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Custom Star Wars Clone Commander and Utapau Shadow Trooper by Darth Vegas

Custom Utapau Shadow Trooper

Custom Utapau Shadow Trooper

Taking the Sideshow Clone's to the next level and giving them a human look and feel is Darth Vegas' Custom Utapau Shadow Trooper and Clone Commander in 12" scale.  I love when customizers build upon great figures and make them even better.  I have a special affinity towards customs that look like actual people and Darth Vegas has mad skills in that department.  I will also plug his Commander Ganch Head sculpt he has up for sale as well because that looks like a real human face!

According to Darth Vegas, "figure has been modified and weathered to help make it stand out in one's collection. An official Sideshow Toy Clone sculpt has been customized to give the trooper some character beyond the helmet. Admittedly, this particular one was influenced by the AMC show "HELL ON WHEELS"… gruff and scoundrel like, a true gun slinger amongst his ranks… It is a one of a kind rendition and will not be cast."  The Hell on Wheels influence definitely gives this clone a unique look.

Custom Star Wars Clone Commander

Custom Star Wars Clone Commander

Custom Star Wars 12″ Furry Chewbacca Figure by Mattman1968

Custom Star Wars 12" Furry Chewbacca Figure

Custom Star Wars 12" Furry Chewbacca Figure

The 12" line from Sideshow Collectibles is wildly successful but sometimes customizers out do the professionals and Mattman1968's Custom Star Wars 12" Furry Chewbacca is one of those figures that is nicely executed and very well done!  What a great idea to add fur to the Chewbacca figure and it makes him look so realistic.  What is a Wookie without fur anyway?  The way that the fur is applied makes the figure look like a costume and if you did not know the scale of the figure, it is easy to fooled by this figure.  In the picture below, you can also see that Chewbacca is nicely scaled to fit with the Sideshow line.

Yoda Custom Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 1/6 Scale Figure by Lalla

Yoda Custom Medicom 1/6 Scale Figure

Yoda Custom Medicom 1/6 Scale Figure

With both Sideshow and Medicom producing 1/6 scale Star Wars figures, the line has had a tremendous influx of great figures but that does not mean there is still room for improvement.  Lalla's Custom Star Wars 1/6 Scale Yoda is a great example of even Sideshow or Medicom figures can be made even better.  Recasting Yoda's head and implanting what hair he had left (not too bad for 700 hundred years old), Lalla created a very authentic Yoda as he appeared in the Empire Strikes Back movie.  The detailing on the figure brings out the emotion in the figure, which comes through in the eyes and coloring of Yoda.  To view more photos of this awesome Custom Star Wars 1/6 Scale Yoda, head over to eBay!

Custom Cast Star Wars Heads for Sideshow 12″ Figures by D.B

Custom Cast Star Wars Heads for Sideshow Figures

Custom Cast Star Wars Heads for Sideshow Figures

Every now and then I like to feature some unique and one of kind customs and this week, D.B.'s Custom Cast Star Wars Heads caught my eye.  The detail in the cast and head sculpt is spot on to the Star Wars figures that appear in the movies.  Only the heads are for sale but this gives up and coming customizers a canvas to work with.  Sometimes people need some help in the head sculpt department and this is where D.B comes in.  Here is another look at another finished head:

Cyborg Darth Maul Star Wars Visionaries Custom by StitchFett

Cyborg Darth Maul Star Wars Visionaries Custom

Cyborg Darth Maul Star Wars Visionaries Custom

Bringing the Star Wars Visionaries art to life is StitchFett with his Custom 14" Cyborg Darth Maul figure.  The machine parts to the this figure are very well made and remind me of General Grievous from the waste down.  The cyborg parts are painted to look like metal and are flawlessly integrated into Maul's torso.  The rising spike from the head are also well done and look exactly like the concept art.  If you are not familiar with Darth Maul, Star Wars Visionaries is a 2005 collection of 11 stories written and drawn by concept artists who worked on the film Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.  Here is a comparison photo of the concept art and the custom figure:

Darth Maul Visionaries Concept Art Comparison

Darth Maul Visionaries Concept Art Comparison

This figure is Sideshow scale and would be a unique addition to your collection so head over to eBay and place a bid on StitchFett's Custom 14" Cyborg Darth Maul figure.

