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Megatron Custom Transformers 1986 Movie Reformation by Boskoes Toys

Megatron Custom Transformer 1986 Movie Reformation

Megatron Custom Transformer 1986 Movie Reformation

One of the pivotal scenes in the original Transformers movie from the 1980's is when Megatron is reformed into Galvatron and Boskoes Toys has captured this moment with this Custom Transformers Reformed Megatron figure.  Megatron really took a beating in the movie and the battle damage and the transformation is captured very nicely in this homage to the leader of the Decepticons.  The gashes and the carbon scoring on the figure give it a multidimensional effect and combined with the translucent purple on various parts of the figure make it look like he is caught in the middle of the transformation.

Stryfe Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Boskoes Toys

Stryfe Custom Marvel Legends Figure

With their first figure in 2011, Boskoes Toys is coming out swinging with their Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe figure.  The team over at Boskoes Toys are excellent at translating comic and art into plastic and this figure is an excellent example of how talented their designers and sculptors can be.  The paint app style and shaping techniques makes the plastic on the figure look like metal.  The addition of blue accents on the figure on the thighs and chest really break up the silver tone of the figure and give it a unique look.  The mask is more streamlined than the comic art but that is a welcome addition as it takes a lot of the weight out of the face.  Round the figure out with the protruding spikes on the thighs and shoulders and you have one heck of a Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe figure!

Ben Gali Thundercats Custom Figure by Boskoes

Ben Gali Thundercats Custom Figure

Ben Gali Thundercats Custom Figure

The Thundercats are another great classic cartoons from the 80's that has a major following.  Boskoes, one of the great customizers of almost any toy line, has a Custom Thundercats Ben Gali figure up this week but it is not being sold directly from Boskoes.  It looks like someone bought it and is selling it for some reason but nonetheless you have a chance to own this great Ben Gali figure for yourself.  In Boskoes styling, this figure has a great amount of detail with the dark shading of the figure bringing out the various muscle tones in the figure.  This is one fierce looking Ben Gali, a figure which I am used to seeing more subdued.

Ben Gali Thundercats Custom

Ben Gali Thundercats Custom

For those who don't remember, "Bengali is the holder of the Hammer of Thundera, a tool that serves both as a weapon (fires bursts of energy) and a magical blacksmithing tool.  Not being so handy around the house, I would love to own a magical blacksmithing tool" (source: Thundercats Wiki).

Marvel Legends Grim Hunter Custom Figure by Boskoes Toys

Grim Hunter Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Grim Hunter Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Boskoes Toys can really bring the comic book characters to life and their Custom Marvel Legends Grim Hunter is no exception.   Grim Hunter is a villain of Spider-Man and Boskoes really knows how to bring these comic book icons from the pages to plastic.  The clothing is very well done on this figure.  The techniques that Boskoes' uses makes the plastic on the figure look flowing while the armor looks like metal.  The facial features and structure of the face is very realistic and the hair looks like it is flowing in the wind.  The accessory belt is a great touch that adds depth to the figure.  To check out more photos of Boskoes Toys Custom Marvel Legends Grim Hunter, head over to eBay!

Grim Hunter Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Grim Hunter Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Cable Custom Marvel Legends X-Force Figure by BoskoesToys

Cable Custom Marvel Legends X-Force Figure

Cable Custom Marvel Legends X-Force Figure

Whether BoskoesToys is making Custom Transformers, Iron Man, or the multitude of figures they specialize in, they always do a stellar job and their Custom Marvel Legends X-Force Cable figure is no exception.  This figure looks downright mean and nasty and that large gun by his side compliments the figure's demeanor.  BoskoesToys does exceptionally well at the finer details in figures.  The paint aps, for one, are amazing, and the addition of the black shading gives the figure depth and dimension.  For more photos and to place a bid on this great figure, head over to eBay and check out BoskoesToys' Custom Marvel Legends X-Force Cable figure.

