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Cobra Mobile Arctic Base Custom GI Joe Pitt by Zartanman

Cobra Mobile Artic Base Custom

Cobra Mobile Artic Base Custom

Aside from the Terror Drome, Cobra has gotten the shaft when it comes to bases to execute their quest for world domination but Zartanman has addressed this with his Custom Cobra Mobile Arctic Base made from the GI ROC Pitt.  The first thing you will notice is the Cobra blue, which is very reminiscent of the of the Cobra A.S.P and the Cobra Bunker colors.  The snow theme really came through nicely as there is "snow" accents on the wheels and on the rook of the mobile command center.  One of my favorites aspects of this base is the frozen cobra hood ornament on the front of the base and the icicle detailing that makes it look like it is rolling through the arctic tundra.

If this looks as good as it does on the outside, I can't wait to see what this looks like on the inside.  There are only 4 hours left to nab Zartanman's Custom Cobra Mobile Arctic Base and you will also find many other cool GI Joe customs over on his seller page and also on the website

Shock Trooper GI Joe Rise of Cobra Custom Figure by GDX

Although I did like the GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie, there was one aspect I felt was missing and it was the spirit of the 1980's figures and GDX has captured that feeling with his Custom GI Joe Rise of Cobra Shock Trooper figure.  Inspired by what a Cobra Blue Shirt would like, this Shock Trooper is an amalgamation of several figures but I like it because it reminds me of the older figures.