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Beachhead Custom GI Joe Sigma Six Figure by Wats9876

Beachhead was always one of those characters who flew under the radar.  Making his debut in 1986, Beachhead became a great addition to the GI Joe's fight against Cobra.  Wats9876 has epitomized this great Joe in Sigma Six form with his Custom Sigma  Six Beachhead figure.  This figure will fit perfectly in with your existing Sigma Six figures as Wats9876 has done an excellent job matching the look and feel of the line while still retaining some classic look to the figure.  For example, Beachhead is in his classic green uniform, which is his classic look, and he is wearing yellow camo pants, which gives him a more updated feel to him.  Head over to eBay to check out Wats9876's Custom Sigma  Six Beachhead figure and to place a bid!

Iron Man Custom Sigma Six Crossover Figure by Dead Man Customs

Throwing a little Sigma Six in the mix, Dead Man Customs has done a fantastic job paying homage to Tony Stark with his Custom Iron Man Sigma Six crossover figure.  It is unique when a customizer can use parts from other toy lines to create the right look and feel.  With the Sigma Six line from GI Joe, the figures were made using very hard lines and angles and I think that goes very well with the world of Iron Man and creates a nice canvas and medium to create one of a kind pieces.  This Iron Man boasts an incredible 27 points of articulation and the faceplate on his helmet and chest were sculpted with Aves Fixit Sculpt.  Also featured is a removable chest blast for when the fight needs to go to the next level.  To view more photos, especially of the cool chest piece, head over to eBay and check out Custom Iron Man Sigma Six crossover figure.

Scarlett Sigma Six GI Joe Custom Figure by BoskoesToys

Scarlett, on of the leading ladies in the GI Joe comics and cartoons, is given a fresh look by BoskoesToys.  Thier Custom Sigma Six Scarlett GI Joe figure combines an anime look to soften up the hard lines of the Sigma Six type of figure.  Although a figure was never produced for Scarlett in the original line, BoskoesToys has translated her cartoon version to a figure and did an excellent job!  Looking much softer than most of the figures in the Sigma Six line, she retains her cartoon appeal and would be a great addition to your Sigma Six collection.  Head over to eBay and check out thier Custom Sigma Six Scarlett GI Joe figure.

Cobra BAT Sigma 6 Custom GI Joe Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has filled a void in the Sigma 6 GI Joe line with their Custom Battle Android Trooper.  I was never happy with Hasbro's version of the Sigma 6 BAT and it is great that BoskoesToys has paid attention to retaining the BAT's classic look and feel.  The black and yellow paint aps are just the start.  Let's get a rundown of what this figure comes with:

  • BACKPACK HAS BUILT IN SOUND EFFECT (CREEPY BATTLE HOWL) AND LED LIGHT WHICH GIVES A REALLY COOL EFFECT (Batteries are replaceable, and replacement batteries are included)

To check out more pictures, head over to eBay and check out BoskoesToys Custom Battle Android Trooper in Sigma 6 style.

Custom Iron Man War Machine Sigma Six Crossover Figure by yabemc

Creativity and skill is at the heart of yabemc's Custom Iron Man War Machine Sigma Six Crossover figure. It takes talent to transform a Sigma Six Zartan figure into a work of art with a custom head made from scratch. I happened upon this awesome custom trolling through eBay's completed listings but the really cool part is how much this custom went for! If you are curious, head over to the auction and see for yourself!

Custom Iron Man Sigma Six Figure by tdm-studios

Based on the Sigma Six Cobra Commander, tdm-studios performs his magic and transforms a GI Joe figure into an awesome Iron Man custom. It takes real talent to see a figure on the shelf and create a totally new and unique figure and tdm-studios come through with a hit. The paint aps are nicely applied and the red and gold scheme cements this figure as Iron Man. The eyes of this figure give it real character and one figure you need in your Iron Man collection. Let's hear more from tdm-studios about what went into this great custom:

"This figure has been customized to include a removable chest plate with light up led system, and a removable arm gauntlet. Many hours were spent creating certain designs and features for the figure. From the original sculpted head (not a cast) to the modifications to the hands and light up system, the attention to design was in every step. Some details include: original sculpted head (on top of the S-6 head), light blue acrylic inserts in the eyes, modifications to hands (open & closed fist), removable chest plate & led light system (it can be turned off & on with the turn of a screw and the batteries are replaceable), additional sculpted liberties throughout the body & a custom red (pearlecent) and gold paint scheme."


Bid on tdm-studios' Custom Iron Man figure on eBay today!