Custom Marvel Legends Lion-O Thundercats Figure by BoskoesToys

Custom Marvel Legends Lion-O

Custom Marvel Legends Lion-O

BoskoesToys has created a great homage to one of the coolest figures and toy lines with their Custom Marvel Legends Lion-O figure.  What is great about this figure is that there is so much detail and the addition of the bear skin cloak really completes the figure.  Like every one of Boskoes' customs, they pour everything they got into each figure and this Lion-O is no exception.  The way they applied the paint aps on this one gives the figure such depth and character.  When I was a kid, I used to mingle my toy lines and this Thundercats figure would be a great addition to your Masters of the Universe collection as well so head over to eBay and check out Boskoes' Custom Marvel Legends Lion-O figure.

Shockwave Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Figure by BoskoesToys

Shockwave Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Figure

Shockwave Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Figure

What I love about BoskoesToys is that they are always striving to create new figures for toy lines and there latest Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Shockwave figure is no exception.  I agree with Boskoes when they said it is a shame that Shockwave did not make it into the movie but if it did, Hasbro would have made a terrible figure so we need people like Boskoes to introduce old characters that did not get any screen time.  The alternate mode is very interesting as they made this figure transform into a Power Station:

Shockwave Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Figure

Lion-O Custom Marvel Legends Thundercats Figure by BoskoesToys

Lion-O Thundercats Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Lion-O Thundercats Custom Marvel Legends Figure

BoskoesToys does many toy lines really well and their Custom Marvel Legends Thundercats Lion-O figure is no exception.  They have a knack for capturing the true spirit of the original Thundercats cartoon figures with a fresh, updated figure.  I have to agree with Boskoes when they say that this is their best recipe for a Lion-O figure they have made to date.  Some of my favorite parts of this custom include the Sword of Omens, which was Lion-O's right hand weapon.  The hair and the face are spot on to the classic series character and the seriousness of the expression on his face give the figure a heroic personality.  If you want to know what other special character this figure comes with, head over to eBay and check out BoskoesToys' Custom Marvel Legends Thundercats Lion-O figure.

Galvatron Custom Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Figure by Boskoes

Boskoes is bringing some G1 style to the Revenge of the Fallen line with his Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Galvatron figure.  I really love the direction they took this figure as the paint aps are in the right places and they were able to salvage a mediocre Hasbro figure and turn it into a great piece that will fit nicely with your Revenge of the Fallen line.  Let's hear more from Boskoes on how Galvatron was created:

"Definitely one of my favorite pieces we've done. We started out with a ROTF Leader Class Megatron and disabled the sound function so he no longer says " I am Megatron". We kept all the light up functions, which can still be activated by either pulling down the switch in his chest or by moving his giant arm cannon. As you can see we gave him a different head, but it has the exact same articulation as the Original Megatron head (still moves up 'n down and side to side- and eyes still light up). The only other mod we gave him is an exchangable arm which attaches easily, but fits on great and is very sturdy. Nothing we did here gets in the way of the original Transformation into Tank mode.

Lastly paint- we hit him with a mix of purple candy shell and a darker lightly metalic purple using raw silver for some well placed dings and scuffs. On his legs and treads we used a combo of flat and gloss grays, tinted primer, silvers coppers and rust. The list could go on for a bit, but I'll just leave it saying, I really really like the paint on this one."

Head over to eBay and check out more photos of Boskoes Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Galvatron figure.

Thundercats Lion-O Panthro Tygra Cheetara Marvel Legends Custom Lot by BoskoesToys

I think the Thudercats are a very under represented toy line as far as customs goes but BoskoesToys always seems to give them some love and there current offering this week is awesome!  Check out there Custom Marvel Legends Thundercats lot, which contains Lion-o, Panthro, Tygra, and Cheetara.  You can always count on their attention to detail and their quest to make the most accurate depictions of the characters.  From small things like keeping the Thundercats logo in perspective to Lion-O's claw and sword, this lot is one for true Thudercats aficionados.  To check out these Thundercats and thier other customs, head over to eBay!

Juggernaut Marvel Legends Custom X-MEN Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has an amazing looking Custom Marvel Legends Juggernaut figure up this week.  They have really captured the intensity of Juggernaut with the facial expressions and features they added to the figure.  The eyes are piercing and the teeth show the true grit along with the lines in the face capture the true essence of Juggernaut.  The helmet is one of my favorite parts of this figure and the way it was made lets the face shine through.  BoskoesToys is one of the best in the business so head over to eBay and check out thier Custom Marvel Legends Juggernaut figure.

