon can be attached on two spots on his right arm, on the side for storage and on his forearm for combat. And wow this sucker is a brilliant metallic gloss orange! Galvatron himself has been hand painted with various shades of blues/dark blues, weathered highlights, shadows, metallic sections, and given the full treatment of detailing that all my custom figures get. Even his eyes are two tones of red and yellow, burning with the need to kick Starscream across Cybertron at a moment’s notice.
But what’s Galvatron without an alt mode? Throughout the years he’s been depicted as different things but it’s back to the oldschool look this time! Galvatron transforms into yes, a massive space cannon, complete with treads. His arm cannon becomes the tip and brings his size to over a foot long. A lot of care and detail was put into this figure to get him the right mix of G1, cartoon, and modern styling here, I hope you like him. So, did you want Galvatron to top off your unique collection of Transformers? Know a friend who would get a kick out of a giant blue robot? (yes, sometimes Galvatron is depicted in purple, but then he’d be competing against the X-men Sentinels). Then don’t pass this auction up!! This figure will ship to you in time for Christmas too, in case you’d like to give him as a gift.

Make sure you check out Jin's awesome Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron for your chance to own this great piece!

Custom Bumblebee Transformers Movie Dio Brawl Battle by matt1989cars

Another Custom Battle Damaged Movie Dio has popped up on eBay! matt1989cars gives us his take on the Transformers Movie with this battle scene dio with an added twist. One of the most exciting parts of the Transformers Movie is when Bumblebee is racing down the streets (with some help of a tow truck) and opening up a can of whoop-ass on Brawl. The aftermath after a hail of high heat sabo rounds and a shelling from bumblee's cannons, Brawl is left in a world of hurt. There are a couple things that differentiate this dio from others. First, matt1989cars has sculpted Bumblebee's mask, which you don't see many out there. The mask adds to the realism and the use of the Bumblebee Evolutions camaro adds extra battle damage to the car. Second, he added much needed battle damage to Brawl, rounding out the intense scene in the movie which leaves Brawl in a heap of scrap metal.matt1989cars goes on to explain a little more about this scene: "This is a custom Diorama with three Custom painted and modified Transformers (deluxe figures). Everything in the pictures is included with this auction. Bumblebee has modifies too his legs, gun, head, and shoulder guns(also a real like chain is included to wrap around him)! Brawl has a lot of battle damage from his foot too his head and of course that fatal chest shot. Longarm was also carefully painted and has a hydraulic was removed from the tow rack, so Bumblebee can be placed correctly on the bumper. The box and instructions will be included for Brawl and Longarm only(carefully opened). Bumblebee was from the target exclusive two-pack. I will include the extra removed parts for Bumblebee in case you want to put him back as original. You will have two replace two knee screws only, which are also included."This one is newly listed on eBay so here is your chance to own a great custom along with a one of the greatest battle scenes in the movie so go and bid on matt1989cars' Custom Bumblebee Brawl Movie Dio today.

Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron by sainte_786

Another Transformers Movie Galvatron Custom Custom has surfaced on eBay. Staying true to the G1 Galvatron, sainte_786 has added a cannon which mounts on the arm and the colors compliment the original nicely. I like the way that the orange accents looked weathered, like they have seen fierce battles. The purple is a great shade, which pays a nice homage to the Generation 1 figure from the 1980's. The Matrix necklace is adds a nice touch to the figure. If Galvatron ever made into the Transformers Movie sequel, as a reincarnation of Megatron, saint_786's version definitely is one that Michael Bay should note. Go head over to eBay and bid on this awesome Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron! 

As for Galvatron's history, here is some background on this evil Decepticon: In the year 2005, the Decepticons launched a failed attempt to capture Autobot City on Earth. In the process, Decepticons leader Megatron was gravely wounded, though not necessarily mortally. During their retreat from Earth, the Decepticons had to abandon many of their beaten warriors to cold space, whether or not they were beyond repair. Craving the leadership, Starscream also threw Megatron's body overboard. Eventually, Megatron was approached by a being of god-like power: Unicron. They talked and a bargain was arrived at. Unicron would save Megatron's life and provide him with a new body and new troops, and Megatron would destroy the Matrix of Leadership for Unicron. Deciding that a new and more powerful body would be needed, Unicron turned Megatron into Galvatron.

