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S.H.I.E.L.D Patriot Armor Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man Nick Fury Captain America by Shinobitron

Custom Marvel Legends Nick Fury SHIELD

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When Shinobitron created this Custom Marvel Legends S.H.I.E.L.D figure montage, he definitely had versatility in mind.  With 4 sets of heads, you can transform this figure into 4 different types of characters: Captain America, Iron Man, Nick Fury and Dum Dum Duggan.  The design works on all levels and the suit that was selected for the base of the figure compliments each character.  The accessories also are a great fit!

This is a fantastic idea for a custom and what is even better is the back story around why this figure was created and how it fits into the Marvel Universe so I will let Shinobitron tell this one:

"With all the super villains popping up and threatening the safety of the world, Nick Fury needed a solution to combat their evil. Deciding to take the matter to Tony Stark, they came up with the idea to make a specific S.H.I.E.L.D. suit of armor that could adapt to each individual user and could represent "Truth, Justice and Liberty".  Thus it became dubbed "The Patriot" Armor and a solid reminder to villains of just what the heroes using the suit were fighting for!

The Patriot Armor stands at just under 6.5" tall from the bottom of his armored boots to the top of his various heads.  This figure features around 33 Points of Articulation.  This figure comes with 4 heads ( Captain America, Nick Fury, Iron Man, and Dum Dum Duggan), 2 sets of hands, a Shield, a clear Axe/Shield, wrist launcher, a strand of bullets, a double arm chain gun, and an arm laser gun.  This Armor has been carefully sculpted and intricately detailed to show off the complexity of the design!  There is not another like it!"

To view more photos or to purchase this custom, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Marvel Legends S.H.I.E.L.D figure!

Custom Marvel Legends Captain America

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Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man

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Custom Marvel Legends Man-At-Arms

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Gears Generation 1 Transformers Custom Minibot by Shinobitron

There is nothing mini about this minibot!  Shinobitron has brought back to life a G1 classic with his Custom Transformers Gears figure.   He has made a Deluxe figure that stands 6" tall and this figure really captures the classic nature of Gears with an updated look.  Still donning the classic red and blue paint scheme, this figure looks great and will fit in very nicely with your other G1 or customs Transformers.  To see a photo of Gears posing with Spiderman, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Gears figure.

Blur Transformers Animated Batman Beyond Custom by Shinobitron

Shinobitron possesses the great skill of taking great looking Animated Transformers figures and turning them into cool crossovers with his Custom Transformers Blur Batman Beyond figure.  Blur is a great choice of figures for this crossover.  The head is sculpted to look like the Batman Beyond counterpart but the coolest aspect of this figure is that it transforms into the Batmobile but you will have to head over to eBay to view that shot!

Cobra BAT Custom Transformers Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

Leave it to Shinbitron to blend the universes of GI Joe and Transformers to come up with his latest Cobra weapon.  His Custom Cobra BAT Transformers figure is a cool concept and totally fits into modern warfare.  If you think about it, unmanned drones are patrolling the skies in the Middle East and how cool would it be if they could transform and destroy targets on the ground?  Shinobitron has taken the classic BAT colors and applied them to a Transformer and melded the two worlds together.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay and while you are there, place a bid on Shinobitron's Custom Cobra BAT Transformers figure.

Headstrong Transformers G1 Custom Predacon Figure by Shinobitron

Master of the Generation 1 Custom Transformers, Shinobitron pays homage to another Predacon with his Custom Transformers G1 Headstrong figure.  Back in February 2008, I featured his Custom Predacon Rampage figure.  The Predacons are cool and it is great to see more customs and this Headstrong figure keeps the essence of the original with the G1 color scheme.  Let's learn more from Shinobitron about this great figure:

"HS is fully articulated and can transform freely!  He has been detailed to resemble his G1 self and comes with his horn Sword and a gun!  He has been given a metallic paint job for that extra shine when hunting down some Autobot!  Need a Pred to add to your collection?  Do you beleive that most of the jungles animals are red and Gold?  Then bid today and get Headstrong for your self!"

I have always thought that animals from the jungle were red and gold...who woudln't :)?  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Transformers G1 Headstrong figure.

