Cable Custom Marvel Legends Scale Figure by FoxHunter Customs

Cable Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Cable Custom Marvel Legends Figure

In a collaborative effort between FoxHunter and ToyMan Customs comes this highly detailed Custom Marvel Legends Cable figure.  This figure has so many redeeming attributes it is hard to begin with just choosing one so let's start at a high level and work our way down.  Overall, the paint app and sculpting on the figure are second to none.  If you see a close up of the face, the texture effects makes it look like the figure has real skin.  It is the texture that gives the figure a deeper dimension and this effect is present across the entire figure.  For example, the way the hair is done gives a realistic looking appeal.  The cloth that is draped across the shoulders also makes it look like there is real fabric on the figure.  The metal effects on the cyborg arm and on the gun and ammo belt complete the overall look and feel that the customizers were going for.  Overall, this is one of the best Custom Marvel Legends Cable figures I have seen in a long time!

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