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Custom Deadpool and Transforming Exo-Suit by Frenzy.Rumble

Deadpool Custom Transformers Marvel transformers frenzy rumble crossover figures

Deadpool Custom and Transforming Exo-Suit

I am a huge fan of crossovers and the blending of worlds that were not meant to be together.  Imagining a world where Transformers and the Marvel universes collide, Frenzy.Rumble has created a one of a kind concept with his Custom Deadpool with a Transforming Exo-Suit.  The Transforming mech suit that Deadpool controls is a machine of destruction that is ready for action.  The Exo-Suit has a massive amount of articulation and a gaggle of weapons  The suit sports two magnetically held guns on the backs of his forearms.  Like Frenzy.Rumble said, " If Deadpool's going to go big, he's gonna go big with some style."  What mercenary doesn't need a killer ride?  If you want to check out more detailed photos over his auction page, head over to eBay and view his Custom Deadpool with a Transforming Exo-Suit.

Deadpool Custom Transformers Marvel2 transformers frenzy rumble crossover figures

Dark Claw Marvel Legends Custom Crossover Figure by Quantum-7

Dark Claw Custom Marvel Legends marvel legends crossover figures

It is great to see characters from the past come to life by talented customizers.  Leave it to Quantum-7 customs to create a figure that you will never see in stores with his Custom Marvel Legends Dark Claw figure.  Trying to be as comic accurate as possible, Quantum-7 did an excellent job combining both the DC and Marvel universe.  The sculpting on this figure really completes the look from the comic.  The mask is symmetrical to the face and in scale with the rest of the figure.  Another great addition to the figure is the custom building top base but you will have to head over to eBay to view it!

Iron Man Custom Sigma Six Crossover Figure by Dead Man Customs

iron man movie custom 158x300 sigma 6 gi joe marvel legends iron man marvel legends gi joe crossover figures

Throwing a little Sigma Six in the mix, Dead Man Customs has done a fantastic job paying homage to Tony Stark with his Custom Iron Man Sigma Six crossover figure.  It is unique when a customizer can use parts from other toy lines to create the right look and feel.  With the Sigma Six line from GI Joe, the figures were made using very hard lines and angles and I think that goes very well with the world of Iron Man and creates a nice canvas and medium to create one of a kind pieces.  This Iron Man boasts an incredible 27 points of articulation and the faceplate on his helmet and chest were sculpted with Aves Fixit Sculpt.  Also featured is a removable chest blast for when the fight needs to go to the next level.  To view more photos, especially of the cool chest piece, head over to eBay and check out Custom Iron Man Sigma Six crossover figure.