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High Evolutionary Custom Marvel Legends Figure by DarthLeon

High Evolutionary Custom Marvel Legends Figure

High Evolutionary Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics comes DarthLeon's Custom Marvel Legends High Evolutionary figure.  This Marvel character first appeared in Thor #134 and is a master geneticist and brilliant theoretician.  It is very obvious that great care was taken with this figure to ensure that it matched the concept art and comics.  My favorite part of this custom are the rivet accents that are given to the costume as they look molded on instead of painted.  It is this attention to detail that makes DarthLeon's customs really stand out.  Also, the color variation is in just the right places and shades were used accent various parts of the body.  DarthLeon has more pictures over at his auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Marvel Legends High Evolutionary figure from many more angles!

Starkiller Star Wars Force Unleashed Custom Marvel Legends Figure by DarthLeon

Fusing two great toy lines together, DarthLeon brings to life a Star Wars figure from the Force Unleashed video game with his Custom Starkillerfigure.  There are some great aspects of this figure that deserve special note.  First, the paint aps and sculpting makes this figure very life like, especially the way the face is angled.  The use of soft goods is a nice touch and gives the figure a more realistic appearance.  To tell you more about this, DarthLeon explains below 

"He is styled after the STAR WARS UNLEASHED VIDEO GAME and he also appears in the SOUL CALIBER game as well. Starkiller is the apprentice of Darth Vader. The outfit is mostly fabric and he comes with a lightsaber. I used many references to get the details just right. He has been sculpted and painted with many shades of color to give it a more realistic and model appearance, yet retaining his articulation."

Don't wait for Hasbro to make this figure, head over to eBay and own one of DarthLeon's works of art and bid on his Custom Star Wars Marvel Legends figure today!

Nova Annilihus Custom Marvel Legends Figure by DarthLeon

Custom Nova Annilihus by DarthLeon

Custom Nova Annilihus by DarthLeon

DarthLeon has created a classic Marvel comic character with his Custom Marvel Legends Nova Annilihusfigure.  There are a couple aspects that stand out on this custom.  First, I really like the way the body armor is sculpted and the way it was painted makes it look like metal.  Second, the helmet is very well done and the fine detailing makes it the centerpiece of the figure.  Everything is very well proportioned and the paint aps compliment each other nicely. 

Custom Nova Annilihus by DathLeon

Custom Nova Annilihus by DathLeon

DarthLeon's customs rank at the top of my list with respect to likeness and quality so head over to eBay for your chance to own this Custom Marvel Legends Nova Annilihus figure.

Jack of Hearts Custom Marvel Legends Figure by DarthLeon Customs

Custom Jack of Hearts by DarthLeon

Custom Jack of Hearts by DarthLeon

Using comics as a reference, DarthLeon brings this classic Marvel character to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Jack of Heartsfigure.  This figure is outstanding!  The detailing alone deserves great mention as the patterns of the paint aps are very sophisticated, which adds to the comic realism.  The tunic is on of my favorite parts of this custom.  The patterns are very symmetrical and colors are perfect. 

Custom Jack of Hearts by DarthLeon

Custom Jack of Hearts by DarthLeon

The face is another favorite of mine for this one.  The light blue and heart over the eye are very well done and give this figure the look it was intended.  Head over to eBay and add DarthLeon's Custom Marvel Legends Jack of Hearts figure for your chance to own this great figure to your Marvel Legends collection.

Custom Marvel Legends Storm X-MEN Figure by darthleon

Darthleon's Custom Marvel Legends Storm figure rises from the page of Marvel Comics and is stirring up eyes on eBay! The sculpting on this figure is great and I am happy to see darthleon taking on a custom that is one of his favorite character portrayals. The hair looks great and it looks like she is getting ready to mess with mother nature. Let's see how he has made this great figure:

"This is one of my favorite versions of storm to date so I figured I give it a go considering there really isn't a good storm out there. Her entire torso, Boots, Hair and chest was rescultped to give a more accurate and detailed look. The outfit was painted with many highlights and shadows to give it a realistic look. Please note that do to the boots, this figure is meant to posed on the flying stand that is provided, because she cannont stand without support. The figure has multiple points of articulation. This figure is one that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Although the figure is poseable and durable, this item is intended for collectors and should be handled accordingly. He was scultped using a very durable compound called apoxie sculpt that when cured is very hard and durable."

Own this great Custom Marvel Legends Storm by bidding on the auction!

Vance Astro Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Darthleon Customs

Darthleon Customs ranks very high on my list for must have customs and he continues to deliver week after week and brings us his Custom Marvel Legends Vance Astro figure. The sculpting and the costume design appear to be very high quality and he chose a great shade of deep blue. The black washing brings out the detail in the figure.

There are several aspects of the way the head is painted and sculpted that really bring this custom to life. The facial color is spot in and the hair actually looks like it is flowing, a very hard aspect to pull off! The eyes look alive and the blue costume is nicely proportioned around the head. All in all, a really great custom that you should be proud to have in your collection, which you can bid on so head over to Darth Leon's auction page try and win his Custom Marvel Legends Vance Astro figure.

More About Vance Astro
Vance Astro possesses the psionic ability of psychokinesis, the ability to affect matter with his mind. For some reason, Vance's psionic powers can only be manifested as "psyche-blasts", focused psychokinetic blasts of explosive force, that can disrupt the synapses in the minds of any living being they strike. Lately, Vance has shown some marginal improvement of the control of his psychokinesis, such as generating small psionic pulses to slow the descent of falling people, or gentle psychic bursts to move objects forwards or backwards (all without inflicitng any damage on the people or objects). During the time when he carried Captain America's shield in combat, he would use his power to propel the shield and manipulate its flight path, simulating the Captain's use of the shield as a throwing weapon. All of these abilities were augmented by a transfusion of Hollywood's (A 1000 year old Simon Williams) ionically enhanced blood.

Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool by darthleon customs

Straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics comes darthleon customs' Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool. Down to the boots, darthleon has really stayed true to the comic version of Deadpool. The mask is sculpted very well and the ridging on the head gives the figure much needed depth and perspective. The accent pieces around the thigh and the belt look like they were paid extreme attention too as it is the little things that make this custom great! The colors on the thigh holster and belt are weathered and center buckle (for lack of a better term) is nicely proportioned. Overall, this is one Custom Deadpool you would want to own and be proud of.

Wheeljack Transformers Movie Custom Made from 2009 Camaro Bumblebee by darthleon_customs

Using the 2009 Bumblebee concept Camaro as an inspiration, darthleon_customs brings us a Generation 1 treat with his Custom Wheeljack

Generation 1 Transformer. This version of Wheeljack is amazing! One thing that struck me about this custom was the excellent repurposing of the 2009 Camaro Bumblebee mold to make a G1 classic.
Wheeljack's head is very accurate to his G1 counterpart and the faceshield that makes this figure unique fits nicely over the existing Bumblebee head. By leaving the mouth exposed and the top of the head, darthleon_customs takes Wheeljack to the next level by giving him a more robotic look with a human touch. In car mode, the detail on the paint pays a nice homage to the Generation 1 classic. Without overtly putting Autobot stickers on the car, Wheeljack can continue to hide in plain site, a welcome change from the original.
darthleon_customs urges you to bid early as I am sure this one will be hot and very sought after. Check out his Custom Wheeljack on eBay as he has more customs coming!