Check out more Custom Transformers on eBay!

Beastbox Custom Transformers Generation 1 Movie Style by Fugayzie

Generation 1 customs are always a nice to see, especially when they are repurposed from the Transformers Movie. Since there were only a handful of Transformersin the Movie (Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream, etc.), Hasbro produced figures that were not in the Movie. One of the figures that did not appear in the movie was a video game controller named High Score 100 from the Real Gear subline.

If you are not familiar with Beastbox, read more about him below: 


Beastbox basic function is an interrogator

His violent temper overcomes his natural curiosity

More willing to whittle down his captives with his fists than with his words

Few survive his interrogations long enough to reveal anything useful

Can record up to 6000 hours of testimony

Equipped with two compression cannons, which crush a target with tons of compressed air

"Speak now if you intend to ever speak at all" Fugayzie had a great idea to make a relatively unattractive Transformer in the subline into a icon of the 1980's. I would like to see more customizers try and stretch their imagination and take the Movie Transformers back to the future and make more generation one icons come back to life. For more Custom Transformers, check out the latest and greatest on eBay!

Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama by passiondesignsinc

One of the most gut wrenching parts of the Transformers Movie is when Starscream rips through the city and sends a hail of missiles raining down on the Autobots and leaves Bumblebee in disarray in the aftermath. passiondesignsinc has captured the feeling, mood, and what it would be like to witnesses this first hand with his Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama

. As he describes in his auction page below, he is really excited to bring something different to the collectors of custom Transformers:
"Now this is a custom that I'm very excited about. It's a slight recreation of a battle scene with in this summer's blockbuster movie "Transformers". """"" Spoilers""" Now Bumblebee gets blasted during the big fight and loses his legs. Next thing you know, his new human friends are straping him to a towtruck and helping him to keep fighting. The minute I saw the Longarm Towtruck Figure I had to do this diorama. But with a slight added bonus Longarm comes with flashing lights, a trick I learned from Jin using Barricade roof lights . Bumblebee has been customized for battle damaged, re-paint from different metallic washes, drybrushing etc .... Longarm also has slight been repaint, the same, but with running lights. This auction is for 2 custom Transformers and the diorama based! . It's a 3 for 1 deal, get while its hot!!!!!!!"

I personally love the city scape that he designed as his creation looks like all hell broke loose on the streets (you can even see water effects from the busted fire hydrant). As for the Transformers themselves, passiondesignsinc has taken some liberty in his interpretation of what happened to Bumblebee in the movie (getting ripped at the legs not at the waist) but he explains his decision in his own words, "it's my creation" and he wanted to keep the ability to transform Bumblebee and breaking the legs simply would not have worked. I actually think this was a brilliant idea as you can do so much more with the dio this way.
If you notice carefully, he has tried to bring a human element to Bumblebee with the creation of an exposed robotic spine from a Doc Oc tentacle. This really adds a higher level of detail and goes well beyond the interpretation of the movie and delves deeper into the mechanics and underlying construction of Bumblebee. I like the way he used scrap wire to give that freshly shredded look to the wire as it really looks like Bumblebee has a spine that connects and gives him the ability to move his arms and legs.
Go check out passiondesignsinc's Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee and Longarm Transformers Movie Diorama as it is a real treat to see something different in the Transformers Customs arena. I am super impressed by his work, making the decision to deviate from the movie, and the overall quality of the custom work as this dio is on steroids and there are so many possibilities for display!

Also, check out his website for more information on how he created this awesome dio! For other Custom Transformers figures, head over to eBay!