Miles Mayhem Custom Marvel Legends MASK Figure by BoskoesToys

Continuing with thier homage to the legends of Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, BoskoesToys brings us their Custom Marvel Legends Miles Mayhem figure.  One very minor thing that  bothered me about the MASK line was that the figures were so small and BoskoesToys has solved this issue by designing a 6" figure with a mask to go along with it.  Portraying a much slimmer Miles Mayhem than the original, they have done an excellent job capturing the old school feel of the line.  I love the mask on this figure as it is a great translation from the older figure.  For all of you MASK fans out there, head over to eBay and place a bid on BoskoesToys Custom Marvel Legends Miles Mayhem figure.  You will also find there Matt Trakker figure over there too!

Matt Trakker Custom Marvel Legends MASK Figure by BoskoesToys

The MASK toy line ranks very high as one of the best and it has given me so many great memories.  Aside from making Matt Trakker part of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line, Hasbro has yet to go big with a reissue of the MASK line.  Enter BoskoesToys, one of the premier custmomizers out there and they immortilised this classic figure with their Custom Marvel Legends Matt Trakker figure.  The red and gray outfit that Trakker sports gives the figure that feeling that I can only describe in Transformers terms...Generation 1!  I love what BoskoesToys has done with this custom and they really brought out the essence of the MASK line.  The MASK is very well done as well and looking at this figure makes me want to crack open the originals.

Doctor Octopus Custom Marvel Legends Figure by BoskoesToys

The Spiderman Movie really brought Doc Oc to life for me but I can also appreciate the comic version and BoskoesToys has created a version with massive tentacles with their Custom Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus figure.  This Doc Oc comes equipped with destructive tentacles and fit to a base, which creates a cool effect for the figure and provides a great way to display it!  Like with all customs from BoskoesToys, the paint aps are impeccable and the tentacles look like metal.  To own this Custom Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus figure, head over to eBay!

Agent Sharon Carter Custom Marvel Legends Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has ripped another awesome characacter straight from the pages of Marvel Comics with thier Custom Marvel Legends Agent Sharon Carter figure.  The face and the hair are really well done and the skin tone is just right.  The eyes are very engaging and they have soften up the look with some pink lip gloss.  This lady looks ready for action!  The detailing on the costume is also great as the silver accents outline various parts of the figure nicely.  You know you are getting quality and crafstmanship with BoskoesToys so head over to eBay and bid on thier Custom Marvel Legends Agent Sharon Carter figure.

Mumm-Ra Thundercats Custom Marvel Legends Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys takes a sinister twist to this famous Thundercats villain with their Custom Marvel Legends Mumm-Ra figure.  Taking an atypical look to the face, they have epitomized this relic from the 80's with an excellent black washing job and fantastic detailing.  For example, Mumm-Ra's belt and forearm guards look amazing and it is this kind of craftsmanship that sets BoskoesToys customs apart from others.  Another killer accessory is the massive sword that they made for the figure:

The intricate detail on this sword compliments the other fine work that went into creating this figure.  If you want a custom from one of the best out there, head over to eBay and bid on BoskoesToys' Custom Marvel Legends Mumm-Ra figure.

Custom Thundercats Lion-O World of Warcraft Syle by BoskoesToys

I love when BoskoesToys goes 80's and we get things like this awesome Custom World of Warcraft Lion-O Thundercats figure.  I don't come across many videogame Thundercats crossovers but BoeskoesToys has the ability to make the two worlds come together.  The paint aps on this figure are impecable and the way they are applied makes the plastic look like metal and the flesh tones look like skin.  A few noteworthy aspects of this Lion-O include an exchangeable left hand and removable claw shield, both long and short versions of the Sword of Omens, and a super vibrant paint job.  There are more photos to view over at eBay so head over there and check out this blast from the past with BoskoesToys Custom World of Warcraft Lion-O Thundercats figure.