Galvatron Transformers Animated G1 Custom Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron has been busy making the best of what he can with the Transformers Animated line.  This week, he brings us his Custom Transformers Animated Galvatron figure, with a G1 twist to the design.  This version of Galvatron, which is actually an animated Megatron as the base, transforms into an actual canon!  Paying homage to the G1 Galvatron, Shinobitron's choice of a deep purple is spot on.  While he has a made a G1 style figure, Galvatron still retains an animated feel to him.  Check out the thought process behind this awesome figure below:

"In my loyal attempt to make the heralds of Unicron the final figure is here!  Galvatron comes to you standing 6" tall and ready to crush some Autobot heads!  Galvs has been detailed to resemble his G1 self as close as possible with tones of purple silver and black all set to his original styling.  He has given his old school weaponry and even his red abs of ultimate evil!  Trying to be the best of both worlds I took some liberties and retooled the classic Galv crown and even filled in his seems with red energy! So you got Galvs bot mode now what to do for an Alt mode?  The  answer is easy, how about a tripod space canon!  With a few minor twists and turns Galv can reclaim his G1 glory and become a space canon once again!  G1 goodness with an animated attitude what more can you ask from one figure besides a pile of ash to call Starscream?"

To see more pictures, head over to eBay and check out more pictures of Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated Galvatron figure.

Swoop Transformers Animated Custom G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron always puts a cool spin on his customs while retaining their G1 likeness and his Custom Transformers Animated G1 Swoop is no exception.  Calling Swoop a "flying ninja," Shinobitron added a custom double edged sword to fit more with his concept.  Let's read more about how Shinobitron came up with this concept:

"Don't get me wrong I love TFA Swoop but he should have been so much more.  My Swoop comes detailed to look like his G1 self and is done in metallics for that extra shine.  Swoop still stands 6" tall and is fully articulated.  Along with being superposeable Swoop can still change into his Pterodactyl Dino mode.  The dino mode has been changed with added missiles that can be attached during both modes.  The TFA figure comes with a cool looking mace, but to me thats not a weapon for an aerial warrior.  Swoop has been given a double edged sword that fits his look and new personality.  The sword looks awesome and can be used in many of Ninjaesk poses."

If you want a one of a kind G1 Custom Transformers, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Swoop figure today!

Custom G1 Brawn Transformers Animated Minibot Figure by Shinobitron

The Transformers Animated series is providing a great canvas for some killer customs.  Up this week is Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Brawn Minibot figure.  Using the Animated Soundwave figure as the base, the way the car mode resembles the G1 Brawn nicely.  The spare tire on the roof is a nice addition to the car, which adds the G1 flare that Transformers fans will love.  In robot mode, which you will have to view Shinobitron's auction to see, the head that was sculpted to really pays a nice a nice homage to the G1 minibot Braun's look.  Be sure to check out all of the Custom Transformers figures after you view this killer Custom G1 Braun figure.

Scourge Custom Transformers Animated G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron's latest G1 creation is this Custom Transformers Generation 1 Scourge and he is really taking advantage of the Transformers Animated line in a very good way.  This time, he has created this figure from the Voyager Class Megatron mould and what a great base figure this made for Scourge.  The way Shinobitron sculpted the head, complete with the 'fu man chu' mustache Scourge is known for, really captures the G1 likeness and essence of this figure.  The colors are spot on and the vehicle mode was a perfect choice for this figure.

To read more about this Custom Transformers Generation 1 Scourge, head over to eBay and place your bid now!