Leader Class Nemesis Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Movie by zildjian

zildjian brings us a one of a kind Leader Class Custom Nemesis Prime with a slick black paint job and some extras I wish the Hasbro version came with! The first thing that would strike anyone looking at this figure are the long, chrome smoke stacks that tower over this evil one. Although I do feel the smoke stakes are a bit too long, this would be a very nice addition to the Leader Class Optimus Prime that Hasbro produces. The figure is complimented by chrome and silver accents and the finishing touches are put in by piercing red eyes. This is one of the best Nemesis Prime customs I have seen in a very long time. The paint quality seems flawless and smooth and you can also see some light reflecting off of the hood in some of pictures. Let's hear how zildjian describes his process for creating his custom Nemesis Prime:

"This auction is for a Transformers the Movie custom figure of NEMESIS PRIME!! This figure started out as a Leader Class Optimus Prime produced by Hasbro! I disassembled the entire figure, primed each part, then painted each part with flat black, metallic black, blood red, and a very special MIRROR CHROME on the robotic parts. You will NOT see another figure with this type of chrome look!! This figure had well over 40 pieces when taken apart, and took quite a long time to complete. He was also given new extended, more dynamic and accurate smoke stacks, as well as more firepower that connect to his arms with rare earth magnets." If you would like to read more about Nemesis Prime, read more about his character as he appears in the comics below.

In Transformers Universe, Nemesis Prime was a Cybertronian leader (Most likely an alternate form of Optimus Prime) from another dimension conquered by Unicron. In that reality Prime was defeated by the Herald of Unicron known as Megazarak. Captured, it had its spark tortured and experimented on by the Chaos Bringer. Unicron kept the Prime locked in a state of unbeing, it's spark separated from body, yet prevented from joining the All-Spark. Tortured for an eternity until pain became indistinguishable from pleasure and the former Autobot longed for only this sensation. Broken, he was reformatted into Nemesis Prime and granted Unicron's Dead Matrix, the former Primes' Matrix which during the centuries of torture had rotted and been perverted into a weapon capable of annihilating Primus, just as the Autobot Matrix possesses the power to destroy Unicron.
Check out zildjian's Custom Nemesis Prime on eBay for your chance to own this awesome custom Transformer!

Transformers The Movie Custom Figure Greatest Hits by pairadocs-design PART 1

I thought I would celebrate the Transformers Movie DVD release by highlighting some of my favorite customizers and their Movie customs. pairadocs-design, an extremely talented customizer, has made several Transformers Movie customs that are noteworthy. Tonight I will focus on 2 of his superb Transformers:



Aside from the short introduction on how the Transformers ended up on earth, the first Transformer we see that opens a severe can of whoop ass is Blackout! Blackout and his minion Scorponok are ordered by Starscream to attack the SOCCENT Forward Operations Centre in Qatar, disguised as a MH-53M Pave Low IV helicopter that was apparently shot down over Afghanistan. I was in awe as Blackout destroyed everything in his path and tossed tanks around like pieces of paper. pairadocs-design has truly captured the sinister nature of this evil Decepticon with his Custom Blackout.




Protoform Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime has been an icon for more than 25 years. Before the Movie came out in theaters, there were two sneak preview toys that hit the shelves. Protoform Optimus Prime was one of them. I initially passed on the toys and left them on the shelves but after I saw the movie, my interest in the toys grew and I began collecting the Movie toys. The protoform figures were intriguing but Hasbro let me down with the inaccurate paint job. pairadocs-design has truly done a spectacular job with this custom and here is how he describes his Custom Protoform Optimus Prime: "Full-blown movie Transformers repaint... protoform version of Optimus Prime. Several layers of metallics here - first a metallic black base, then layered drybrushes of Oily Steel, Silver, and a custom mixed metallic light blue. Then accent colors were added in. All screw holes were filled in and sculpted to keep the figure one solid piece with no distractions."

Transformers Movie DVD Guide – Who has the best extras?

The Transformers Movie really sparked a flurry of Custom Transformers and gives us the scoop on where to find the upcoming Transformers The Movie DVD and gives a breakdown of who is offering the best extras: 

Best Buy
Best Buy will be getting a DVD gift set which includes the two-disc Special Collectors' Edition DVD and Optimus Prime and Cliffjumper Robot Heroes figures.
A bonus lithograph will also be available (minimum 30 per store). The advertisement shows it being of Megatron.
Buying the "Transformers" on DVD and "Transformers: The Game" will net a free $10 gift card instantly.
Save $5 instantly when buying "Transformers" on DVD and a "Transformers" action figure.

The movie store chain will be getting the Autobot (Protect) and Decepticon (Destroy)-themed steel cases. (TFW2005)

Transformers The Movie DVD and check out the latest Custom Transformers.