Bluu-Revol Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figure by MeMade

When it comes to Master of the Universe Classics figures, MeMade Customs has a knack for creating one of a kind figures.  This week, he brings us his Custom MOTUC Bluu-Revol figure, which is a figure and character that does not currently exist in the Universe of the Masters of the Universe.  Having collected these figures myself, I can tell that Bluu-Revol will fit into anyone's collection.  Taking on the persona as an ironclad ice horde gladiator, this figure has many cool attributes to it.  First, the helmet is interesting as you don't know what Bluu-Revol's face looks like and you can only imagine.  The apparatus strapped to his back is intriguing and I wonder if it is an ice generator.  The look is completed with the broken chains dangling from his wrists and to get the full back story on that, go ahead and read MeMade's original story about this killer figure:

"Working as a slave for his entire life, Marcus was always a slave. There is never a time in his life that he doesn't remember being one. Raised in the Horde mines, he fought for his life protecting him and his younger brother Sparta from harm. One day Sparta was caught stealing a loaf of Eternian sweet bread by the on guard horde troopers. He would have been sentenced to death if it wasn't for his brother Marcus. Marcus stood before her attack and offered himself up in place of Sparta.

Hordak being of no mercy disintegrated Sparta on the spot in front of his brother Marcus. Marcus vowing to take his vengeance was placed in a mutagenic chamber transforming him from a simple young man into hey now ironclad ice horde gladiator. Now known as Bluu-Revo, Marcus does not remember who he exactly is but does remember vengeance will be his against he who has oppressed him the evil Hordak!"

You can check out MeMade's Custom MOTUC Bluu-Revol figure and his others he has for sale over on eBay.

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