Ghost Rider Custom Animated Transformers Marvel Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

What do you get when you cross the Marvel Universe with the new Animated Transformers line?  You get a work of art as Shinobitron has the recipe for creating unique figures that fit into either world.  First, I must say that this Custom Animated Transformers Ghost Rider is simply amazing.  He has really thought of everything when creating this custom.  There are basically 3 modes you can display this piece and every single one is awesome.  I never thought the Oil Slick Animated Transformer could be used this way but Shinobitron really has a keen eye for what will look great and he comes through every time in the execution.  He goes into more detail about this great figure below:
"Ghost Rider has been detailed to resemble his Marvel Comics counterpart as close as possible.  I tried my best to keep fans of both happy with 3 modes of conversion for the TF fans and Chains and flames for Rider fans.  GR is fully articulated and can change freely from bot to bot to Bike.  He has 2 head (one for Blaze and one for GR) and an extra set of hands for Blaze.  Blaze needed a gun though so I was sure to include his Hellfire shotgun in TF form.  But what to do when in the presence of evil?  Extend the arms swap the heads and add some flames and you got a Robotic Ghost Rider ready for some fierce justice!  Another cool feature is that when Ghost Rider is in his bike mode the Marvel Legends Super Hero Showdown Ghost Rider is able to ride him!  Talk about your ultimate team up!!!"
Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Below is yet another form you can display this great piece!

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Custom ATF Ghost Rider by Shinobitron

Shinobitron's Custom Animated Transformers Ghost Rider on eBay today!

Cyclonus Custom Transformers Animated Generation One Figure by Shinobitron

Custom Animated Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Custom Animated Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Shinobitron pays homage to a Generation 1 icon with his Custom Transformers Animated Cyclonus figure.  Created by Unicron, Cyclonus is the Decepticon's air warrior and saboteur.  Shinobitron has an eye for what will look great in the end and as he explains, "Starscream being made with reverse wings he was just begging to be Cyclonus!"  I totally agree with his interpretation and the end result is awesome.  Done in the classic Cyclonus purple, this custom has a couple features that add to its appeal.  First, the head sculpt is maded from steel and Shinobritron was able to give this figure the aged and hardened look it had in the movie.  He also included Cyclonus' signature gray gun.  Let's read more about this custom from the source:

"My Cy stands 8" tall and comes fully articulated and transformable.  Hes been done in my favortie Cyclonus color purple thus the embodiment of the Decep symbol!  Whats Cyclonus with out a grey gun?  I took care of that and included one!  Cy has been given a custom head that was made from steel sculpt.  Not only does his head look cool but he also has red piping to show how evil he really is.  Cys head is pretty big with his warrior horns.  I took care of this problem and made a slot under the landing gear to attach it when in jet mode.  I also couldn't decide where to place his Decep symbols.  I am including 2 reprolabel stickers so you place your factions symbols where ever you like!"

Custom Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Custom Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Cyclonus on eBay today!

Kup Custom Transformers Animated Generation One Figure by Shinobitron

Custom G1 Kub by Shinobitron

Shinobitron pays homage to a classic figure from the 1980's and finds a new way to use the Optimus Prime mold from the latest series with his Custom Transformers Animated Kup figure. What a great idea to use Prime's animated figure as a base for this one as the vintage Kup takes on the almost the same design. The head sculpt is updated and reflects Kup's age in a more dignified and refined look. At first glance, the head looks like it could belong on top of Panthro from the Thundercats but maybe Shinobitron will make another crossover figure in the future (a Thundercat/Transformers crossover is not likely but I would not put it past him...he has made some crossover figures in the past with his latest being a Custom Batman/Transformers crossover I wrote about a few weeks ago but I digress). The colors are spot on as this Kup has a nice powder blue like the classic figure. I have said it before and I will say it again, Shinobitron is the Man when it comes to G1 Customs and he is always thinking a step ahead and seeing what he can make and is not afraid of a challenge.

Custom G1 Kup by Shinobitron

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated Generation 1 Kup figure on eBay today!

Mindwipe with Vorath Custom Transformers Headmaster Generation 1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinbitron is not afraid to take on a challenge and he proves this week after week, especially with his latest Custom Headmaster Transformers Generation 1 Mindwipe and Vorath figures. He always find some really cool base figures to work from and the end result is always a unique and quality piece. This time, he has chosen to take on Mindwipe with his little buddy Vorath so you are getting 2 for 1 with this one. This figure resembles a huge bat and also the G1 version of Mindwipe in robot mode. Here is a little more insight into his creation from Shinobitron himself:

"So I decided to take a stab at another one of the lovely Headmasters this time a Decep. I chose Mindwipe cause he was a cool Vampire bat that could control your mind! Mindwipe of course doesn't come alone and comes with his partner Vorath. My Mindwipe comes standing near 7" tall and is fully articulated. He comes with a gun and his tail can convert into a sword. The wings can pop into his back as seen and they also can double as swords!. He can easily change to batmode and has been given shiny red eyes that say BID ON ME!! YOU CANNOT RESIST!!!"

