Bumblebee Custom Transformers G1 Ark Autobot Collection by Payton34

Ark Autobot Charity Auction for the Make a Wish Foundation Spotlight: Bumblebee (Article 9 of 11)

One thing that struck me about Payton34's custom Bumblebee figure for the Ark Autobot collection for charity was the shade of yellow for Bumblebee, which matches exactly to the G1 figure from the 1980's.  Here is more about how he painted this great figure:

"I used Model Master bright yellow spray enamel to give the outer shell a more accurate color scheme. After that, I used Testors Flat Black Noir Mat for the bumper/fender areas as well as the arms/fists; Testors Flat White Blanc Mat for the headlights; Testors Red Rouge for the tail lights. Finally, I used Liquid Leaf Silver Argent for the metallic areas and topped it all off with a layer of Model Master Ultra Gloss Clearcoat"

This is another awesome custom for the Ark Autobot collection so be sure to place your bid as all proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation.

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