Cannonball X-Men X-Force New Mutants Custom by Shinobitron

Focusing on one of his favorite characters, Shinobitron creates his third iteration of this New Mutant with his Custom Marvel Legends Cannonball figure.  The way that this figure was painted and detailed really makes the Cannonball come to life.  The facial expression and the stare that is reflected in the eyes gives the figure human-like characteristics.  The hair and the way it was sculpted and applied to the head make it look like it is flowing on his head.  Coupled with the way his goggles sit atop his head give the figure a life like appeal.  I am stickler for detail and Cannonball's jacket is my favorite part of this figure.  The brown leather color feels very natural and the silver accents and buttons finish off the look.  You will also notice that the clothing is painted in alternating blacks and blues in way that looks like the clothing is undulating from his body.  Overall, this is a very well executed figure with all of the fits and finishes you can come to expect in a figure designed by one and only Shinobitron!

Cannonball X-Men X-Force New Mutants Custom 2

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