Like the man said, bid on his Custom Headmaster Transformers Generation 1 Mindwipe and Vorath figure by heading over to eBay!

Batmobile Custom Transformers Animated Batman Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

What do you get when you cross DC Comics and the Transformers Animated series together? You get one kickass Custom Transformers Animated Batmobile crossover figure from Shinobitron. When I first saw the Transformers Animated Lockdown figure, which this custom is based off of, I thought to myself that this looked very much like a vehicle that was zooming around Gotham city. Sure enough, Shinobitron has executed this crossover very nicely. The black paint aps and the colors fit nicely with the color scheme of the Transformers Animated series and the choice of the figure was spot on as Lockdown provided so much to work with. The addition of the Bat symbol on the chest is a nice homage to Batman and I like the fact that this figure does not have any autobot or decepticon symbols on it. It is a true crossover figure that can fit in both the Transformers and the Batman Universe. The addition of the soft goods is a nice touch and, in robot mode, the figure takes on the persona of Batman with the cape. Overall, very well executed!

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated Batmobile crossover figure on eBay today!

Laserbeak Custom G1 Transformers Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron, my go to guy for G1 Transformers, has a unique version of a 1980's classic with his Custom Transformers Laserbeak figure. The unique aspect of this custom is that the eagle version of Laserbeak does not transform into a cassette tape but a pretty cool robot! The reds, blacks, and silvers gives this bird the classic look that fans love. Let's find out more about this awesome Laserbeak from the source:

"I believe one of these guys was made for Botcon a few years back but some people complained he lacked a classic G1 flair. I tried to pay homage to the G1 character with added mortar canons/ thrusters to his back and BA paint scheme that, when in bot mode, says "Hi I'm a Ninja and I look like Deadpool!" Along with the thrusters I have also made him twin canons that can attach to his side in bird mode and be used as guns in bot mode. This figure has super articulation and can be put into all kinds of neat poses to strike fear into your autobots!"
This week, Shinobitron is paying homage to the little cassettes that could in the Transformers universe to be sure to bid on his Custom Transformers Laserbeak and also check out his other customs!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Scrap Iron Custom GI Joe Sigma 6 Cobra Figure by Shinobitron

As a kid, I used to have all out battles between GI Joe and Cobra and Scrap Iron played a huge part in destroying some strategic Joe bunkers and command centers. I grew up with the 3 3/4" Joes and Scrap Iron performed his magic with his rocket launchers behind the Cobra Bunker and caused massive devastation (not to mention the large mess I had to clean up before I went to bed but we won't go there!). Shinobintron takes on Scrap Iron in Sigma Six form and he does an excellent job capturing the colors and style of this classic Cobra figure. One aspect that I like about this figure is the way the helmet wraps around the head to give him maximum protection against a Joe onslaught. I like when customizers take some liberties and go out on a limb and I feel that the absence of the signature rocket launcher deserves some mention here but Shinobitron makes up for this with a big ass machine gun that looks like it can do some serious damage.

Shinobintron is one of the most talented customizers out there right now so make sure you check out his auction and place a very high bid on this Custom Sigma 6 GI Joe Scrap Iron figure!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom GI Joe figures.

Cosmos Custom Transformers Generation 1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron has the perfect solution to beef up your Minibot collection with his Custom Transformers Cosmos figure. I don't see many Minibots come through so this is a real treat. The colors and figure choice capture the essence of the G1 Minibot Cosmos. For more information and to place a bid on this one of a kind Cosmos, head over to eBay!

