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Jon Stewart Trooper: Hasbro Press Release

Jon Stewart Trooper

Ever wanted to know what Jon Stewart of The Daily Show looked like in a Storm Trooper costume or, better yet, as an action figure?   Thanks to Jow Moscone from Hasbro's PR devision for sending this press release over to AFC:

"Earlier this afternoon at STAR WARS Celebration V in Orlando, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart sat down for a one-hour interview with STAR WARS creator George Lucas in what was billed “The Main Event.”  Hasbro is proud and honored to create a special gift for Stewart, which Lucas presented to him during the event – a one of a kind (NOT FOR SALE) 3.75-inch Jon Stewart Stormtrooper action figure!  The figure, which is packaged on a unique blister card, includes a removable helmet and two interchangeable heads sculpted in Stewart’s likeness – one with a clean shaven face and the other styled with Stewart’s recent goatee."

If you were not able to make it to Celebration V this year, you can always find CV related items on eBay!