Speed Custom Marvel Legends Young Avengers Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has made a great figure from the Young Avengers with thier Custom Marvel Legends Speed figure.  Speed has the powers of super-speed and can use his speed to accelerate and destabilize atomic matter thereby causing it to explode.  The body suit on this figure is nicely done and has great shadowing effects.  The head sculpt is great and the hair appears to be realistic.  BoskoesToys continues to provide excellent quality customs week after week and their Custom Marvel Legends Speed figure is no exception so head over to eBay and check out more photos and place a bid!

Scarlett Sigma Six GI Joe Custom Figure by BoskoesToys

Scarlett, on of the leading ladies in the GI Joe comics and cartoons, is given a fresh look by BoskoesToys.  Thier Custom Sigma Six Scarlett GI Joe figure combines an anime look to soften up the hard lines of the Sigma Six type of figure.  Although a figure was never produced for Scarlett in the original line, BoskoesToys has translated her cartoon version to a figure and did an excellent job!  Looking much softer than most of the figures in the Sigma Six line, she retains her cartoon appeal and would be a great addition to your Sigma Six collection.  Head over to eBay and check out thier Custom Sigma Six Scarlett GI Joe figure.

Galvatron Generation 1 Transformers Leader Class Custom by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys continues to amaze me with thier creations.  This week, they bring us a Leader Class style Custom Transformers Galvatron figure that stands over 9" tall.  Tricking out the Energon Megatron figure to the max, this Galvatron pays a nice homage to its G1 counterpart with the nice shades of purple and oranges.  Rather than describe the transformation process, they included a video to demonstrate:

Custom G1 Galvatron Transformation Video by BoskoesToys

To view more photos and to place a bid on this one of a kind Custom Transformers Galvatron figure, head over to eBay!

Galvatron Megatron Fusion Custom Transformers Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has been on a tear creating magnificent customs from all toy lines.  When I first saw this custom, I had to do a double take.   If you are from the 1980's and remember Megatron's transformation into Galvatron at the hand of Unicron, you will kill for BoskoesToys Custom Galvatron Megatron Fusion figure.  Catching Megatron mid transformation is the best way to characterize this figure.  The translucent parts that they added to the figure adds to the feeling of Megatron being subsumed by Galvatron.  Unicron's hand works, in an artistic way, to hold Galvatron and also put him on display.  I give BoskoesToys major credit for creating a unique piece that captures one of the coolest parts of the Transformers Movie from the 1980's with thier Custom Galvatron Megatron Fusion figure.

Cobra BAT Sigma 6 Custom GI Joe Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has filled a void in the Sigma 6 GI Joe line with their Custom Battle Android Trooper.  I was never happy with Hasbro's version of the Sigma 6 BAT and it is great that BoskoesToys has paid attention to retaining the BAT's classic look and feel.  The black and yellow paint aps are just the start.  Let's get a rundown of what this figure comes with:

  • BACKPACK HAS BUILT IN SOUND EFFECT (CREEPY BATTLE HOWL) AND LED LIGHT WHICH GIVES A REALLY COOL EFFECT (Batteries are replaceable, and replacement batteries are included)

To check out more pictures, head over to eBay and check out BoskoesToys Custom Battle Android Trooper in Sigma 6 style.

Megatron Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Figure by Boskoestoys

"Insanely detailed realistic-movie accurate paint job" is the only way to describe Boskoestoys latest masterpiece.  This Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron ranks on the top of my list as one of the best movie versions I have seen to date.  The paint aps are so accurate and applied in such a way that the figure looks like metal.  Check out all of the detail that went into this awesome Megatron:

"Next the Blue LED eyes- the biggest problem with movie Megs is that his eyes didn't light up. We fixed the problem by installing a tiny blue LED system in his head. The whole light system is contained in the head and works on a push putton. Push it once and it goes on a pulse. push it again and it stobes, push it a third time and give Megatron a steady glowing blue gaze- finally push it a forth time to turn it off. The LED system runs on 4 small watch bateries, and they are replaceable infact we'll include a spare set. The head mod doesn't change up any of Megatrons transformation, and aestheticallty is very discret.  Claw fix- We fixed it so it shoots out when you push the button.  Fushion Cannon Fix- Removed the spring so you can just flip it open and it stays that way until you fold it back in.  Fairy wings- We didn't remove them 'cause we like'em. If you win this custom but want them removed they're as good as gone."