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Transformers Decepticon Ravage G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Rack up another Generation 1 smash hit for Shinobitron! This week, he brings us Soundwave's saboteur with his Custom Transformers G1 Ravage made from the Energon Battle Ravage. This is a huge improvement from the original Hasbro release and Shinobitron has really captured Ravage's classic look as he kept the paint aps simple with black and silver. I liked the way he removed the ball attached to his tail and the placement of the Decepticon symbols was also a great choice, which brings me to my next point. It is the little things that make a huge diference and make a custom come to life or simply capture the real style of the figure and the additon of the circular discs to Ravage's legs is that little thing that made this custom stand out and complete Ravage's Generation 1 look. I have said it before and I will say it again, Shinobitron is one of my favorite G1 Transformers customizers so head over to eBay and show him some love with some high bids!

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

AFC Interviews Customizer Shinobitron

Shinobitron is one of the most talented Transformers customizers I have met thus far. He also makes customs for Marvel Legends, Video Games, and GI Joe but I am drawn his work with the Transformers. If you are looking for a one of a kind custom to proudly display on your shelf next to the originals, you need to check out his work! I have blogged about several of his customs, including Highbrow, Beachcomber, Rampage, and the latest, Dragstrip. Please check out all my reviews of his figures on his dedicated page. I was lucky enough to get some insight and learn more about Shinobitron so please enjoy!

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.

Shinobitron: My real name is Justin and I currently reside in north western Pennsylvania. I'm 28 years old and work in a stock room for the Pittsburgh Steelers when I'm not making customs. I'm big into Anime and classic 80s toons. Not only do I customize figures I also make costumes. I've been Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, the Hobgoblin, and Soundwave! Soundwave could actually transform and the chest opened to reveal a cassette that also changed into Lazerbeak. LB had magnets in his feet that let him attach to my wrist!

My artist name comes from 2 things 1) Shinobi, one of my favorite video games of all time. Not only that but the remake for the PS2 had Hotsuma, the main character, in one awesome looking uniform. 2) Tron, not for the old movie but as in Megatron. I've always like the bad guys more. I currently started a website called Shinobitrons Dojo

I can be contacted there or thru my regular email at:

AFC: When did you start making customs?

Shinobitron: I started making them in 1999. This all started with my love for Resident Evil. I bought the entire set of figures from Toybiz and was mad no Wesker figure was made. I used a Toybiz Johnny Blaze and remade him into Wesker. That's when this all started I then took it into Gundams, Various models kits, and random figures for practice. I got the heaviest into it however when the Marvel Legends released and have been very steady ever since.

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Shinobitron: For the most part I try to keep all my focus on one figure at a time. This lets me give all my attention to one item and let me give one figure my all. I do however base coat figures that up for painting while working on another figure. This let any sculpty or glues I have on my main project harden and keeps me from sitting idle. (I do cave and treat myself to some PS2 or PC games in between phases though)

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Shinobitron: I have to go with Transformers on this one. First of all each piece can end up being super easy or one heck of a challenge. After you finish one of the pieces you get a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that you made not one but two toys in one project. You got a badass looking robot and a sleek vehicle that looks equally badass.

Another reason I like TFs is the fans reaction. TF has a diehard fan base that love their bots. When you sell a figure to a person and he/she says that your piece is proudly displayed in their collection for everyone they know to see it give you a great sense of pride.

AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

Shinobitron: That's a tough question. I would have to say a very rough tie between my Darkstalkers, Ghost in the Shell, Galvatron, and Hotsuma figures. These piece have a special place for me as they are major display pieces on my shelves.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

Shinobitron: My minds always working on what to make up next. I'm a real spur of the moment kind of person and even though I set myself a list of figure to make I usually end up doing something else cause I just got a great base fig I "have" to use right then and there. Heres a tenative list: Goldbug, Movie Beachcomber, Hoist, SHS Venture Bros figures, Animated Deadpool, Female Junkions, gears, The entire Cowboy Bebop cast, Bludgeon, Anime X-Men, 8" Master Cheif, Hellsing characters, G2 Grimlock, and more Sigma 6 Cobra members.
Believe me there so many I can't even remember them all.

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Shinobitron: Practice, Practice, practice. I know that Jin says this but its the truth. Never be afraid to use new techniques, screw things up or break things. Doing this is sometimes the best way to learn. Try new items, new paints, and new parts. Just remember to have fun doing it and never give up.

