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Custom McFarlane Spawn Figure from Issue #55 by somakustoms

It always amazes me the way customizers take a figure and make it their own. I had the great opportunity to correspond with somakustoms and this week he brings us his Custom Spawn figure based on issue #55. For Spawn fans, this should be a real treat as he has taken a Spawn Series 30 figure and totally transformed it into a work of art. The sculpting work really stands out on this one as the ammo belts, the pouches, and the signature Spawn detailing are nicely executed and proportional. I love the contrasting colors on this Spawn as it makes all of the detail work pop! The artistic nature of this custom will make this one very sought after and a great addition to anyone’s Spawn collection. I asked somakustoms how he made this Spawn and he is sharing this with everyone so let's take a look: 

"I bought a Series 30 Spawn X figure a while back and didn't know what to do with it until I saw a 3" fig of Spawn based of Issue #55 and was inspired to do my own Issue #55 Spawn figure. I sculpted pretty much everything with Aves Apoxie except the giant rifle and the sidearm on Spawn's right leg. The rifle came from my Agent 8 figure and I just repainted it. The sidearm came from my Sigma 6 Duke. The knife and pouch were free sculpted. His revolver was a gun that came from the Spawn X figure, I just moded about 60% of it and gave it a new paint job."

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