I would highly suggest that you head over to eBay to check out all of the great pictures of Boskoestoys' Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron figure.

Scourge Custom Leader Class Nemesis Prime Transformers Movie Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys puts their spin on what they think Scourge would like if he appeared in the upcoming Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen movie with their Custom Leader Class Sourge Transformers Movie figure.  One thing that sets this apart from other Scourge customs I have seen are the awesome flame effects (take a look below)

These effects are very realistic and add another dimension to the figure.  Imagine if Scourge ever met The Falllen and you have BoskoesToys version!  There are many more pictures to view so head over to eBay and check out this Custom Leader Class Sourge Transformers Movie figure or check out the other Custom Transformers figures while you are there.

Rodimus Prime Custom G1 Transformers Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has created one of the most intricate and bad-ass Rodimus Prime's I have seen to date with his Custom Transformers G1 Rodimus Prime figure.  Using the Energon Leader Class Megatron as a base, this figure bears no resemblance to its former self as BoskoesToys has completely transformed the leader of the Decepticons into the new Leader of the Autobots in a stunning form.  The paint aps and detailing is very intricate with this custom and the colors are amazing.  The custom looks awesome in car mode as BoskoesToys has captured the essence in this G1 Rodimus remake.  After you are finished looking at this Custom Transformers G1 Rodimus Prime figure, check out more Custom Transformers!

Unicron Custom Transformers Generation One Movie Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has brought to life one of the most menacing Transformers icons to life with his Custom Transformers Movie Unicron figure.  They really hit the mark on this one with thier choice of colors and staying true to the Generation 1 look and feel.  Let's get a bit more detail on this one from the source:

This dude holds up to 27 Mini-Con figures, has glowing eyes, a glowing fist, a chest cannon, and missles galore! There's an Energon Unicron under all that delicious paint so i'm sure you're acquainted with the sheer size of this transformable bahemouth. We took the paint all the way with this one- emptying out our trick bag, and painstakingly mixing up custom hybrid blends of our very favorite pots. Testors Model Masters, Cartoon Colora  cell paint, Reaper, Pearl -X "real metalics" & Tamiya Color all helped out here. Minimal mods, infact just some minor apoxy work on the chest so all is good in the hod as far his original Transformation goes.

Bidding ended already for this Custom Transformers Movie Unicron but the pictures are worth a thousand words so head over to eBay and check it out.

Shockwave Custom Transformers Generation 1 Figure by Boskoestoys

Boskoestoys have outdone themselves once again and paid a really nice homage to a 1980's legends with their Custom Transformers Generation 1 Shockwave figure. Made from a Transformers Classics Megatron, Boskoestoys has taken that mold to the next level. The head sculpt is great and really captures Shockwave's G1 look. Another aspect that captures the Generation 1 feel is the color as Boskoestoys was able to replicate a very close match to the original scheme with the nice addition of color variation. Shockwave come jammed packed with some really cool accessories, some which may surprise you! For example, Shockwave comes with a cool Lightsaber (yes you read that correctly), an Energon Axe, 7 different left hand attachments (fit in and out on a sturdy bionical type plug system, attachment port flips out of left forarm, and back in for transformation), a lightning rod, and the large base.

Boskoestoys Custom Transformers G1 Shockwave can be yours by placing a bid on their eBay item page!

American Dream Custom Marvel Legends Figure by boskoestoys

Boskoestoys is heating up the Custom Marvel Legends figures with their American Dream figure. The sculpting and detailing is top notch! The hair looks like it is flowing in the wind and extends naturally from the helmet, which is uniquely sculpted like she is portrayed in comics and sketches. The colors are spot on and pay a nice homage to the Captain America feel of this figure.

American Dream is in peak physical condition for a non-powered human, and is a skilled martial artist. She has disc weapons similar to those used by Ricochet and has terrific aim. Later she was given a duplicate of Captain America's shield (more accurately, the shield itself from another dimension), and she uses it well (both defensively and offensively). Bid on this awesome Custom Marvel Legends American Dream figure by boskoestoys.