Custom Transformers Stunticon Dragstrip G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron has the knack of moulding and sculpting Transformers figures into Generation 1 classics. This week, he has created a far superior version of a Transformers Generation 1 Classic Dragstrip figure. Standing 6" tall, Dragstrip has many unique features that make this custom a cut above the rest. What I like about this custom is that Shinobitron has taken many liberties with the figure but retained the G1 style look to Dragstrip. The original figure had a purple gun that mounted on the spoiler but in Shinobitron's version, he has permanently mounted a silver blaster that is a great addition to the figure! I like the use of the various colors and the race car mode looks awesome! For more information, check out this one of a kind Custom Transformers G1 Dragstrip figure on eBay.

Custom Transformers GI Joe Starscream Cobra Night Raven Figure by Shinobitron

The GI Joe Transformers comic was an interesting concept and I have been waiting to see if someone could pull off a decent crossover custom and it looks like Shinobitron nailed it with his Custom Transformers GI Joe Starscream Cobra Night Raven figure. One of my favorite planes in the GI Joe universe was the SR-71 Blackbird they dubbed the Night Raven. Shinobitron has done this bird some justice and it looks like he tried really hard to retain the classic 1980's appeal of the Night Raven, even going as far as coloring the jet intakes orange like the original Cobra Jet. The smallest detail was not overlooked and if you look close enough, you can make out the tiny decals on the rear fins. Let's read more about Shinobitron's cross over custom:

"Screamers been made to resemble the way he did in the GI Joe TF Crossover. Screamer got to be The Cobra Commanders personnal jet, it must have been their stunning personalities or the love for each others voice. My Screamer stands at 6" tall and had removable wrist lasers. Screamer can change into the Night Raven and has been detsiled to the extreme. Screamer has Cobra symbols the authentic night logo on the wing and tons of extra decalling that make him more than just a generic jet. He has been marked with warning markers at his exhaust ports hatches ect. Not only is he marked for Cobra but he also has very sutle Decep logos on his shoulders. Not only that but open his chest and his true aligence is reveiled!"

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers GI Joe Starscream Cobra Night Raven figure on eBay today!

Custom Transformers Wreck-Gar Generation 1 Classics Figure by Shinobitron

Bringing the leader of the Junkions back to life, Shinobitron resurrects a Transformers Generation 1 classic with his Custom Wreck-Gar figure. The updated color scheme works really well with this figure as I was not happy with the G1 Wreck-Gar's color scheme of oranges, reds, tans, yellows, and browns. I like the way that Shinobitron has preserved the Fu Manchu'esque features of the cartoon version and the updated weapons bring a great look to the figure. Here is more information about this one of a kind Junkion Leader:

"Wreckgar is fully transformable and stands 7" tall. He has 17 POA and comes fully detailed to resemble his G1 counterpart. My Wreckgar has a few tweeks that make him stand out. First of all he can be ridden by other member of my Junkion (if you so happened to win one). Wreckgar has an arsenal of classic weapons such as his energon ax, front tire shield, and his blaster. The shield can be stored on his back and the gun can attach to his left side! Got room in your collection for a piece of junk? Well heres your chance!"

Wreck-Gar is the leader of the Junkions, and like his people, is a creature comprised of rusted scraps, dented odds and ends, chassis bits, and manifold parts - a walking, very powerful and all but indestructible Junkbot, i.e., a robot of junk. When he is hit by laser blasts and falls apart, he reassembles himself out of the junky remains of his body and available junk heaps that constitute the structure of his planetoid, and keeps right on coming. And his speech and attitudes are also a junkyard-like collection of languages and broadcast fragments overheard from all over the universe - scraps of T.V. commercials, soap opera dialogue, old song lyrics and valentine inscriptions merged with quotations from history given out of context. As Wreck-Gar might say, "Holy Mackeral, Mrs. Olson, your mountain-grown easy-listening sidekick, kimosabe, wishes you have a nice industrial-strength day. Film at eleven or not."

