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Boba Fett Custom Metal 17″ Sculpture by Obscure Alloy

Obscure Alloy makes one of a kind custom sculptures from recycled metal and I am completely impressed with their work.  Take their Custom Metal Boba Fett figure, which is a work of art and stands a towering 17" tall.  In high school, I took auto shop and we had to weld for the class and I must tell you that it takes some mad skills to weld and work with metal.  One my favorite parts of this custom are the small gears (or cogs) that were used under the arm sockets.  I am sure that they could have used other parts but the gear is the perfect part for this figure and it is that attention to detail that makes each figure stand out.  They also did an excellent job on the helmet and the overall look and feel of the Bounty hunter.  I had the opportunity to check out their website and all of their work is amazing.  They have other pieces on eBay right now so when you are finished placing a bid on this Custom Metal Boba Fett figure, go check out their other customs.