Iron Man Custom Marvel Legends Figure by boskoestoys

boskoestoys, another one of my favorite customizers, takes on the Iron Man Mark 7 with force with their Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man figure. I love when new movies come out, like Iron Man, which means a serious influx of customs. The apsects that I love about boskoestoys is that they are not afraid to take some liberties their customs and really make them their own and unique. boskoestoys tells us more about this awesome Iron Man figure:
Iron Man figure features:
  • Exchangable hands
  • Regular hands with repulsors in palms
  • Repulsor cannon attachment (fits on back)
  • Prototype hand (repulsor fingertips)
  • Oversized work hand
Exchangable heads: Like two action figures in one. swap out heads for Tony stark, and turn you movie Mark 7 into an Ultimate Mark 7. Exchangeable pieces fit very snug and are not wobbly or loose. Chest lights up 2 different colors. The acrylic shield over his chest piece is clear blue, but there are two different buttons on his back. On makes his chest smolder red, and the effect from this light spreads through his right torso (kinda a lunar armor effect). The other button is bright orange glow. runs on small watch batteries (batteries are replaceable). Real metallic paint additives, careful attention to detail, and a multi layered paint ap finish this figure off!

There is less than 1 day left for this Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man figure by boskoestoys!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe Ultimate X-Men Figure by boskoestoys

Bursting from the pages of the Ultimate X-MEN comic #92 comes boskoestoys' Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe Ultimate X-Men figure. Boskoestoys has really captured the comic version of this figure and has taken it to the next level. The metallic paint aps on this figure are very high quality and look amazing. The black washing really makes the detail comes to life and the one of a kind sculpting and moulding of the figure brings out the accuracy from the comic.

Find out more about this awesome figure by heading over to eBay and checking out boskoestoys' Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe Ultimate X-Men figure.

Category Hightlight: Custom Marvel Legends

I just wanted to give the Custom Marvel Legends enthusiasts a heads up that there are many awesome customs up for sale this week on eBay. Here are some great examples:

Custom Stealth Iron Man by Jin Saotome

Custom Warpath by boskoestoys

Custom Brock Samson by kingokrap

Lion-O Custom Marvel Legends Thundercats by boskoestoys

Thundercats was one of my favorite cartoons and toy lines to collect when I was a kid. I have fond memories of fashioning fortresses and various types of devices out of Lego's to enhance my Thundercats playing experience. boskoestoys has created one of the legendary Thundercats, Lion-O, in Marvel Legends style.

A couple of high points for this custom include the overall enhancement of the 1980's figure by using the Marvel Legends figure as the base. I took a look at the cartoon rendering of Lion-O and this figure matches more closely the physique from the drawings this figure is a great likeness of Lion-O. The logo design on the belt is an excellently drawn and styled, paying a nice homage to the classic. Finally, the sword design goes above and beyond and truly enhances the look of the figure. Since Lion-O's sword was an integral part of the cartoon, boskoestoys has built the Excalibur of Thundercats swords, perfectly fitting for Lion-O.

Your chance to own this great figure is just a click away at eBay so go hurry and bid on this Custom Marvel Legends Lion-O figure!

Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition by boskoestoys

boskoestoys went above and beyond the call of duty and really delivered something out of this world with thier Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition! They informed me that they had one in the works a few weeks ago and I have been waiting for this day. First off, the scale is huge! Check out the regular Blackout next to this one and you will soon see exactly how large this Transformers is. Hasbro take notes! Second, the Movie accurate paint job is another reason to be the sole owner of this one of a kind custom, which, will not be reproduced again so you will be getting a 1/1 steller custom from boskoestoys. A couple other noteworth features includes the original headsculpt, which is very accurate to the movie and the super poseability of the figure allows you to pose Blackout in several natural positions.

Head over to eBay and check out more pictures of boskoestoys Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition and I would also suggest adding this customizer to your favorite sellers as he does amazing work! I have highlighted some of the details from the auciton, which you can find below. Two months of work was poured into this amazing piece of work! boskoestoys goes on to explain:

Conception of the idea
We waited, and waited to do this figure thinking Hasbro might come out with one, especially after the late arrival of a "Leader class Brawl". But with the movie buzz dyin' down, and Hasbro halting production on Transformer movie toys, it looked like it was up to us.In our opinion not makin' a Leader Class BLACKOUT was one of the biggest oversights in toy makin' history, and to us just shows how outta touch big toy companies are with their fan base.