Iron Man Custom Marvel Legends Sigma Six Cross Over Figure by Jin Saotome

The Iron Man customs are heating up on eBay and their is very good reason! Typically, there is a surge of character specific customs that land on eBay before and after the launch of a killer movie. The 2007 Transformers Movie and the 2008 Iron Man movies have given customizers a great canvas to demonstrate their creativity. That said, I would like to focus attention to a really cool cross over figure done by Jin Saotome. Jin has created a hybrid Marvel Legends Sigma Six Iron Man that looks like it could belong in both worlds of Marvel and GI Joe. This Iron Man figure has retained the unique style of the Sigma Six GI Joe line and has married the aspects that make Iron Man a force to recon with. The colors really compliment figure and you can clearly identify this as an Iron Man figure and the black washing really brings out the detail. This blend of worlds has really come together into a great looking figure and boy is this auction hot! To read more about this awesome custom, head over to Jin's auction and see how red hot this figure is getting! 

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Scrap Iron Custom GI Joe Sigma 6 Cobra Figure by Shinobitron

As a kid, I used to have all out battles between GI Joe and Cobra and Scrap Iron played a huge part in destroying some strategic Joe bunkers and command centers. I grew up with the 3 3/4" Joes and Scrap Iron performed his magic with his rocket launchers behind the Cobra Bunker and caused massive devastation (not to mention the large mess I had to clean up before I went to bed but we won't go there!). Shinobintron takes on Scrap Iron in Sigma Six form and he does an excellent job capturing the colors and style of this classic Cobra figure. One aspect that I like about this figure is the way the helmet wraps around the head to give him maximum protection against a Joe onslaught. I like when customizers take some liberties and go out on a limb and I feel that the absence of the signature rocket launcher deserves some mention here but Shinobitron makes up for this with a big ass machine gun that looks like it can do some serious damage.

Shinobintron is one of the most talented customizers out there right now so make sure you check out his auction and place a very high bid on this Custom Sigma 6 GI Joe Scrap Iron figure!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom GI Joe figures.

Custom GI Joe Dial Tone Sigma Six Classic Figure by artifax_toyz

artifax_toyz has given classic Joe fans a very good reason to own a Sigma Six figure with his Custom GI Joe Dial Tone classic! Paying a great tribute to the original Dial Tone from the 3 3/4" line from 1986, the colors are a dead on match. The weapons are very cool as they are updated versions of the rifle and CommLink Backpack. This figure retains all of the classic GI Joe'ness the fans from the 80's have known to grow and love. Let's hear about what other great features this figure has in store for the lucky winner:
This figure has been made to resemble the original 3 3/4th Dial Tone figure based on the 80's hit classic cartoon. Hasbro has since decided to cancel the 8" Sigma 6 line. Add this classic character to your collection. This figure is one of a kind and will no longer be produced. It's a must have for GI Joe collectors. Own a part of Sigma 6 history.

  • Full painted body
  • Resculpted/painted head
  • Removable beret
  • Custom CommLink Back Pack w/rotating mic extension
  • Custom S6 Rifle with collapsible stock

This Custom GI Joe Dial Tone Sigma Six Classic figure is on eBay so bid now!

Custom Splinter Cell Sam Fisher GI Joe Sigma 6 Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome has created a dead on Custom Sam Fisher from the video game Splinter Cell from a GI Joe Sigma Six figure. One really cool feature about this custom is the light up goggles, which, if you have played the game, are used quite a bit and cements the look of Sam outside of the video game world. Like all of Jin's customs, the paint aps look flawless. Another cool aspect of this custom was that is was featured in Playstation Magazine! Nice going Jin! In Jin's own words, here is how he created this great custom:

"Here's my take on Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, covert black-ops agent and all around tough guy. He's styled to match the Sigma 6 GI Joe theme and is part of my Video Game All-Stars line that will be appearing in issues of Playstation the Official Magazine. Sam's painted with various highlights, shading, and texture with hand sculpted sections made from Aves Fixit Sculpt, the best sculpting compound on the market. Check out the straps and pouches all over him, who knows what he's packing in there! But what's Sam Fisher without those trademark goggles? And yes folks, THEY LIGHT UP! All three goggle lenses were hand-made and have bright green LEDs. Press the button on his back and you can illuminate a dark corner they're so bright. Batteries are included and can be changed out when needed. So... ready to sneak around your figure collection with Sam Fisher? Know a friend who owns a bunch of Metal Gear figures that need assassinating? Then don't pass this auction up!!"

You can own this figure by going to eBay and bidding on Jin's Custom Sam Fisher Splinter Cell or check out the other Custom Video Game figures.