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M.A.S.K. Rhino Trailer Custom Defense Unit by Turboassel81

M.A.S.K., Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, is by far one of the great concepts and to lines from the 80's.  I remember the cartoon like it was yesterday and I still have the toys.  The RHINO was one of the best of the line and Turboassel81 has created this awesome add on Custom Defense Unit for Bruce Sato and Alex Sector's rig!

Custom Rhino Defense Unit

Custom Rhino Defense Unit

The aspect of M.A.S.K that appealed to me the most was the vehicles and playsets for the toy line were so unassuming and they looked very normal, which makes this custom fit in the line so well.  Looking like a transport trailer and an every day hitch, the Defense Unit is a great way to mask (no pun intended) the potential that this trailer has inside.  A very simple, yet, effective concept lies beneath the metal inside and when sprung into action, two large missiles open up and two large guns open up from the sides to keep Miles Mayhem's group of thugs at bay.  Even in Defense Unit mode, the custom still keeps in style with the M.A.S.K. line and even fits the two inch figures very well.  To see more photos of this cool Custom Defense Unit for the Rhino (or the Bulldog), head over to eBay!

Julio Lopez MASK Custom Figure by Amishonline

Not a day goes by where I wish Hasbro would release updated MASK figures and vehicles so until then I will get my fix looking at the great customs that pop up now and then.  Amishonline's Custom MASK Julio Lopez figure pays a nice homage to the classic figure but gives it an updated mask and color scheme.  To be honest, Julio's classic figure never really appealed to me but Amishonline's version is nice on the eyes and I like the direction he took on the mask.  I thought the original figure's mask was a bit large and this version goes well with the figure.  Thank goodness the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line is providing a nice canvas for customizers like Amishonline to work their magic.

Matt Trakker Custom Marvel Legends MASK Figure by BoskoesToys

The MASK toy line ranks very high as one of the best and it has given me so many great memories.  Aside from making Matt Trakker part of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line, Hasbro has yet to go big with a reissue of the MASK line.  Enter BoskoesToys, one of the premier custmomizers out there and they immortilised this classic figure with their Custom Marvel Legends Matt Trakker figure.  The red and gray outfit that Trakker sports gives the figure that feeling that I can only describe in Transformers terms...Generation 1!  I love what BoskoesToys has done with this custom and they really brought out the essence of the MASK line.  The MASK is very well done as well and looking at this figure makes me want to crack open the originals.

Matt Trakker Custom MASK Figure by Jin Saotome

What a blast from the past!  As a kid, MASK was one of my favorite cartoons to watch and toys to play with.  As I am writing this article, I am staring at my MASK collection longingly and Jin Saotome has brought the nostalgia with his Custom Matt Trakker MASK figure from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line.  Jin has redesigned this cool figure to be more cartoon accurate and he did an excellent job capturing the feel of the old figure.  Check out Jin's Custom Matt Trakker MASK figure on eBay to place a bid!