Darth Nihilus Custom Star Wars Medicom Sideshow 12 Inch Figure by Dreamer Kustomz

Dreamer Kustomz is filling in the Sideshow line with a much needed figure with his Custom Darth Nihilus Star Wars 12" Sith Lord!  The face, which is the most important part of this custom, is very semetrical and even and is a great likeness to sketches and art that I have seen.  If you are not familiar with Dreamers Kustomz work, here is how he desribes his figures:

"All custom figures are painted with extreme detail using only high quality, expensive paints. Multiple air and dry brush techniques are used to create beautiful and detailed figures! They are then sealed with a coat of sealent to keep paint from chipping. I strive to bring you the best quality customz out there and we love to hear from fans and bidders alike!!!"

To view more photos or place a bid on this great custom, head over to eBay and check out this Custom Darth Nihilus Star Wars 12" figure.

Commander Appo Sideshow Medicom Custom Star Wars 12 Inch Figure

A few days ago I featured a Custom 12" Commander Bacara from a collector who needs to trim down his collection and this Custom 12" Commander Appo is coming from that same person.  The 501st Legion of Clones were an ominous site as they decended on the Jedi Temple to carry out Order 66 in the Revenge of the Sith movie.  This custom portays Commander Appo in the aftermath with his dirty armor and carbon scoring.  One very subtle difference in other 12"clones from Medicom is that this custom has a greenish tint on the helmet, along the lines of Commander Gree from the Battle of Kashyyyk.  There are only 7 hours left to nab this one so head over to eBay and place a bid on this Custom 12" Commander Appo figure.

Commander Bacara Sideshow Custom Star Wars 12 Inch Figure

One apsect of collecting that is tragic is when people need to trim down thier collection, which brings us to this Custom 12" Commander Bacara Sideshow figure.  Bacara only appeared in the Revenge of the Sith movie for a few seconds, but it was enough to make a lasting impression.  While stationed on Mygeeto, Bacara was given Order 66 by Palpatine and, along with his fellow Marines, gunned down Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. This figure features a modified helmet sculpt, interchangeable helmet/clone head sculpt, Pauldron, real cloth Kama, and Blaster.  This figure will compliment your Sideshow or Medicom collection.  Someone else's loss is your gain so head over to eBay and bid on this Custom 12" Commander Bacara Sideshow figure.

Custom Bespin Luke Skywalker Star Wars Figure by grizzlelee

Going above and beyond and building upon Sideshow's Bespin Luke Skywalker figure, grizzlelee has given the attention this figure needs to capture the look and feeling of one of the best scenes in movie history. This Custom Sideshow Bespin Luke Skywalker figure depicts Luke during his duel with Darth Vader on Cloud City in the epic film The Empire Strikes Back. The facial accents and detailing bring this figure to life and the custom distressing add realism to this 1/6 scale figure. The fatigues look like they have been through hell and pay a nice homage to the how Luke was portrayed in the movie. Let's read more about this unique Luke from grizzlelee:

  • Re-paint of the original Sideshow head made to depict Luke during his duel with Vader on Cloud City (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)
  • The outfit has been stained with acrylic paint and altered by sandpaper, x-acto knife and hand stitching
  • The boots, gun, holster and belt have been distressed with acrylic paint and sandpaper

This Custom Bespin Luke Skywalker Star Wars figure is available on eBay now so head over and place a bid!  Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Star Wars figures.

Custom Star Wars Snowtrooper Cy Girl Figure by coolcat74

coolcat74 has created a stunning version of the Star Wars Snowtrooper with an interesting twist. One aspect that stood out about this custom was that all of the armor is custom made. I am simply amazed at the craftsmanship of of this Snowtrooper as it looks like a high end collectible that is lightyears beyond what I have seen from Sideshow Collectibles or Medicom. I like the fact that the armor is dirty and not a bright white as coolcat74 has captured the essence of a Snowtrooper fresh from battle and now for the twist...this is a female Snowtrooper and you would not even know it when all of the armor is on. coolcat74 goes into more detail about this custom:


Custom Mara Jade Star Wars 1/6 Scale Figure by vintage_scum

vintage_scum has poured his talent and skill and created this amazing Custom Star Wars Mara Jade figure in 1/6 scale which would rival anything Sideshow Collectibles ever produced. It really takes a keen eye to select a great base figure to start from and I think vinatage_scum has nailed this one with his choice to use Cy Girl Blaze from the BBI line. With 1/6 scale figures, it is all about how real you can make these figures match concept art and bring these figures to life. To do this, vintage_scum has designed the perfect set of accessories to compliment her. For example, the knee pads and shin guards were custom made by him and they add an extra dimension to the figure that you don't see in most 1/6 scales figures. Add a Jedi cloak and a killer lightsaber and you have a recipe for a classic custom. It always astounds me how much effort it takes to make a custom figure and I lucky enough to correspond with vintage_scum and he let me in on how me made this excellent piece: 

"I started with a cy girl blaze. Her shoulder straps came from a backpack from the dragon/bbi line that held an ar-7 .22 rifle. I had the straps glued together with an ammo drum on top of the junction point from the gundam model 1/144 line. The gloved hands, knee pads, and goggles were from the same dragon/bbi line. The knee pads had shallolw holes drilled in with a dremel. The goggles were actually sunglasses with the arms removed with an elastic strap in their place to fit around her head. Her cloak was purchased from eBay but I had cut just below the stitch line just to have the hood. The shin guards were custom made from thin, flat pieces of plasic curved and shaped to fit. The "lines" on her inner thighs and shin guards were made from long, flat elastic "string" which can be purchased from Micheals Arts and Crafts, measured then glued directly onto her body suit. Utility belt and dl-44 were from the 1/6 hasbro POTF Luke hoth version I believe. I chopped the barrel and added cooling vents to the front of the magazine well on the dl-44. The holdout blaster was made from a skorpian machine pistol, chopped and glued. The lightsaber was a 1/6 luke from the poft line. The curved hilt was cut then replaced with a small, circular lego piece. A piece on an elastic strap was then wrapped around the hilt to simulate her emperors hand saber. Saber blade was obviously from a hasbro mace 1/6 saga. The vibroblade was made from steel I had asa part of a spawn figure, sheath was from the dragon/bbi line."

Custom Star Wars / Sideshow Aurra Sing Bounty Hunter by customikey

Pain, death and vengeance have been constants in Aurra Sing's life. Had she benefited from a better upbringing, perhaps she may have grown to be one of the greatest of the Jedi order. Instead, she became one its deadliest scourges.

cutomikey brings to life this Expanded Universe Bounty Hunter with life-like detail! As one of his prize custom pieces, he goes on to explain in more detail about how he brought Aurra to life:

"Aurra Sing, the first bounty hunter seen in the chronological Star Wars, from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Seen briefly during the podrace, she has since developed into one of the most interesting characters in the Star Wars universe, developing a feared reputation as a devoted Jedi Killer. One might suppose that General Grievous's propensity for collecting the lightsabers of fallen Jedi was inspired by Aurra's example.

I made her from parts using the Hasbro Masterpiece figure and also a Sideshow figure chosen for it's excellent resemblance to the actress who portrayed Aurra in the film. She is painted in acrylics, with an eye for realism and detail. Her eyes look alive! Her costume and weapons were all weathered in acrylics for realism. Her antenna and the D-rings that hold the strap to her rifle are real metal. The barrels of her pistols have been drilled and her fingers have been seperated so she can slip them into the triggers. She has no problems holding any of her weapons. Thanks to the well-designed Sideshow body,she also has no trouble holding a variety of poses."

The weapon details initially caught my attention. The rifle and guns look like they have been through hell and back and the scale compliments the figure nicely. As you look closer, the way that her eyes have been detailed really make this custom come alive. Eyes are one of those details that if you get wrong, can throw off the entire look you were going for. The eyes, in this case, draw you in, which I am sure Aurra wants you to do so she can lay a world of Bounty Hunter hurt on you.

Compared to the Aurra Sing image from the Star Wars databank (shown above), customikey has truly done justice to her representation in the Star Wars Universe. If you want to own this amazing piece, simply go check out customikey's Custom Sideshow 12" Aurra Sing for yourself and discover how she can be yours by bidding on eBay! If you are interested in looking at other Custom Star Wars action figures and vehicles, check out my website at, where you will find all of the Custom Star Wars figures on eBay!