Custom Transformers Predacon Rampage Generation 1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron continues to deliver quality Generation 1 customs week after week and his Custom Transformers Predacon Rampage is no exception. I am really impressed by the quality of his work and the fact that he seems to be focusing on G1 customs lately. Generation 1 customs, done correctly, are huge hits with fans and it is great to see how people make these custom thier own.


Shinobitron goes into more detail on how this custom was made: "Rampage is fully transformable and stands 7" tall. He has 12 POA and comes fully detailed to resemble his G1 counterpart. My Rmpage has a couple of new features such as 3 sword that can combine into one! Not only that but the sword can be placed on pegs under his arms for storage or on his back when one is in use. The orignal Rampage has a gun and so does mine. Not only does he have his rifle but his arm attachment can flip up in bot mode to make 2 other guns!"

For this custom Rampage, the color choices are so much better than G1 orginal from the 1980's and the oranges and reds are so much easier on the eyes. Overall, Shinobitron's Custom Rampage is very well done and he did an excellent job bringing out the classic nature of this very popular combiner. To own this figure, or other Custom Transformers, head over to eBay!

Highbrow Custom Transformers Generation 1 Figure Made From Incinerator by Shinobitron

The new Voyager Class Transformers Movie figures are giving customizers a fresh canvas to work with. I really loved the Voyager Class Incinerator mold and I have been chomping at the bit to see what this next wave of custom Transformers brings. This week, Shinobitron has remade a Generation 1 Classic Headmaster with his Custom Transformers Highbrow made from the Transformers Movie Figure Incinerator. What a great mold to make for Highbrow as the Incinerator mold comes very close to the G1 representation of Highbrow. The colors match very well and the figure even comes with his Nebulan counterpart Gort.

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Highbrow considers warfare a barbaric solution to problems, worthy of only the most primitive sentient creatures. He believes civilized folk should talk about their differences, a talent for which he seemingly has an endless capacity. Hardhead claims that Highbrow's voice box burns enough fuel by itself to power all the Nebulan Autobots for a year. Although that is doubtful, Highbrow does talk a lot and uses a lot of words that nobody understands. Even Chromedome often finds himself fruitlessly searching through his extensive vocabulary. Highbrow considers himself intellectually superior to the Nebulans and other Autobots. They think he's a self-righteous snob. Highbrow's biggest disappointment in life is that circumstance has forced him to lower himself to participate in the very activity he most loathes - fighting. Gort, Highbrow's Nebulan partner, is quite a contrast. He's a cheerful young man with never an unkind word for anyone. Spurred by concern for protecting his planet, he overcame his working-class origins as a stable boy for an exclusive Nebulan country club that catered to the aristocracy to join the elite ranks of the Headmasters. He is much admired by his comrades for his earnestness, common sense and courage - except for Highbrow, who finds it a humiliating, humbling experience to be binary-bonded to such a commoner. Young women all over Nebulos are attracted to the boyishly handsome hero, but Gort remains steadfastly faithful to his long-time girlfriend, Marita. Gort is the All-American boy of the Nebulan Autobot Headmasters.

Custom Transformers Minibot Beachcomber G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Second in Shinobitron's minibot collection, he pays hommage to a Generation 1 Classic with his Custom Transformers Minibot Beachcomber. Repurposing a Transformers Cybertron Scout Class Swindle (or Hardtop) figure, he has created a Beachcomber figure that is very in line with its Generation 1 counterpart. Here is some more information about how Shinobitron has made this classic come to life:

"Beachcomber has been upgraded with great articulation and fully detailed exterior and interior. Beachcomber has been detailed with his classic color scheme, but the detailing doesn't end there. Along with being given multiple shades of blue and silvers his mirrors, lights, and robotics have all been detailed. Beachcomber didn't carry a weapon but used rays from his hands, however i did somethign for us G1 fans. I gave beachcomber interchangable hands to switch between normal and his electrum covered hand that he got in the episode The Golden Lagoon!"

In the Golden Lagoon Episode, Beachcomber discovers a lagoon of Electrum (some kind of laser-proof powder coating), in a very beutifull forest. The Decepticons will try to take this in their advantage, the Autobots will try to stop them and, finally, Beachcomber will try to avoid the battle in the beutifull forest.