Enter Boskoes Toys "exclusive", custom LEADER CLASS BLACKOUT Transformers movie figure. First we'll get to his size. He's actually more like an "ULTIMATE CLASS", measuring 2 FEET long in helicopter mode, and almost 13 inches tall in robot mode (not including propeller attachment, which makes him even bigger)

From Conception to Reality: Features of this Custom Blackout

  • Ultra realistic "movie accurate" pant job
  • We did have to simplify his Transformation process a bit, but there's still plenty of transformation happening here. His legs spin backward, and filled up underneath him. His legs are very articulated, and bend several places, including swivel at the hips allowing some cool "dynamic" poses
  • The tail piece of the copter detaches using a very sturdy "click in" system. The tail piece also holds a hidden sound FX (lasers, and copter sound)
    His arms which fold back and act as his side bars in Helicopter Mode, fold down, and have a wide range of motion
  • Sidebar covers fold out in Robot Mode to reveal large missile
  • Large Propeller from Helicopter detaches, and can be attached to BLACKOUTS back in robot mode
  • Top turret can be swapped with included BLUE LED search light
  • Blackouts head, which is an original "more accurate sculpt" is removed while in Helicopter mode (whirls on a sturdy ball and socket system), and can be stored in a small custom Transformers case
  • Blackout comes with three different exchangeable weapons (rifle, propeller gun, and claw missile launcher)
  • Back propeller can be removed and popped into the front of BLACKOUT large gun to create to propeller gun
  • BLACKOUTS hands are articulated and can be opened and closed
  • BLACKOUT comes with 3 Army soldiers and cargo gear (two fit inside the cockpit)
  • Revoltech G1 Optimus prime is included incase you wanna create a "trick scale" for display
  • We use the Gold standard in paints and Apoxy, Aves, Testors, and Reaper
  • Our figures are super sturdy, and the paint is very durable

Custom Marvel Legends Spotlight Seller: boskoestoys

boskoestoys delivers on quality and always gives fans what they want! I stumbled across boskoestoys customs when looking for Thundercats figures and boy was I impressed! I continue to be impressed and this weeks Custom Marvel Legends Bravestarr collection is a dream for any Bravestarr collector. He also has many other customs up for sale this week so I decided to feature boskoetoys as the second Spotlight Seller in the series:
Custom Marvel Legends Bravestarr Collection
Auction Description: "This auction is for the entire collection: a revamped Fort Kerium, over 10 Figures, and loads of extras. From loose concepts, to insanely awesome figures, our Bravestarr line was over two months in the making. We wanted to give these characters a much needed update, but we also wanted to stay true to the Bravestarr roots. The end result is a nice balance that should please "die hard" Bravestarr fans, and even make fans out of those who never followed the Bravestarr saga."
Marvel Legends custom MAN SPIDER
Auction Description: Fresh off of our Fantastic Four/ Dragon Man series comes our super fly Spiderman/ Man Spider series. We've amped up our favorite spidy characters, and decided to turn out a giant Man Spider for the "moc" BAF. (HE'S ALREADY BUILD FOR YA). This auction is for none other than Our Gigantic custom Marvel Legends MAN SPIDER!

MAN SPIDER stands aprox 12 inches, and is fully poseable as per Marvel Legends specs. Infact we added so many point of movement to this character we lost count. Super detailed paint job, and truly gigantic proportions make this figure a must have for any spidy fan!

Man Spider is fully poseable as per Marvel Legends specs, and in perfect scale with all your other Marvel Legends (scale appropriate to character in this case)!

About Boskoestoys
Boskoestoys sells custom action figures, several popular name brand toylines, and pop-culture goodies of all sorts. Items you might expect to find include: Marvel Legends, Masters Of The Universe, DC Superheros, 80's toys & more. They also have a website so go check them out and see all of the customs they have to offer! They also have an eBay Store so also venture over there to purchase these awesome figures.